Happy #bumpday ! I decided to use the most raw and honest photo of my pregnancy to celebrate. It feels like Cooper’s journey to my arms has been nothing other than chaotic. This photo shows me at my breaking point, attempting to pass my 5th kidney stone with minimum sleep. Instead of allowing it to break me, I smile. Knowing I get to meet my healthy little boy in 10 weeks and the constant support of from Stephen is more than enough to get me through (hopefully!) my last stone. #nomakeup #cooperlee #30weeks #finalcountdown

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And so the final countdown begins peeps, - ONE WEEK -I’m excited, nervous and sad at the same time - had to post this recap to prepare myself for this season 7 opener - well peeps let’s hold on and get ready for the life altering change about to happen to our Walking Dead family.

That’s right! Slowly but surely working on getting off my lazy butt and trying to gain some strength back. Not that I was at all active before this, but chemo really does kick your ass so I’m constantly on the couch/laying down/resting/etc. While that is all to be expected, I’m finally feeling the urge to be active. I want to be able to jump back into normal life once I’m done with chemo, so I’m really trying to take advantage of days I feel good by exercising. Only about 6 weeks to go!


February 28 - The day my heart exploded from how much I love you all. 

top - Old Navy 3x

Skirt - Old Navy via Re/Dress - size 28

Leggings - Old Navy 3x

(wow Jessie, really?!)

Scarf -  made for me by my lovely glitterqueer, who is the best scarf maker. 

I was wearing shoes at my office earlier. Promise. 

Also, see how my whole life ISN’T grey! The things you learn on the last day. 

<3 <3 <3 <3