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Please, Let Him Be Soft…

So please, I beg you–
he is all that I have,
and you have so many heroes
and the world has so many more.
Let him be soft,
and let him be mine.  [Full poem by @pencap]

Commissioned this from @xla-hainex
I love couples being soft with each other. And its rare that these two ever get much chance. I am in love with them here, honestly. It feels weird to say, but I feel like I’m interrupting a very private and personal moment where they’ve let their guard down for just a second.
The poem just…fits. Especially Phaedra’s feelings about Thancred.

FF VII - Headcanons | #27

ANON: Hi! I’m not really sure if you’re still taking requests. But could you write some nsfw headcanons for Rufus, Reno and Sephiroth?(there’s never enough headcanons for them I swear 😂)I was thinking some morning sex headcanons.

A/N: Oh yes! That statement about there not being enough headcanons is a phat mood and I hope these new ones are what you imagined!



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i finally finished.

i’m so rusty with my tablet. this could look better, butt fuck it, i completed something!@ that’s what counts! and i’m sharing it regardless!@ /high fives screen


i love final fantasy, people love me for loving final fantasy, and vampire hunter d and xenogears and one day maybe even hellsing once i sit down to watch the whole series finally, but i still think alucard is the bombasticness, cheezus christ.

also barret. hot diggity his graphical upgrade is my favorite out of anybody. i loves me some giant japanese-fabricated black men