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Sonic Adventure 2 - Final Rush M1 / M4 - 1:19.99

That sub!

You can get sub 1:10 with another skip, but I feel like getting sub 1:20 with that skip here is extremely tight and I’m glad I got it! I looked into some different strats for the beginning to cut off a bit of time which are a lot harder, beceause the strats I did I my previous run of this stage were really easy ones that I also do in single segment runs, and this here is the real stuff


You think this game is safe from Sanic? You thought wrong good sir and or madam.

  • Earth's Last Hope
  • IIEZ2

Title: Earth’s Last Hope

Artist: IIEZ2

Description: Sorry for the really late updates today! Here’s a glitchy, drum and bass remix of “Highway in the Sky”, the theme of Sonic Adventure 2’s Final Rush! Once again, thanks to Windii for the awesome submission! The idea of this theme losing its guitar is really unexpected, but with the addition of some dubstep vibes, it won’t be missed! Enjoy guys and thanks for submitting!


Sonic Adventure 2 - Final Rush M3 - 1:35.79

Really nice, almost even got it one segment, but got stuck on the very last enemy, so I had to restart on the last check. This IL is very hard, but also really fun to do. Will go back to this at some point to actually do it checkless, for now I’m very satisfied with the time and execution

“Everybody tries to be straight, but things are still unchanged… it’s useless to resist, their effort will be wasted… Head straight to your goals by any means! There is a door that you never opened, there is a window with a view you’ve never seen… get there no matter how long it takes! Now, wake up!”

Everett Bradley - Throw It All Away