Wishes Finale by Patrick Bianchi
Via Flickr:
There are some impressive fireworks shows at WDW, obviously! And although Wishes may not be the most mind-blowing, as I think Illuminations takes the cake there, I think it’s my favorite. There’s just such an emotional and fairy-tale element that makes it so awesome. Which one is your favorite?


Did anyone else notice the little details in the opening of ep 50. Cure Flora is in Grand Princess Form.Towa’s parents(I actually only noticed this now but it turns out that they were added after the flame castle revival),Close has a glint in his eye.The bucketload of feels…. This was seriously an amazing series and I’m glad we got it.BTW when Kanata cried I just wanted to go and cry with him  ;-;Heres to Go!Princess,may Mahou Tsukai carry your name with strength,grace and beauty.