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Ballet Recital

@lazarustrashpit requested Gladio and the word ballet and this is a short snippet I came up with. I will try to get as many of these finished as I can today as tomorrow it is Thanksgiving here in the States and I won’t have much time to be on my computer. Tagging: @alicemoonwonderland @alicemoonwonderland @rikuaxel10 @themissimmortal @amicitonia @mp938368 @singergurl91 @insomniacapples @xalmasyx @gladiolus-mamacitia @atarostarling @bleucommelhiver @kairakara101

He watched on proudly as he watched her dance across the stage. Her pink tutu swayed as she moved from first position to second position. Gladio chuckled as she stumbled a little as she went from a plié to a relevé. You slapped his arm and chastised him. Your daughter was new to the art of dancing, so it was to be expected that she would have a hiccup here and there.

Gladio sighed before he sat back in his seat in the auditorium with a wide smile on his face. He would never get tired of watching his little girl dance. She was his pride and joy and he would do anything for her. Even if he didn’t understand all the technical terms, he would always support her.

Her group danced to a couple of rather short and whimsical songs. Being a group of four-year-olds, it didn’t take long for them to them to become tired from all that activity. He kept a careful on her as the end of the second song the group performed their final jump. Gladio practically jumped out of his seat as your daughter landed it, but reigned himself in as to not embarrass you or your daughter.

Once the music had died down and applause was given, the instructors had allowed the parents to come to the front and pick up their children. You and Gladio made your way up to center stage and smiled proudly as your daughter’s bright amber eyes found you. She looked so much Gladio it wasn’t funny. Acted like him too at times too.

“Mama! Papa! How did I do?” She grinned before she jumped off the stage and into Gladio’s waiting arms

“You did great, Pumpkin.” Gladio hummed as he kissed her cheek and held her tight against his chest

“We are so proud of you sweetie.” You smiled as you pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear

“I can’t wait to do dance next year! I get to dance next year, right?” She asked the two of you as she looked into her father’s eyes

Gladio twirled her around and hugged her tightly before he answered her.

“Of course, baby girl. We wouldn’t wanna miss watching you dance for the world,” He replied softly “Now, who wants ice cream to celebrate?”

Gladio vowed right then and there that he would never miss a recital. He wasn’t going to be an absentee parent. No matter what, he would always be there to support your daughter and her ballet career.

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Maybe...a cabin getaway weekend with the bros and their S/Os. Headcanons are probably easier, right? Either is cool! Thank you 😊


  • Going to a cabin getaway means more places to nap with you according to Noctis.
  • But if you want to do more than just nap and cuddle with him. He’ll be open with activities you want to do since it’s your trip too.
  • If there is a lake nearby, the two of you can either swim over there or go fishing with Noctis since it relaxes him.
  • Although you might want to hold off fishing last. Since you’re not sure how to cook a Pink Jade Gar Noctis had recently caught.


  • We know damn well the cabin trip was not his idea. But he did it anyway because he knew how much you always wanted to go to one.
  • Even though this was not his idea, he’s going to pick a place that gives him access to Wi-Fi.
  • Just because he’s a technophile, doesn’t mean he’s not going make this trip romantic. He wants to take tons of pictures of the two of you having a good time. As well as low key take pictures of you while you’re not looking.
  • Be aware there will be tons of references of “The Shining” during this trip. You’ll be taking a shower only for Prompto to pop up and go, “Here’s Johnny!”


  • As much as he loves to be one with nature, going to a cabin and sharing a comfortable bed with you sounds like paradise.
  • Being secluded from the world and having you to himself has made him fall in love with you all over again.
  • Expect lots of cuddles by the fireplace because this man has a big, soft, romantic heart.
  • If you fall asleep during these cuddle sessions, he will happily carry you to bed without having to wake you up.


  • Ignis will bring out his romantic side during this trip. He feels it’s been far too long since the two of you have spent quality time together.
  • He wants to wake up around dawn so the two of you can watch the sun rise while drinking a fresh cup of Ebony.
  • The two of you also partake in walking into the woods so you two can talk freely without interruptions.
  • The two of you also cook together and have yourself a candlelight, romantic dinner along the way.

Why is Cor/Drautos not a bigger ship?  There is so much potential for angst there. 

Imagine Cor being in a relationship with Drautos when Insomnia falls. He loses his two best friends and can’t even get back into the city to see if his partner made it. After a week or two he’s certain Titus died.

Then during the Comrades timeline he meets Libertus. Libertus, who along with the entirety of the Kingsglaive, knew their Captain and Marshal were involved. It’s Libertus who has the gods awful task of telling Cor that Drautos was actually Glauca, that he’d played them all. Cor’s then left to wonder whether or not their relationship was real, whether Titus was serious when he told Cor he loved him or whether it was all a ruse to lure him into a false sense of security. 

There is SO MUCH ANGST POTENTIAL…I’ll write a thing for this at some point.

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What is one of the funnier ways the Revolutionary set try the get Alex and Thomas together

It’s funny you should ask that because the very same thing they used was actually the reason Alex and Thomas got to together. You can imagine how happy the Revolutionary set was when they learned that they were the reason.

