re-introduction post bc sudden influx in follower count and also i haven’t done one of these in like probably years so maybe thats a good idea

hello im megan im 20 and a british lesbian. this blog is my main and personal blog but generally revolves around sailor moon (90s anime, sera myu, manga and crystal), final fantasy (vii, x, x-2, xii, xiii series, type 0, xv), kingdom hearts, steven universe and rwby. i also talk and reblog a lot of things about being gay and also sometimes other social issues. im into anime and gaming so other stuff like that shows up here but everything will be tagged accordingly.

my main ships are harumichi, seiusa, fanille, pearlrose, rupphire, monochrome and bumbleby but tbh with ships if it’s f/f i probably have at least some interest in it aha

i make gifs and edits and i always take requests bc i have no life anyway and its fun. i sometimes write too but not at the moment

ummmm im on a bit of a sera myu kick right now, im on my second run-through them, the tag is “megan watches sera myu”. im also playing my way through the mgs series tho i dont blog about it all that much. at some point soon im gonna reread the sm manga and also watch pgsm but im not sure when

i think thats it okay