Edge of Eternity - built in Unity, and destined for greatness. Following in the footsteps of classic beloved RPG’s like Final Fantasy and Grandia, Edge of Eternity is as epic as the title suggests.

Currently on Kickstarter (and already funded), EOE offers a delightful tale fueled by exploration of a fantasy/sci-fi open world, and a turn-based/tactical battle system. Already Greenlit on Steam, Edge of Eternity plans to cater to fans of JRPG’s by offering an exciting game premise where players will explore the world of Heryon, which is littered with places to discover like ancient cities, hidden caves, and even spaceships.

Midgar Studio aims to create a vast epic of their own running on the Unity3D engine, where players gather party members and take point in an open world accented by involving game mechanics such as weapon evolution, skill tree leveling, and a non-linear quest system allowing players to experience the game their own way.  

Even in these early stages of development it’s an impressive looking game that looks set to surpass the JRPGs it was inspired by.

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Free Pre Alpha Demo