See how it happened according to Alex and Thomas while they told everyone what happened was that Laf, John, and Hercules had called Alex to meet them at School for something while Aaron and James called Thomas for the same reason. Each group told them to meet in the same spot which of course they did which made them both really confused.

They met in front of a supplies closest I know real original but whatever works. Before either could say a word though they were grabbed while someone opened the door and they were shoved inside. When they hit the wall they looked out to see their friends smiling brightly at them before they slammed the door.

Thomas and Alex heard their friends say a few things like. “We’ve looked the door and will be back in an hour,” John said. “Don’t kill one another!” James said and finally, the last thing was from Aaron.

Aaron waited until the others were walking off to speak with Thomas and Alex and what he said truly surprised the both of them. “Alex, Thomas, We’re sorry for tricking you but for you both to be happy you need to move on.” He had said before walking off with the other.

Thomas and Alex didn’t know what else to do and instead like the idiots, they are they began to argue with one another over whose fault this was when in truth it was neither of their faults since neither of them knew that this was going to happen.

Thomas finished yelling at Alex once he got breathless but Alex was still yelling and as Thomas watched this something came over him. As Thomas listened to the ongoing words falling out of Alex’s mouth he surged forward and shoved Alex against the wall before pressing his mouth right against Alex’s.

Alex stiffened up and this freaked Thomas out thinking that he crossed a line but before he can pull away Alex wrapped his arms around Thomas and pulled him closer.

After that, they sat down the floor of the janitor closest with Thomas sitting crossed legged and Alex sitting in his lap. They talked about how long they liked one another and how they thought the other hated them and long they’ve wanted this. They talked and kissed until they couldn’t think straight and until they were both giddy messes.

At one point though Alex stood up so both he and Thomas could stretch their legs and by doing this he grabbed the door handle of the door and it opened. It turns out that the Revolutionary set had forgotten to lock the door.

Thomas and Alex laughed at this and walked out of the closest hand in hand excited about the future. This left the Revolutionary set to feel disappointed since the forgot to lock the door that Thomas and Alex just left and their plan failed.

So that’s the story about how Alex and Thomas finally got together.

Now everyone is moving on to getting James and Aaron together because Alex is taking his brother’s advice which was “For them to be happy they have to move on.”

A kiss never forgotten

*Chap 1: A drunken night*

*Chap 2: A blurred night*

*Chap 3: The bath house*

*Chap 4: A Thousand pieces*

*Chap 5: Heart beat*

*Chap 6: Surprise*

*Chap 7: Sunsets, trees and you*

*Chap 8: What now?*

*Chap 9: Healing the unfixable*

*Chap 10: So, this is it?*

*Chap 11: What now?*

*Chap 12: Kids and kisses*

*Chap 13: Its time*

*Chap 14: Tears*

*Chap 15: Somethings different?*

*Chap 16: Its time*

*Chap 17: At peace*

*Chap 18: Pancakes, kids and headaches*

Chap 19: Will you stay or will you go?

Naruto flipped over the next page, skimming the words slowly making sure he absorbed every drop of ink that was on the paper. He lifted his eyes to look towards the corner of his room where Sasuke usually sat. The room was so empty and lifeless, the only company Naruto had were his lifeless pieces of paper.

The corner of the room was merely infected by the ghost of Sasuke’s body, and as much as Naruto was trying to distract himself from the thought that Sasuke had yet returned he could vividly imagine him right there. Sitting with his black coffee in his left hand, one leg crossed, thinking, forehead creased in deep thought over some documents.

He missed him, he needed him, but the last time he saw him was a month ago before he had to leave on an urgent mission with nearly every elite shinobi to de-escalate a potential war that was brewing at the Hidden Mist Village.

Naruto’s heart sank again, thinking of the last day he saw him before he went away.

They had gotten into a fight, a really shitty fight.


*Flash back*

“Sasuke, I just don’t understand why I can’t go with you?”

“Naruto, you are being unreasonable, you are the Hokage, you know this. Coming for me the first time got you in so much shit, you cannot let your feelings for me get in the way of being the fucking Hokage, will you for once think with your head?”

Naruto started tearing up, heart beating in flustered motions, skin accumulating heat as fast as a kettle, “why the fuck shouldn’t I think with my heart, you cold fucking bastard, just because you decided to turn off your frickin emotions, doesn’t mean I don’t have any.”

Sasuke turned around to face Naruto, furiously walking towards him.

“Naruto, you are really crossing the fucking line, you know I care for you, what else do you fucking want from me? A bed of full of roses every day? A confession of my undying love written in poetry form?”

Naruto turned around from Sasuke storming off into their bedroom, “Urgh, no I don’t want that, I just want you to understand that I could come with you, your life is here, what if something happens like last time?”

“I’ll be fine Naruto, plus this mission is very important. They need as many skilled ninja going, there will be war if we don’t tame the situation over there, you know this.”

Naruto bit his lower lip knowing Sasuke was speaking nothing but the truth, he just couldn’t come to terms with accepting the fact that Sasuke wouldn’t let him protect him.

“I know Sasuke, that’s why I should go.”

“No Naruto, you’re not fucking going. What if the potential war comes here? Who will protect the village? Huh? Are you just going to abandon the village because you couldn’t stop and think with your head instead of your fucking heart for once?”

