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Little Mix fly out 4 lucky fans to their final tour date on the Arianna Grande tour and spend a day at Universal Studios!

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back with The Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars. Follow them on their global adventure.

18 November!

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Brighton Bound (Phan) -  Chapter Five

Summary: After aseries of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have an ulterior motive.

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together

Warnings: will be stated at the beginning of the chapter if any

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Amazarashi to end Message Bottle Tour With Aomori Show

A final tour date of the Message Bottle tour has been announced! Amazarashi will be playing in Aomori Citizen Hall as their final performance of the tour. This live is extra special because it is amazarashi’s first live performance in their hometown, Aomori.

As anticipation swells and Swift’s famous friends hint that she’s back in the studio, the album release date seems imminent; and I think I have a pretty solid guess: Oct. 23, 2016. After years of watching Swift operate her masterful image control — this summer’s Calvin Harris and Hiddleswift and Kim Kardashian disasters notwithstanding — I feel like I’m close to cracking the code. Follow along as I lay out this very important five-step theory

Step one: It’s going to be a surprise album.

There’s no way it’s not going to be a surprise album, right? After a summer being mocked for her bizarrely fake-looking relationship with Tom Hiddleston and Harris’s tea-spilling tweets and that time Kim Kardashian made her look like a liar over the whole Kanye West/”Famous” lyrics incident, Swift needs to change the narrative. What better way than to pull a Beyoncé? Instead of Tidal, it will just happen through Swift’s preferred outlet, Apple Music.

It’s unlikely Swift would want to go through the traditional press cycle of magazine covers and talk shows leading up to a big album release, especially when it will be impossible to avoid Hiddleston and Harris and Kardashian/West questions. As a bona fide superstar, she doesn’t really need that type of buildup.

Step two: It will be an October release.

Yes, Swift’s label president Scott Borchetta denied on Twitter that it’s happening in October — and then deleted his tweet. Would he actually tell the truth if he did know? It’s hard to imagine that Swift, who thinks so carefully about structure and significant dates, could really detour. Four out of her five studio albums have landed in October; the only exception was her second, “Fearless,” which nearly made it with a Nov. 11 drop date.

Plus, the 2017 Grammy eligibility period ended on Sept. 30, which means that Swift won’t have to go up against Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” or Adele’s “25.” And fall albums mean big sales over the holidays.

Step three: It will happen on a Sunday night.

There’s no better time to dominate the entertainment news cycle than on Sunday night when people are facing the reality of another week and want a distraction. (See: All the important award shows on Sunday night.) Internet traffic typically spikes on Monday when people are back at work, and a story like this would certainly get all of the attention.

In the past, she’s released albums on Monday or Tuesday, closer in accordance with when albums were traditionally released, before it shifted to Friday around 2015. But Fridays aren’t the best day to make a splash on the Internet, as everyone’s headed out for the weekend. And even though Nielsen SoundScan now measures album sales from Friday through Thursday, Swift’s album will be so popular that she won’t have to worry about sales numbers — she’ll be No. 1 regardless.

Step four: It will have something to do with her 10-year music career anniversary.

If you listen to her lyrics or follow her on social media, Swift is all about remembering specific dates, times, places and anniversaries. Her first album, “Taylor Swift,” was released on Oct. 24, 2006. That’s probably too big of a milestone to ignore.

Swift hasn’t performed a concert since her final “1989” tour date in Australia last December. Her only concert date in 2016 will be at the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix in Texas on Saturday, Oct. 22. That does not feel like a coincidence.

—  Washington Press - October 4, 2016
he gets a tattoo: Calum

A/N: this was requested but I am such a snake I didn’t even read the request fully but I have now so please enjoy! sorry for snaking!! 

Finally, home at last, you thought, rummaging through your bag to get your keys and sighing as you fit them in the lock. You swung the door open as you walked inside, then shut it behind you gently. Your boyfriend Calum texted you a few hours earlier saying he was done for the day. Figured he might be sleeping you made sure to be a quiet as possible. 

The boys have worked so hard for the past couple of month; finalizing tour dates, going from place to place to do promo work, and preparing for their new album release. It was a very exciting time no doubt, but you saw how hard they’ve all worked and how hard it was for them to even get a proper rest. You made sure that you were there for Calum especially since you knew he got stressed at these times. So every day you would text him, maybe to just say hi, to ask how he’s doing, give him an update of what you were doing, or telling him a funny joke you heard. You didn’t want to be overbearing, but you knew that if he was getting annoyed he would tell you. 

