final fantasy 14

Prompt #17 - Without a Trace

Knuckle creases kissed the pads of her fingers, those engraved lines leading her down to roam alongside the calloused underside of his hands. Her tender touch chased to the end of those long, war-torn fingers, drawing swirling lines around the almost square ends and etching the dip and curve of his nails into her mind. From there, her journey returned her to the tops of his palms, noting the pronounced metacarpal mountain range and the dusting of coarse hair fading in from his forearms. With a dance of her inquisitive touch over the drumming pulse near his wrist, she finally allowed for the capture of her fingers between his, twisting their hands into a heated embrace.

Phenalyn loved the lay of this land, finding herself unable to resist such explorations whenever she found herself lucky enough to explore the golden expanse. She could spend hours committing his form to her memory. Days, time uncounted. Endless mapping, leaving no evidence of her study. At least, no drawn lines or sketched charcoal would mark his skin. If she was lucky, her expedition might leave hints of her presence in the lift of his smile or the ease of the tension that gathered in his shoulders.

Twelve help her if she were to become the explored. Even the softest touch would leave evidence of his presence in the igniting wildfire beneath her skin. There would be no doubt he had been where few could go.

But perhaps such noticeable signs of his conquest would be thrilling. 

Prompt #16 Bond

This is part 2 of my lore series, where I try and analyze some of the tidbits of info we got from Encyclopaedia Eorzea, volume II. This series only focuses on the Seeker of the Sun M-tribe lore, particularly four of its characters that were highlighted in the book and shared in the BRPN Discord. For this part, I’m going to look at the bond between a nunh and his tribe.There will be spoilers from the lorebook below the cut, so be warned.

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So I learned we can /splash in lava…