Naruto started to feel hot rage build within him, like a deep dark power was slowly manifesting from his toes upwards, clawing its way slowly out of Naruto’s skin.

“What are you going to fucking stop me?”

Sasuke walked over and punched Naruto in the shoulder, enough for him to lose his stance.

“You realize I could stop you, I am the Hokage after all.”

“Do that and I will fucking leave Konoha, I am not a damn child Naruto.”

Naruto pushed Sasuke out of his space and walked back into the living room.

“I just wished you would give a shit Sasuke, about me about your family that’s here, your fucking daughter for God sake.”

“Oh, my lord Naruto not this again with Sarada, she is a ninja, she needs to learn that accepting to be a ninja, means you accept the fact that you work alone, that death is likely to occur and that being a ninja is not all fun and games.”

“Do you just not care about her? Don’t you want her to have the family that you and I never had growing up?”

“Look at us Naruto, we are considered some of the strongest Ninja’s in the world, I think not growing up with a father that babies her will be good for her. I am not here to place a bandage on her every time she falls.”

Naruto started to cry, anger seeping out of him this time, no longer containing itself, just falling out in hot tears. “Don’t you care at all Sasuke? Can’t you find it in that cold heart of yours to see that this is wrong, staying here and taking care of your family should be your priority over fighting. Sasuke if you walk out, you are walking out on her and me.”

Naruto started to wipe away his tears, “last time you broke Sarada’s and Sakura’s hearts when you left, now you are going to include me in the equation?”

Sasuke looked at Naruto with dark eyes, full of mixed emotions. “I am not walking out on you,, I am fucking serving Konoha, and if you are the Hokage then you should start fucking acting like it. I am going Naruto, end of discussion.”

*End flashback*


Naruto sadly looked at his paper work, he highlighted a few lines and wrote some notes on a spare piece of paper.

He had no idea what will happen when Sasuke come back. If he ever does. Word is the threat of war is no more since the Hidden Leaf and Sand Village aided the Hidden Mist. Even though the threat is gone, many of Konoha’s elite shinobi decided to stay to aid in the relocation and safe keeping of villagers. Naruto heard from one of the reports that Sasuke was in that small group which volunteered themselves to stay.

But it scared Naruto, he hadn’t heard anything from Sasuke since he left, besides the mandatory scrolls each shinobi assigned to help must send back, but a letter full of battle description is not much of a heart felt piece.

He started to worry long ago whether Sasuke would return, and if he did would they still be together? Naruto missed him immensely, but every growing day he started to think Sasuke would never return home.  Many shinobi started arriving back to Konoha one by one. Each handing in their last assignment reports, the only ones left were about 7 elite shinobi. Each willingly staying to aid in any way possible on their own accord.

Naruto could only start to think that Sasuke was delaying coming back because he didn’t want to see Naruto or that he just was delaying the inevitable break up talk with Naruto.

It had been driving Naruto mad, he has no idea if he would get his boyfriend back, but he knew as much as he loved Sasuke all he needed was for him to walk through that door, safe and unharmed. He wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to break up, because Naruto wanted him to be happy, and if he was too much for him, getting too attached and emotionally invested in Sasuke was not his cup of tea then he wouldn’t stop him.

Naruto tried not to think about it, because the sheer idea of Sasuke wanting out from their relationship made his whole body feel like small daggers were cutting into every vein and vessel in his body. His heart started to clench into a tight hold and his lungs collapsed slowly until he felt like no oxygen was being circulated in his body anymore. So, before Naruto literally passed out he had to keep his mind distracted, “keep working, keep writing, think about your job, the people you’re protecting”.

Naruto had to repeat this in his head every day to distract himself from sheer pain and extreme anxiety attacks, it actually helped significantly and he had surprisingly been doing very well at his job considering Sasuke and Kakashi were gone on this mission.  


*1 week later*

Naruto opened his saggy eyes, his head throbbed loudly and the left side of his face was deformed due to sleeping on his wooden table again. He looked around to see the sunlight trickling in from the outside, the papers he had on his table had smudged red stains from his pen being left open. He stretched out his strained back muscles and scratched the top of his hair.

He looked at each corner of the room, empty spaces, no life, just stacks upon stacks of paperwork. Filled documents, signed contacts, each finished and completed.

Naruto had done nothing but works since Sasuke left, he could do nothing else to distract himself. He needed to fill his mind with something. It was about a week ago when he started working from sunrise to sunset, no breaks, just full work.

Only 2 days ago had he completely given up on going home and would either fall asleep on the wooden table or crash on the couch where Sasuke used to sit.

Everyone was worried about him, he was clearly overworking himself and everyone could see it besides himself. But he was too stubborn to actually listen to anyone, he just kept working and working until he literally dropped.

It had been nearly 1 month and 3 weeks since Sasuke left for the mission and every single shinobi sent off to the relief mission had returned back, the only ones left were Kakashi and Sasuke. No word had been heard from both of them and Naruto was starting to lose his mind. The last thing he heard was from Ino who was the most recent shinobi to return, she mentioned that Sasuke and Kakashi had decided to stay until the whole village had been relocated even though there were only a handful of people left and the mist where fully capable of relocating them.