You slipped off your shoes and into your giant fluffy slippers; big and luscious and the perfect birthday present from your favourite man. Placing your bag on the floor, you slowly searched the living room (in case he fell asleep on the couch). Finding an empty couch you decided he must have been in the bedroom. Hmmm, maybe he had enough energy to actually haul his ass to the bed for a proper sleep you thought with a smile. Reaching your bedroom door you found it slightly ajar, so you pushed lightly and found Calum on the bed. He wasn’t sleeping, but he had his guitar on his lap and papers spread out in front of him. You stood in the doorway as you watched him jot down ideas furiously, tongue poking out and his hair a dishevelled mess. You giggled softly at your adorable boyfriend, but he heard and turned his head to see you. 

“Oh, hey Y/N, I didn’t even hear you come in” he said, putting his papers and guitar to the side. “I thought you may be sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you,” you replied, walking over and climbing up beside him. Calum reached over to put his arm around you and brought you into his chest making you giggle, and he gave you a kiss on the top of your head. “You’re so sweet baby” he murmured into your hair, “I love you so much.” He sighed as he rubbed your back as you wrapped your arms and legs around him like a koala. “Hey Cal,” you said tentatively, “Are you alright?” His hands stopped rubbing, “Um, yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” he replied. “Well,” you continued, “You’re awfully cuddly right now, and usually you’re like this after you’ve done something questionable…..” 

“I….um,….You see–” he started to say, but he coughed and let his statement linger.

“Uh oh,” you laughed, “What did you do this time? Who’s mother do I have to call?” 

“Hey it wasn’t like that!” he protested with a pout, “The guys weren’t involved this time.”

“Okay, so what did you do then?” You shifted so you were sitting cross-legged in front of him, looking him right in the eyes, but Calum was doing everything to avoid your gaze. 

“C’mon babe, I’m just happy to see you” he mumbled, kissing at your neck and reaching for your hips, “let’s not ruin this moment.”

You grabbed his hands and held them in front of you, “Calum I’m not going to be mad, you know I’m not like that. Why are you avoiding this, do I have to be worried? Did something break? You know we can fix it it’s not a big deal I–” 

“I got a tattoo and it might be your name and I don’t want you to feel pressured or like you have to stay with me but I just really love you and yo’ve made a huge impact on my life and you’re just really special to me…..” Calum’s mini speech died at the end as he struggled to take a breath. His eyes searched yours pleadingly. Your hand was covering your mouth and you could feel your eyes well up with tears. Seeing you like this made Calum’s heart break and you could see the guilt wash over him. “Y/N, sweetheart, please don’t be upset with me” he asked,  voice wavering. “I just really care about you and I want you with me forever….” He let his head drop and you could see his body slump. Reaching over you lifted his chin with your hand and kissed him on the lips, slowly and softly. This kiss was salty from the tears that had spilled over but you didn’t care. 

You pulled away but held onto his face, “Calum I’m not upset,” you croaked, “I’m just so touched that you would do something like that.” Calum’s eyes brightened, and he held your hands in his. “So you’re not mad?” he asked.

“Mad? How can I be mad when the  man I love just tattooed my name on his body?” you laughed, still teary eyed. “I mean that is forever dude, I hope you knew what you were doing!” 

Calum laughed with you, wiping the tears off your face with his thumb. “Of course I knew what I was doing baby, I knew since the moment we broke that bouncy castle together–” you both stopped and laughed at the memory of your first date, “–I knew that you would be so special to me. And you are” he whispered. “You’re my best friend Y/N, and I don’t know where I’d be without you.”

“Probably still stuck in that bouncy castle if we’re being honest here” you laughed, before kissing him. But the two of you were giggling (and crying) messes, so your kiss was messy, but full of love and adoration. Calum softly tackled you, making the both of you fall so you were lying beside each other on the bed. Your laughter had died down, but the smiles on your faces were so big you knew your cheeks would hurt tomorrow. 

“So…?” you asked. Calum raised his eyebrows and gave you a confused look. “So….what?” he replied. “So where is it! Duh!” you chuckled, playfully smacking him on the chest. “Oh! Right!” Calum lifted his arm and rolled up his tshirt sleeve, exposing a small patch of fresh ink on his inner bicep. “Y/N, my love, my light” you whispered, reading the beautiful script. Gazing up at him with a smile, you pecked him on the cheek. “It’s beautiful Calum, I love it.”

“And I love you,” he smiled, before kissing you and bringing you into him and mindlessly playing with your hair until you both fell asleep. 

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Gorgeous @weareshura is supporting on all UK dates bar Glasgow where I’ll be joined by Scottish fairy @KLOEmusic ⭐️


Final “Neon Nature Tour” dates.


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[TL;DR] Can we all (ARMYs) just take a chill pill and wait for BIGHIT to make an official announcement for more WINGS TOUR dates when they are ready? Please understand that there are processes and procedures to follow through not only internally but also externally (which in this case involves countries outside of Korea).

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1D cancel gig as Liam falls ill
The Sun

THERE were growing fears for 1D’s LIAM PAYNE last night after he pulled out of the second event in a week.

