final zine

AAAAAAAND~ Here is the cover art of the For Humanity Fanbook! See the full list of 46 artists and 2 writers here. 

I’m going to be posting lots of teasers and information on this blog especially throughout this month as well as when pre-orders go live later this week.Follow us to keep updated on the project!


hey everyone!! the homestuck zine is FINALLY finished, and i am very very proud to show it to everyone!! it’s my first zine/collaborative project ive ever done, so some things did not go over very smoothly, but it is finally all together!!

you can view it HERE:

(you should be able to download it!)

thank you so much to everyone who contributed !! everyone’s works were absolutely beautiful and i can tell a lot of you had fun!!!! love you all!!! <3 <3 


Here my entries for Christmatsu zine!! FINALLY YES!!!!!

I suffered to finish these pages in time (especially with the cover!) But… I’m satisfied with the result =)

You can see and download it here

Final Contributors List!!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your patience as we put together this amazing zine, and we are so happy to announce the artist list!! Emails to the artists have been sent out with details about the zine. Thank you to everyone who applied- thank you so much for the continued support for the project!

The artists are (put under cut because we have many contributors):

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surprise: here’s the mini monstrosity that has eaten up my life for the last 3-4ish weeks. this was my very first attempt at an accordion book for school, all created through silkscreening. involved a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and a ton of ink. I am beyond satisfied with the final product and ready to go sleep for a million years ovo;;

bonus: a couple closeup shots!

Announcement about preorders!!

Hey there! So so sorry for the wait, is zine organizers have gotten busy with other responsibilities such as school. While we were hoping to have preorders open today on the anniversary of the finale, unfortunately we aren’t able to. The good news is though that they will be open by this Friday, the 17th!! Thank you all so much for your continued support!!

Hello, everyone! And welcome to the FFXV Zine! A zine made specifically for the FFXV group in all their loving glory~ This game has been a huge hit ever since it came out, getting high ratings, shocking not only the Final Fantasy gamers, but also gamers in general! Between the amazing storyline, swift yet smooth battles, and the great open world navigation, this is a game that has started 2017 and the future final fantasy games off right!
We are on our way to a big project to create this zine. But, we are missing something! The lovely artist! I am looking for FFXV artists of all sorts to help create beautiful pieces of art for this soon to be zine.It will focus entirely on just the FFXV storyline and everything that makes it such a good game, such as the bond of family/brothership, love, hardships, and the many changes the characters face.
The zine booklet with 30 full-color pages and around 30 artists in total. Information on applying can be found at Artist Application at the top of the page. We hope to see tons of applications to create a diverse zine full of love and affection for this new and game changing FF project.