Naruto got out of his seat walking sleepily towards the door, looking at the floor solemnly, one foot after each other.

He walked out of the Hokage room towards the coffee machine in the kitchen, at this point he was a vessel of caffeine, needing 5 to 10 cups of coffee per day to keep him up with his crazy new schedule.

As he waited for the water to boil he chucked 3 teaspoons of coffee blend into his Hokage number 1 cup.

“You know that caffeine is bad for you right?”

Naruto’s eyes widened, he knew that sarcastic almost farther tone of voice.

“Kakashi!” Naruto nearly jogged over to him and enveloped him in a bear hug. “I can’t believe you’re here, I’ve missed you. Where have you been? What happened? How come you stay for so long?”

Kakashi looked at Naruto with unfounded happiness, “Oh Naruto I never thought I ever say this, but damn I have missed you too and your annoying voice.”

Naruto and Kakashi patted each other on the back and stepped aside letting out manly coughs to subdue the fact that they were acting all mushy. Naruto looked across to his coffee and poured a second cup for Kakashi, he started to place the coffee blend into Kakashi’s mug whilst he begged his mouth to open, to say something, ask about the one thing he cared about.

“Kakashi…” Naruto gulped down on his fear, “where’s Sasuke?”

Naruto turned around to pass Kakashi his drink, he saw the one thing he had been dreading. That look, of misery, despair, sorrow.

“Um, he came back with me, but he said he wanted to go to the house first.”

Kakashi tried to look away from Naruto, but Naruto wasn’t standing down he was looking directly at him. He wasn’t going to let this kill him, he was Hokage and he was not going to break again.

“Oh, that’s a shame, well I should be getting back to work. But take the whole week off, rest Kakashi you deserve it.”

Kakashi quickly bolted his hands out to stop Naruto from leaving, “wait Naruto, are you sure? Isn’t there a lot of work to do since Sasuke and I  have been away?”

Naruto started to dryly laugh, a fake laugh which he had perfected after many years, “nope, I actually worked triple hard since you two left, I am actually a week ahead of schedule, so take a week off come back in on Monday for work okay?”

Naruto looked at Kakashi and smiled, a smile which said I need to be alone right now, a smile which was trying so very hard to cover the rushing pain that lingered underneath.

Kakashi started to slowly walk away, “only is your sure?”

Naruto was about to open the door which lead him to his office, but he lingered at the handle looking down the corridor watching Kakashi slowly walk away. “Kakashi can you please do me a favour?”

Kakashi nearly whipped his head around, “of course anything.”

“Can you please go tell Sasuke that he doesn’t need to return to work if he wishes not to.”

Kakashi excitement faded, his shoulder slumping downwards towards the floor, “oh, I understand.”

Naruto walked into his room and slammed the door behind him, he walked forwards towards his table with incredible force pushing him forward. Today he was going to work himself to the bone, whether it killed him or not, he was the Hokage, and like Sasuke said, he was going to act like it.


*30 minutes later*

After finishing yet another stack of paperwork Naruto’s mind started to waver from the blurring amount of lines in his paperwork and all the calculations which had muddled all in Naruto’s mind.

He couldn’t stop the thought arising in his brain, almost developing like a pastry in his head, until he could longer compress it.

‘Was Sasuke moving out? Was that the reason why he didn’t come here, because he wanted to move his stuff out before Naruto got home? Was he really leaving? Why didn’t he come see me first? Why was this happening? Why does his heart keep being broken apart into a million pieces? Why him? What the fuck did he do wrong to deserve this? Why Sasuke? Why?’

Naruto shook his head aggressively to get the thought out of his head. He looked down at the paper with such aggression, as if burning the paper with his vision alone. He had to work harder, faster and longer.

If Sasuke was leaving because he didn’t act like the Hokage, then he was going to work to the bone until Sasuke has to take back that shitty statement.

Naruto stood up with such aggression that the wooden chair scratched against the floor, he took the pile of paperwork he had just finished and placed it on the floor. He placed a sticky note on it to remind him what the paperwork was for and what day cabinet it was meant to go into.

He started to look around the room and realized that his entire floor was now nearly enveloped in stacks of paper. He curiously looked at the floor, trying to concoct a plan for organizing this mess.



Naruto could finally see the floor, he brushed off some dust that accumulated on his hands, he smirked at the floor, looking down at it in triumph.

He let out a sigh thinking to himself that sooner or later he will run out of things to do to distract him. He can’t live the rest of his life trying to pretend like this is all okay, that working himself till he literally collapses is fine, but what else was he meant to do? What could subdue that loud voice in his head telling him he’s not fine, that his heart is hurting more than he could express, that his whole heart was slowly dying because of one man?

How can he tell the people of his village that he can no longer work because he was heartbroken? He was being stupid and immature, he wasn’t a kid anymore, he had to stop being so involved in romance and just let go and move on. Maybe he needed to be more like Sasuke, just don’t have emotions at all.

“Naruto, Sir”?

Naruto turned around in shook

“Sorry Shizune, I did not see you there, are you okay?”

Shizune looked worried, she shyly raised her shoulders and wriggled on the spot in discomfort.

