final touch cakes

Birthday || Klaine

The whole week Kurt had been buzzing on how he was going to be making his husband beyond happy. This was important to him, it didn’t matter that they were going to be a little bit bigger around their friends this year. He still needed to make his birthday a little bit something more meaningful when it came to a party. He’d invited all of his friends, at least their close friends, so they could have a bit of a birthday party for him. There wasn’t going to be any alcohol because they weren’t going to be babysitting while all of this was happening. In a way he was also sure that his husband had figured out what he was going to be doing with how much he loved to just, slip things out to them. 

As he put the cake out on the table he text him again. He had sent him out shopping, but everyone was there,  and he was putting the final touches of the cakes. There was sparklers, and even a little bit of a topper before he walked back into the living room and sat down while others waited in the other room. He called him seeing as he was sure that he would be home any minute. When he answered he grinned. “Baby, I was wondering if you’re on your way home? I’m kind of getting hungry if you’re on your way that’d be great.”