The Winchester boys reacting to Cas having sex
  • Sam:*smiles knowingly* *probably wants to say good for you in a friend way*
  • Dean:*splutters* *attempts to swallow drink* *fails to swallow drink* *is gonna spit it out* *but that's not ladylike* *wants to exorcise self* *finally swallows drink* *walks warily over to Cas* *tries not to sound jealous* You had sex with April? *shit I sounded jealous*
Imagine being an angel and looking for Castiel after the fall.

You had learned a few skills since your fall, the most effective of which was picking locks. Without your angel powers it had become very useful. The bunker was quiet when you entered, but not empty. You heard a shuffle behind you and turned to the source of the sound.


Nope, Winchester. A demon blade was inches from your throat and with a ping behind you, you knew that a second blade had been drawn and was being held right between your shoulder blades.

“How the hell did you get in here?” the older Winchester growled.

“Lock picking isn’t a skill only mastered by humans.”

At the realisation that you were not human, they drew their weapons closer so that they were touching you, threatening you.

“Who. Are. You?”

Castiel finally walked around the corner and stared in shock at the new face.

“Hello, brother”, you said. “It’s about time.”

He tilted his head and frowned, trying to recognise you. There was a pause, then at once, the two of you drew your angel blades to prove you were who you said you were.

“Woah, woah!” said Dean. “You’re the ones who are gonna have to clean the angel blood off my floor!”

“Where did you get that?” Cas asked you.

“Uh, it’s mine,” you replied. “I heard that spending time with humans made you daft, but seriously?”

When he didn’t reply, you turned your blade over, holding it upside down and held it out to Cas, who stepped forward for a closer look. There were markings etched into the base of the blade and when he saw them he rolled his eyes.

“Y/N”, he sighed, exasperatedly.

You smiled at him. Sam and Dean still looked confused, never having heard your name before.

“How did you find me?”

“Oh, Castiel. It was not easy. They on the other hand…”

You pointed to the Winchesters.

“Were a piece of cake to find.”

Dean rounded on Cas.

“I thought the warding works against angels!”

“It does”, you said, addressing Dean. “But only on angels.” 

He glared at you.

“We’re not the only monsters out there, gigantor.”

“Was it a demon?” Cas asked.

“Oh, demons. How unoriginal. Well, yeah, it was a demon, but–”

“You went to a demon for help?”

“Actually, the place was infested with them, but I got it out of one eventually.”

“You were outnumbered?!” Cas shouted, furious.

“Hey, I know how to use this,” you said, holding up your angel blade.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Desperate times! If you weren’t hiding in here while your brothers and sisters were falling from the sky as their wings burned off their backs then maybe things would have been different.”

“You always were a troublemaker,” Cas told you.

“And you always did have a stick up your ass,” you retorted.

He squinted his eyes and pursed his lips ever so slightly.

“Is that offence I see on your face, Castiel? You really have spent too much time around humans.”

“Why have you come here?”

“Always the businessman,” you sighed. “They say you caused the fall. Is that true?”

“No,” said Dean quickly.

“Yes,” said Cas.

Dean glared at him.

“It was an accident,” he continued.

“How do we fix it?” you asked.

“I’m sorry, we?” said Dean.

“No, you ass. Not you, me. And Cas.”

honestly, the ultimate first bellarke kiss™ has me conflicted, because on one hand, i’d love one of those i-thought-you-died kisses where Clarke almost tackles him when he finally walks through the gate, wrapping her arms around his neck and creating a perfect parallel to 2x05 - but this time, her legs come around his waist, and all of the emotions that had been building up within her, she pours into an impulsive kiss. 

but i would also die if it was just a soft, innocent kiss that happens after a heart-to-heart. she kisses his cheeks, his forehead, nose, knuckles - and at last his lips, because it feels natural - and it feels right.  

I Just Hit The Lotto - Chanyeol

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Other Parts: Kyungsoo Chen Kai Lay Baekhyun Suho Sehun Xiumin

I was at the casino talking to Xiumin and his girlfriend waiting for Chanyeol to arrive, Xiumin said he wasn’t sure if Chanyeol was going to make if as he, Sehun and Suho had some business to deal with but I was praying he would seeing as I had gone out and brought a new dress and everything for tonight hoping that this would be the night Chanyeol and I would take it to the next level.