“Uh I just got a call.”

Naruto looked at her with great worry, what did she just hear?

“Shizune, what is it? You can tell me.”

“Well… Sasuke just called.”

Naruto started to hyperventilate, did Sasuke just break up with him over the office phone? Was he calling to tell Naruto he was leaving the house, or worse was he hurt?

“He wishes to talk to you, hes on line 1.”

Naruto gulped down a whole ball of anxiety, smiled the fakest smile he could possible manage to do and thanked Shizune and walked over to the phone on his desk to answer.

He felt every step towards that phone was literally stepping him further and further away from the desk. He heard the door shut as Shizune left, the sound of the door shutting echoed in his ears.

Why did the room suddenly feel so small and dark? Why couldn’t he move his feet anymore? Why was that red phone on his table so scary, so threatening? It was just a phone, nothing less, nothing more. It wasn’t a robber or a villain here to tear Naruto and the village apart, then why was it so ominously sitting on the table?

His hands started to shake a little as he went in to grab the phone.

He pressed line 1 and picked it up, he could hear irrational breathing and shaking.

Naruto knew this was it, this phone call would lead to his death.


Naruto could hear Sasuke’s breath exhalate anxiously on the line when he heard his name.

“Naruto, uh Hi.”

“Long time no see, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine…”

Naruto was gripping the phone so tightly, he almost felt like any more strength and he was going to break the phone in half.

“Why are you calling, I’m at work, and Kakashi already told me you’re not coming in, so you didn’t need to call to say you’re not coming in, I don’t need you in anyways.”

“No, Naruto I’m not calling for work, umm…”

Naruto’s heart was racing a million miles per hour, his eyes had already started burning, he couldn’t take this any longer.

“Sasuke for fuck sake just say what’s on your mind, this is killing me.”

“I need you to come home.”

Naruto’s eyes widened, why did he have to come now? Did he want to leave Naruto face to face? Did he want the glory to watch Naruto crumble at his feet in defeat?

“What? Why?”

“I have something really important to talk to you about.”


“I have to do this face to face Naruto, can you come?”

“Yer, I’ll be there in 5.”

Naruto hanged up the line before Sasuke could say another word.

He started to cry heavily, gripping onto his heart with his hands. He slowly collapsed to the ground in pain, he no longer held it in, he just started to sob.

“Why Sasuke!? Why!?”

He couldn’t believe this was it, he was going to go home and get dumped. Everything he had worked for, all the lying at the start, all the insecurities what was it all for? He thought it would be forever with Sasuke, he thought he found his happiness.

Why him? Hasn’t he already gone through enough? Hasn’t he already been tortured enough?

“Why is the fucking world against me?!”

Naruto stood up, wiped his tears away aggressively, he angrily walked over to the window and opened it, he applied a large force of chakra to his feet and  sky rocketed out towards his house, bouncing from roof to roof so quickly that you could barely see him.



Naruto looked at his house through the forest, all lit up, so welcoming and warm. But it wasn’t, the house was holding the one person who had all the kryptonite to defeat Naruto, the power to finally kill the light he carried.

If Naruto is the sun and Sasuke the moon, then today, this house, this moment would be a solar eclipse, the moon finally blocking out the sun.

Naruto took slow steps forward, afraid of the house and the man inside. Afraid of the pain that would follow after opening the front door.

But alas even though his mind was saying run away, his legs walked forward towards his doom.

Sooner or later he was in front of his door, looking down at the welcome mat thinking to himself, Kakashi and Shizune looked so miserably down and solemn when they talked to Naruto, did Sasuke already tell them he was leaving Naruto? How many people knew about this, was the whole village laughing behind Naruto’s back, waiting for his heart break?

Was no one kind enough to tell him Sasuke was going to rip out his heart on this day, on the solar eclipse?

Naruto started to turn the handle, fearful of what lay on the other side. But he walked forward into the house anyways, he had to get this over and done.


As he slowly closed the door behind him he found Sasuke already waiting for him at the kitchen table.

He looked at Naruto with tired and drained eyes.

“Sasuke, care to tell me what this is all about? Because I have been wracking my brain for so long and I just… need this to stop.”

Sasuke got up from his seat and walked over to Naruto, he looked down to the ground, like he was struggling to say the next few words. He raised his head up and bit down on his lips.


“Naruto, I have thought long and hard about this, but I believe this is what I want to do…”

Naruto started to clench his fist, he knew the next couple of words will be the bullets which would finally silence his heart. He felt his chest contracting against him, pulling and pushing harshly against his rib cage.

He wasn’t ready to die.

“Naruto…”  Sasuke said whilst slowly getting down on one knee.


“Will you marry me?”

Ardyn x Fem!Reader: Sweet Disaster Ch. 2

Word count: 3625
Warnings: Eventual NSFW, Ardyn being a douche
Notes: Romance, slight angst, broship banter. Includes game rewrite scenes, spoilers ahoy.
Tagging: @valkyrieofardyn @poisonous-panda @tyncri @insomniacapples

Previous Chapter

Your ankle looks pretty bad and even though you try to downplay it, Ignis sees right through your act in the following morning.