Thousands of fans were left distraught as the band cancelled their gig at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena after the singer suddenly fell ill.

Medical problems are also believed to have seen him pull out of attending the Attitude Awards in London last week, despite being named the world’s sexiest man.

Fans were told of the last-minute cancellation at 9pm, 30-minutes after 1D were due on stage.

A band insider told me that Liam has not been taken to hospital, despite reports to the contrary.

A 1D spokesman said: “Liam has been taken suddenly ill, and the concert will sadly not be taking place.

“The band apologise to their fans and wish Liam well as soon as possible.”

A further statement added: “Unfortunately One Direction have had to cancel tonight’s concert in Belfast. Liam has been taken suddenly ill, and the concert will sadly not be taking place.

“Fans have been asked to hold on to their tickets and there will be a further statement tomorrow. The band apologise to their fans and wish Liam well as soon as possible.”

The audience in Belfast gasped and screamed as a compere came on stage and told them: “Unfortunately the show tonight has been cancelled as Liam has been taken ill, and while it is not serious he is unable to perform tonight.”

Shocked fans immediately shared their concern, with #GetWellSoonLiam trending on Twitter with 100,000 tweets in just 40 minutes.

But one person unimpressed was This Morning host EAMONN HOLMES, who said: “I don’t care who was sick in #OneDirection Direction. Rest of them should have had the decency & maturity to appear on stage and explain.”

BBC Radio Ulster presenter Stephen Nolan claimed: “I was scheduled to interview NIALL HORAN at 530pm in Belfast and I was told he had to pull out because he was sick… Now Liam too.”

But I’ve been assured Niall is fine.

Among the upset fans was @Gilinskyey, who wrote: “The only thing that matters right now is you to be okay! Dont worry about anything more. We love you.”

@bst1Dupdates added: “I’m so worried, but I know everything will be fine. You’re strong and God will take care of you.”

And @HSUpdating begged: “If the show has got cancelled please keep in mind Liam’s health. Please don’t cause a big fuss, All the love Belfast.”

1D only have seven more shows until their final tour date before their hiatus, which I revealed in August. It takes place in Sheffield on Halloween.

Ticket open guide for B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR FINALE [TRUE AWAKE!!]

  • Fanclub Certificating Date: 2016 Jun 17(Fri) 14:00 ~ Jun 20(Mon) 24:00
  • Fanclub Pre-Purchase Ticket: 2016 Jun 20(Mon) 20:00~24:00 (2 tickets per person per show)
  • General Ticket: 2016 Jun 22(Wed) 20:00 (4 tickets per person per show)

(If you purchased 2 tickets during Pre-Ticket sales, you can purchase only 2 more tickets per show during general ticket sales)

[Concert Information]

  • Date: 2016 Aug 6(Sat) 5:00PM / 7(Sun) 3:00PM
  • Venue: SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, Olympic Park
  • Ticket Price (in KRW): Standing 99,000 / Seating 99,000 / Family Zone 3 person 207,000, 4person 277,200
  • Ticket Sales: INTERPARK (Exclusive Site)
  • Organizer: TS Entertainment, CJ E&M

[Fanclub Pre-Purchase Ticket Notice]

l  How to get Fanclub certification

1) Fanclub Certification will be available on Jun 17(Fri) 14:00 ~ Jun 20(Mon) 24:00

2) Only the members of B.A.P Official Fanclub BABY 3rd Term are allowed to reserve tickets in advance.

3) Fanclub Certification page cannot be found in INTERPARK homepage and only can be accessed by the secret URL. The secret URL will be noticed on Jun 17(Fri) 12:00 in Fan Cafe.

4) To purchase the ticket, you must sign in INTERPARK first. (INTERPARK’s member information can be different from the Fanclub’s. However, it is impossible to verify multiple times with other IDs other than the verified ID. Information entered for INTERPARK will be printed on the ticket.)

5) Certification can be made by only one ID (INTERPARK). (Fanclub membership No.(8 digit), Birth Date(YYMMDD) has to be same with those of Fanclub ID)

6) General ticket opens at Jun 22(Wed) 20:00. Each person is allowed to buy 4 tickets per show. Plus, people who have already reserved Fanclub pre-purchase tickets can still buy additional tickets during the general ticket sale, so please read thoroughly below for more information.

7) If the payment is not made within the set period, the tickets will be automatically cancelled.

* Fanclub pre-purchase tickets: Fanclub pre-tickets ‘2 tickets per show’ + general tickets ‘2 tickets per show’

= Max 4 tickets per show (meaning 1 person can buy up to 8 tickets in total)

* General ticket: 4 tickets per show (meaning 1 person can buy up to 8 tickets in total) - You can purchase the tickets only in INTERPARK.

8) Please check your Certification status in the link page before reserving tickets.

*TS Entertainment and CJ E&M have no responsibility for any trouble caused by missing the certification date.