(1) Criminal Minds: How you meet

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Spencer Reid: Being the new girl wasn’t easy at all, especially when being an adult. Recently, you had gotten a new job at the BAU in Quantico. When you walked in, you were immediately called into the boss’s office. “Nice to meet you Y/N, my name is Aaron Hotchner- you can refer to me as Hotch. Your desk is next to our very own genius, Dr Spencer Reid. The one attempting ‘physics magic’ as he calls it.” Hotch finally finished, letting you walk to your new ‘office’. “Are you Spencer the Genius?” You asked, already setting your property onto the table adjacent to the doctors. “Um, yes- you are?” “I’m your new partner Y/F/N. I hope you’re all right with that.” You said, starting to stutter once you realised how adorable he was. “That’s fine, just didn’t think my new partner would be so beautiful.”

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Derek Morgan: Working in a bar was always hard work as every man that walked into 'The Rabbit Hole’ assumed you wanted to sleep with them. “Hey hot stuff, want to come home with me tonight?” Said a what looked like 60 year old man. “No thanks sir bec-” “Aww come on honey, you know you want me.” As soon as the man finished, you cringed and desperately wanted a hero. Turns out, luck was on your side. “Excuse me, please do not flirt with my girlfriend.” A very handsome man that you needed to know the name of said. “Oh sorry, didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” “It shouldn’t matter if she has a boyfriend or not, if she says no she means no. Show some respect.” That was the sweetest thing you had heard any man say. “Thank you so much…” “Derek Morgan, my name is Derek.” “Nice to meet you Derek, I’m Y/N, what can I get you?” “Well I am an FBI agent and I was wondering if you have ever seen this man?” He pondered. “I’m sorry, I can’t say I have.” “Well, if you give me your number, I’ll call you later to check again.” He smiled at you. “Sure, here you go.”  

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Aaron Hotchner: 'Okay, okay- you can survive this Y/N, you are strong.’ Trapped, waiting for a saviour. 5 days ago, you were kidnapped by a very butch looking man. 'Look around Y/N, find an exit. You can escape.’ You kept looking around but you were too drugged up. Cigarette burns, slices and many, many splinters. 'A barn, that’s where I am! I can escape, if I wasn’t tied up…’ The door squeaked open. 'Oh God, not again.’ “FBI, Y/N. Are you in here?” “Yes! I’m here, help me!” You cried, happy you could be saved. “I’m Aaron Hotchner, are you okay?” “Yes. Please get me out of here.” He picked you up bridal style and carried you to the ambulance. Not once did he leave your side.

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Luke Alvez: Your cousin, Penelope Garcia, worked with the FBI in Quantico and you had just moved there after graduating from college to spend some time with her. You walked into the bureau and asked for Penelope Garcia at the front desk. “I can take you to her if you want, if you don’t mind me asking why you need her.” You turned around to find a very good looking man smiling at you. “Oh hi, I’m her cousin Y/N. I just moved her after graduating from college and Penelope wanted to go out for lunch to celebrate.” You replied as he took you to her office. “Oh, well congratulations. What did you get a degree in?” He asked, seeming really interested in you. “Law, I graduated from Stanford.” “Impressive.” He smiled at you. “Oh, I’m Luke by the way.” He told you as the both of you stopped outside of Penelope’s office. “Ah, the newbie.” you laughed as Luke shook his head. “Anyway, I have to go. I’ll see you around.” Luke walked away as Penelope opened her door. “Why the hell were you talking to him?”