“What happened?” he demands to know in the sternest mom-voice he can conjure up. You’re sitting with the guys outside the caravan, eating some breakfast. Noctis and Prompto are yawning, Gladio is in a bad mood and Ignis seems to have developed a mannerism of angrily pushing up his glasses.

Meanwhile, Ardyn has gone to the gas station to buy something sweet for you – just to make you feel better. Your heart is still fluttering from hearing the nonchalant, but thoughtful offer from him. He seems to be truly concerned by your well-being, which is actually very touching from someone you have only just met.

Ignis clearing his throat snaps you from your reverie and you focus your attention back to his question.

“I tripped,” you answer automatically. Gladio throws an incredulous look at you, but you resolutely ignore his opinion, no matter how glued his eyes were on your backside the moment it happened.

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It’s complicated. Part 13.

Noctis x female reader

Im still enjoying writing this and I hope you guys are still enjoying it too. Please like or reblog if you do. Plenty of fluff and a little angst in this one. Tagging @its-lunafreya , @goldenbluebunny , @airlea-sicarius , @angel-dream .

Warnings: Grievous bodily harm

Waking up next to Noctis is the mornings was the most exhilarating feeling. His arms wrapped around your form and his warmth radiating onto you. His beautiful features for you to take in when you woke. Just opening your eyes to see him with a sweet little smile on his lips while he slept or the way he wiggled his nose slightly when he had an itch made your heart melt.

These mornings were the best for you as the nights hadn’t been going too swimmingly. Your night terrors weren’t getting any better. Mostly they consisted of your friends dying in horrific ways by the hands of the daemon that haunted you. Occasionally it was your death by the foul creature. You frequently woke up screaming , sweating and crying.

But things were becoming easier now that you had Noctis to hold you and tell you that everything was going to be okay. He had become your protector while you slept. If you even showed signs of having a bad dream, Noctis would immediately wake you by planting a sweet kiss to your lips and cuddling you and saying those few words that mean a great deal to you now “I’ve got you Y/N.”

As you fluttered your eyes open the beautiful rays of sunshine danced on your skin through the slightly frosted window of the Princes bedroom. Winter had arrived in Insomnia. Although the winter never lasted long. It was extremely cold and brisk weather. Getting out of bed was difficult when you were so warm and snug under the covers.

You rolled yourself over, doing your best not to get tangled up in the duvet you were under. Noctis was on his back sleeping peacefully next to you, his dark bangs hiding his eyes. You lifted yourself up and looked over at the clock. 9:45am. You figured it was probably time to get up. You had to continue your training with Crowe. But first you had to wake Noctis. No easy feat when he was in a deep sleep.

Giving him a nudge with your elbow didn’t seem to work. You lifted yourself onto your knees and pushed the covers off of yourself.

You then began vigorously shaking him “Noct… you need to wake up. It’s late.” Your words were being ignored, instead he just groaned and rolled onto his side. You in turn rolled him back “Fine! Have it your way!” You lifted your leg over Noctis’ body and proceeded to straddle him. You placed your hands on both his cheeks and pushed your lips to his. Rather forcefully.

Next thing you knew the Prince’s hands were running up the back of your thighs and he was kissing you back. Your plan had worked.

You pulled back and looked at him and graced him with your cheeky smile “Are we about to…?” He asked with curiosity.

“Are we about to what?” You however were far more curious as to what he was asking.

“Well it’s just. Im kind of feeling a little…” Noctis’ cheeks began to turn rosy. It was occurring to you that this was a serious conversation. One neither of you had spoken about.

“Be honest with me Noct” You said in a stern tone.

He took a deep breath and kept his sleepy eyes on you “Okay so…we’ve been together for a while now. And it’s not that im not happy because believe me I am! It’s just…im feeling a little…frustrated

Although you knew this would be what the conversation was about, you didn’t expect the word frustrated to leave Noctis’ mouth. “Oh! So you want to move things to the next level?”

“Only if you want to.” Of course you wanted to. There just wasn’t a good time to initiate it and when it was initiated last, you were interrupted by a daemon staring down at you.

“Well yeah I do. I guess I’ve just been a little nervous about it” You shrugged “It’s a pretty big step. I mean…think about it. We’re going to see each other naked!” You started giggling and buried your head into Noctis neck.

He immediately started tickling your sides and laughing with you. It helped to relieve any tension either of you were feeling “Im being serious Y/N. Only if and when your ready” You lifted your head and pouted, causing Noctis to chuckle.

You placed a quick kiss to his nose and then put your mouth to his ear and whispered seductively “You won’t have to wait much longer my Prince.” You then placed a long kiss to his neck.

“Y/N…” Noctis groaned. He wanted you. Badly. And you weren’t making it easy for him. You moved your hands to his torso and pushed his t-shirt up so your hands gently ran along his bare chest.

Your behaviour caused Noctis to grab your thighs and lift you off of him, lying you on your back, he climbed on top and smirked “Your such a tease” He then proceeded to kiss you deeply. Completely taking your breath away.

He pulled his lips from yours painstakingly slow. Now you were the one begging but Noctis had other ideas “Time to get up! We have things to do”

He jumped up off the bed and headed to the bathroom, leaving you to catch your breath. You threw your head back on the pillow in disbelief “Such a tease.”