When he finally walked into the casino my heart beat race and I was happy for about 2 seconds until I noticed the bleed on his nose and then I was filled with worry, saying bye to Xiumin and his girl I started to make my way over to Chanyeol but stopped dead in my tracks as some other girl wearing the ugliest bright yellow dress and no mask runs up to him wrapping her arms around him and kisses him.

Not being able to stop the tears welling up in my eyes I quickly make my way to the exit passing Chanyeol who tries to stop me but I just push him away and run outside, getting in my car and going home not bothering about the other girls. Getting to my bedroom I quickly rip off my dress throwing it away not wanting to see it any more, I get changed into my pyjama’s.


Hearing my doorbell thinking it’s just my next door neighbour locking herself out again and since I have her spare key I don’t even bother looking through the peep-hole but when I notice it’s Chanyeol I immediately try to slam the door in his face but he blocks me from doing it by putting his foot in the way.
“What do you want Chanyeol? Don’t you have a girlfriend to get back too?” I ask going and sitting on my couch.
“(Y/N) she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my ex who decide it was wrong to break up with me for some other guy and conveniently wants me back now that I’m into you. Please you have to believe me I didn’t know she was going to turn up tonight!!” He says kneeling in front of me pretty much begging on his knees for my forgiveness.
“Good why can’t I ever stay mad at you!!” I whine before leaning forwards kissing him being able to forgive him so easy as I could always tell when he was lying.

Standing up I grab Chanyeol’s hand and drag him behind me to my bedroom, pushing him down on the bed before crawling up over top of him kissing him hard whilst running my hands all over his suit covered chest.
“Baby I love these pyjama’s so much but I need to see what you’re hiding underneath them!!” Chanyeol says running his hands up my body until they get to my shoulders and then he takes off my robe.
“Well I did originally get them for you but you were taking too long to make a move and I wanted to wear them” I reply taking his tie off and unbuttoning his shirt.
“Well I’ll be the one buying you lots more things like these from now on baby, and let’s get one thing straight I’m in charge!!” He says flipping us over and removing the rest of our clothes making me whine as I finally get to see his body in all its glory.

Chanyeol laid back on top of me, teasing me by only every entering the head of his cock into me.
“Oppa, please! I’ll be a good girl just let me have your cock” I beg digging my nails into his biceps.
“Good girl’s don’t use language like that but because I want you just as bad I’ll let you off just this once” Chanyeol says in a teasing tone before entering into me completely.

Chanyeol’s thrusts are slow and hard and he keeps eye contact with me whispering to me about how I’m making him feel so good and how we should have done this earlier. Chanyeol reaches a hand down in-between our bodies playing with my clit as he starts to thrust faster into me, I run my hands up and down his chest before moving them down so that they’re touch both his abs and his v-line.

Chanyeol starts getting sloppy with his thrusts and soon we are realising together, holding another as close as possible and moaning out each other’s names along with swear words and random sounds. He pulls out of me once we’ve ridden out our highs and he stands up putting on his underwear before getting coming back over to me kissing my lips.
“I don’t know about you but I’m starving, wanna order some food baby?” He asks grabbing his phone from his pants looking at some take away stores.
“Yes please Oppa” I say crawling up the bed to sit in-between his legs as he leans on the head board.
“I’ll let you pick what we get if you say yes to being my girlfriend!” He says kissing my lips as I smile up at him.
“I’ll say yes to being your girlfriend but only because I want pizza” I say moving out of his grip as he tries to tickle me.
“I’ve hit the lotto because I get to have you and pizza” He replies finding the closest pizza shop that delivers and orders to much for two people to eat but Chanyeol says it’s okay because left over pizza is the best especially for breakfast…

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 0 Season 7 -Special

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 Signs

Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way

►►The Walking Dead S7E1 : Signs


Air Date : October 9th, 2016
Season Number : 7
Episode Number : 1
Episode Name : Signs
Guest Stars : Steven Ogg, Khary Payton, Marisol Correa, Ruben Vidal, Anthony J. Sacco
Networks : AMC
Genres : Action & Adventure, Drama

Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way.

Christian Serratos, Sonequa Martin-Green, Austin Amelio, Josh McDermitt, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Andrew Lincoln, Michael Cudlitz, Tom Payne, Austin Nichols, Seth Gilliam, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Lennie James, Chandler Riggs, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ross Marquand


The Blacklist Rewatch: Berlin Conclusion
You can turn away and run from it. You can hide from it. And if you choose to do that, I’ll fly away. Or you can face it and confront it. Engage it. And maybe, maybe… you prevail and rise above it.