"Welcome to the world, baby girl." Grayson Imagine

Authors note: y/b/n - your baby’s name
Requested: yes. Anon

Being young and carrying a baby is a hard task for all teen girls in this society. When you had found out you were pregnant with Grayson’s child, you were scared to death. You knew you wanted to have it, but you weren’t sure if you were ready to be a mother. Unsure of your options, you went to a local center to found them out. It looked like the only options you had were to have the baby and keep it or to have the baby, but have it be adopted. After thinking about what you wanted to do for a little while, you awaited Grayson’s arrival at your house. You had brought the test with you and you had to admit that scenarios were already playing in your mind of Grayson holding your baby and playing with the toddler as he or she grew. He finally walked through your front door and you were too nervous to waste any time. “Grayson, I’m pregnant.” His face faltered for a split second before he asked you to repeat yourself. “I’m pregnant, Grayson.” You said this time. He looked from your mouth to your eyes, then to your stomach. He dropped his duffel bag which was full of gym clothes and stepped towards you quietly. “What? I’m going to be a dad?” His hands stretched towards your belly. You nodded silently, still waiting for a reaction. He finally looked back to your eyes and you saw he had tears in his. You hand subconsciously went to his face and wiped a tear away. “Hey. Hey, it’s okay. We will figure it out, G.” You whispered as you wrapped him in a hug. “No, Y/N. I’m not crying for that reason. I’m crying because there is literally nothing else I could want more than this.” He laughed through his happy sobs that were now more present than before.
Throughout your pregnancy, Grayson had been so supportive and made sure he could come to all the appointments with you. At around 18 weeks, the both of you found out that the gender of your baby was a girl and Grayson would not shut up about how he hoped that she looked like you. When you first felt your baby girl kick, you were 26 weeks pregnant. You videod it and sent it to Grayson who happened to be in a meeting, but 30 minutes later he was back at the house you had bought together to feel and see her kick again. The both of you picked out certain things for her nursery like green paint (neither of you liked blue or pink), a yellow crib, and other miscellaneous things that you would need.
At 2 weeks past your due date, you and Grayson were so ready for your little girl to be here in your arms already. However like the two of you, she was stubborn and would come whenever she wanted. Today was a Tuesday, so naturally Grayson and yourself were reading fan reactions to the ‘Dolan Twins’ video. You laughed at a couple of tweets too hard because you could’ve sworn you just peed yourself, but then you felt the most excruciating pain you’d ever felt. You screamed in surprise and pain. Grayson immediately stopped laughing and looked at you while saying, “Is it time? Is she coming?”. You nodded vigorously, knowing that your water had just broke, before waddling towards the door as he grabbed the “go bag” and assisted you to the car. As Grayson started down the driveway, he grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles. “Let’s go get our little girl.” He said with a happy smile on his face and for a split second, nothing else mattered except knowing that Grayson would be a great father to your baby. You started crying and he kept questioning whether he needed to get you anything for your pain. You assured him that all you needed was to get to the hospital while crying and laughing because it was cute to see him freak out a little bit. No matter how prepared you think you are, it is never enough.
Throughout the trip to the hospital and delivery, Grayson never left your side and always smiled at you despite how hard you were squeezing his hand because of the pain. “Y/N, you’re doing so well, baby.” He would say to you when he gave your forehead a kiss and pushed your hair back. Although you were late in terms of your due date, the delivery was quick. Y/B/N was in your arms before long and Grayson was just smitten over the view of the two of you finally together. After many, many tears and nervous touches, Grayson agreed to hold her. He was afraid that he would break her because she was so tiny. “Welcome to the world, baby girl.” Grayson cooed at her while she held onto his thumb with all of her fingers. You smiled at the sight before you. You knew that this was all you would ever need to be happy all the time.
She had been awake and quite fussy with you, but as soon as she was against Grayson’s chest, she was out like a light. You gaped your mouth in astonishment. How could she possibly be sleeping on him when you had carried her for well over 9 months? Grayson looked at you with a grin and a few small laughs. Y/B/N smiled at the vibrations of Grayson’s chest which resulted in more tears and more taunting laughs towards you from him. With the events from today and finally being able to sleep, your eyelids dropped closed with the view of Grayson and his little girl on his chest snoozing away too.

anyway. here’s the top 5 grammatically unusual phrases containing the f-word that resonate with me the most currently

1. what’s so fuck then
2. what the hap is fuckening
3. Shut Your Fuck
4. fuck of
5. something’s fucky