You had been practicing pretty much every day at the training ground. It was made to look like old ruins in a Desert. Broken foundations scattered around the grounds and a thin layer of sand covering the floor.

It turns out you were a pretty fast learner since you found out what your ability was. You were learning to control your power but you were also learning how to fight and this meant training with the other Glaives. Most were very welcoming and happy to have you there. But there were a small few that were salty over the fact that you were allowed within the Citadel, let alone their training ground.

One of those Glaives was Luche Lazarus. To say he had a problem with you would be an understatement. He hated you and he made it abundantly clear the first time you met him.

Trying to make proper conversation with him was like trying to get blood from a stone. He refused to teach you one of his signature moves.

His continuous sly remarks and filthy smirks just made you want to punch him one. If anyone tested your patience it was him. And it didn’t go unnoticed with the other Glaives either. Numerous times Nyx had to pull him to one side and quietly tell him to back off.

You chose not to share this information with Noctis. It wasn’t like you couldn’t take care of yourself, plus Noctis had become incredibly overprotective of you. If he caught word of Luche’s bullying, Noctis would more than likely end him.

“How’s it going freak?” Luche’s goading completely put you off.

The rocks you were levitating off the ground smashed down onto the sand. Other Glaives were practicing their fighting skills and learning to warp. One guy was pretty new to it and the first time he warped, he smashed straight to a wall, breaking his arm in the process.

You tensed your jaw and lowered your hands to one side, keeping your back to Luche “It was going well until you opened your mouth” You bit.

The blonde laughed unapologetically. He was winding you up and very quickly. Your blood was already boiling “You got nothing better to do Luche than stand and gawp at me?” You folded your arms and faced him. He was wearing his Glaive getup and that disgusting smirk.

“Awwww c’mon Y/N! Im just messing with you. No hard feelings eh?” His tone was uncaring, condescending.

“You’re an arrogant son of a bitch you know that? What I wouldn’t give just to wipe that stupid smirk off your face”

“Is that a challenge?” He placed his hand upon his gun which was placed within the holster on his hip.

“Really? You wanna go there? Tell me Luche, just what is your problem with me? What exactly have I done to you to earn so much disrespect! So much hate!” Your voice was becoming more and more raised with each word.

“What? You gunna cry now? News flash Y/N. Nobody wants you here. Nobody asked you here. You come out of the slums and make yourself comfortable in our home! Or should I say the Princes bed?”

“Don’t you dare-“

“It didn’t take you long did it? To get in his pants. To get to his money. What’s next? You gunna move up a level and try the King?” Luche was goading you and it was working.

You clenched your fists as the anger and frustration built up inside of you. While you and Luche were at each others throats, Crowe had noticed the argument was getting out of control. She stood with Libertus by one of the pillars.

“Libertus go and get Noctis. Now"

“What? Why?” Libertus was one of the people that was less clued in about what had been happening with you.

“Because he’s going to be the only one that can calm Y/N down”

“Can’t we just step in?” Crowe huffed and smacked his shoulder.

“It’s too late. Just go!” With that Libertus ran.

You were taking none of Luche’s shit. You were so wrapped up in the argument that you had forgotten how things get when you become angry. Only Luche wasn’t just making you angry, he was making you furious.

“Your just a thief who’s belongs in the gutter with your dead friend. What was his name? Oh yeah! Tobi. God the look on your face when that bullet went through his skull”

“Luche! Quit it!” Nyx shouted from the other end of the training ground.

You found yourself laughing at Luche. Almost hysterically but something was creepy about it.

You stepped closer to him so your face was in his “You think you’re better than me Luche?”

A wry smile appeared on your lips “Nah” You clicked your tongue and looked him up and down “Your weak. Your nothing but a stain that needs to be…removed…”

Your eyes met his “You think because you’re a Glaive that makes you more powerful? I’ll show you what real power is Luche…come at me…” Your irises began to change colour. The blood red horror that you had trying your best to avoid breaking through appeared all too quickly. You lowered your voice into a wicked whisper “I dare you

With that Luche pulled his arm back and threw a punch straight into your face. You staggered ever so slightly and looked to the ground to see blood dropping and melting into the sand.

Your nose was pouring but strangely you felt no pain. It only angered you further. Luche’s laughing was sending you into a frenzy.

You stood straight and faced Luche once more. Only this time you didn’t hold back. Lifting your hand you pointed it directly at him, slowly closing it into a fist, the rest of the Glaives watched on as Luche’s hands wrapped around his own neck.

They watched as he squeezed tighter, struggling for his own breath. He slowly collapsed to his knees. His face turning a deadly shade of purple “You see Luche. It’s no news that I can manipulate objects around me. And that’s exactly what you are…an object that can be easily disposed of. I could crush your skull if I wanted too”

Luche gasped trying to use his voice but the words could not escape. Crowe and Nyx both pushed through the crowd of Glaives to get to you but you were very aware of their presence.

Throwing your other hand behind your back, you summoned the ground beneath their feet. Cracks very quickly appeared and the concrete underneath the sand lifted in front of them, blocking their way through. You unclenched your fist, causing Luche to loosen the grasp on his own neck.

Before he even had time to catch his breath you kicked him in the chest with the heel of your shoe. He crashed onto his back. “Isn’t it your job to protect the people of Insomnia! What kind of Glaive are you? You’re weak! Pathetic!” You used both your hands and summoned an invisible force to hold Luche down by his arms. Invisible to everyone but you.

It was the daemon. You had let it in. Let it take some sort of control of you. You knew this because deep down you didn’t want to do this to Luche. You thought about it but never intended it to actually happen. But he made you do this. He pushed you too far and now he had to suffer the consequences.

The daemons eyes met yours and it smiled it’s brilliant white teeth at you. Waiting for your orders.

You were its vessel and it only seemed befitting that it did as you told it. A part of you believed that maybe if it was to be this way, you could bargain with the daemon…

Besides its presence within you was one of the reasons you were so much stronger and you had to use that to your advantage “It’s assholes like you that need to be put in their place Luche.”

But before you could even make your next move a flash of blue light had appeared from the corner of your eye. The cold air whipped your face and before you could even blink, Noctis was stood between you and Luche.

His brows were furrowed and he looked pissed off “Y/N…let him go. Now" You rolled your eyes and dropped your hands to your sides. You would always listen to Noctis. Your mood however had not changed. You still wanted Luche to suffer.

Luche was released from his invisible hold. He pushed himself up off the ground and dusted off his trousers “Thank you your highne-“

“Quiet!” Noctis looked into your ruby red eyes and then to the blood that was running from your nose. He slowly turned his head towards Luche “Did you hit her?” Anger was apparent in his tone.

“S…she provoked me. I swear I didn’t mean to-“

“She provoked you? You expect me to believe that?” Luche’s act had not convinced Noctis. He tilted your chin up to get a better look. His touch made your eye colour soften but only slightly “You okay?” He asked slightly concerned.

“He’s a giant ass” You growled looking over at Luche. Your eyes Burning into him. Luche smirked slightly which relit the fire inside you. He knew what he was doing. You stepped forward but Noctis firmly placed his hand on your shoulder to stop you.

“Your highness you should step back from her, she’s dangerous” Luche’s words caused Noctis to clench his jaw and breath heavily through his nostrils.

“She’s only dangerous when she is provoked! You hit her!”

“She needed to be put in her place! She doesn’t belong here highness. Surely you can understand that. She’s a nobody! Hell! She’s probably some kind of street whore who has-“ Before Luche could even finish his sentence Noctis had decked him.

He was back on the floor where you left him. He would most certainly have a black eye in the morning.

Noctis stood over Luche “You ever touch her again or go within ten feet of her, it won’t be Y/N you need to worry about!“

Luche lifted himself up onto his elbows and spat blood from his mouth to the ground “Forgive me your highness that was in poor taste” He then looked to you “And im sorry Y/N” Although he didn’t mean it, you accepted it. You were still getting great satisfaction over seeing Noctis smack him one.

“Just be thankful that your still breathing” You smirked and winked at him. Turning on your heels you headed back in doors. You were still out of control and that worried Noctis. He made sure to follow behind you.

You were humming to yourself and skipping up the corridor like a child in a toy store. Something was seriously wrong with you and Noctis needed to bring you round.

“Y/N!” Noctis called after you.

You stopped in your tracks and turned to look at him “My Prince! Why do you insist on following me?” You were being flirtatious but there was something sinister about it.

“Because im worried about my girlfriend” He caught up to you but he was wary, unsure of who he was talking to.

“No need to worry yourself, your girlfriend is perfectly fine!” You grinned and flicked his nose. Noctis put his hand into his back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief.

He carefully put his hand to your face and with the other hand he wiped the blood from your nose. His azure eyes met your blood red “Am I talking to my girlfriend?” He asked sincerely. His eyes were hopeful.

“That depends” The lights in the halls began to flicker.

“On what?” He asked confused.

“On which one you seek”

“Which one I seek?” He looked at the lights and then back at you.

“Yes my Prince” He took a deep breath as you smiled at him gracefully.

“I seek the one who’s kind, caring, compassionate, beautiful…” Noctis stopped himself as he watched your ruby eyes begin to soften to the colour he knew best, his hand stroked your cheek and he pulled the handkerchief from your nose where the blood once belonged.

His cheeks began to blush pink and he smiled sweetly. He moved his face closer to yours until his breath tickled your lips and said in a low voice “I seek the one I love

You came round. The lights stopped flickering. You came back to Noctis. Your heart was fluttering, your hands clammy. Your cheeks flustered as you practically squeaked “Y…you love me?”

“There she is” He moved his hand from your cheek and around the back of your neck. He pushed his lips onto yours and kissed you deeply.

He wanted you to know that it wasn’t just words. He wanted to express it, to show you. For you to feel that you were his world. His one and only. The only one that mattered to him at this moment in time. You were his true love.

“Ahem!” Both of you were interrupted in what was an emotional and pure moment by Prompto standing looking awkwardly at the both of you. The blonde scratched the back of his neck “Sorry to interrupt guys but…your pops has caught word of what happened and ummm…he’s kind of flipping out”

Noctis sighed and chuckled slightly “We really need to get that anger of yours under control.”