final photo project

😅 i think we broke the filters?? but–

here’s a quick pic of me and my bud before class! s/o to chun-yan for being the coolest science partner ever!!! ☺💕


Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.

At last. Dan Auerbach confirms a new solo record coming this spring. According to Rolling Stone he calls it “a whole history of everything I love about music.” He wrote and recorded about 60 songs last summer with John Prine, Dave Roe, Duane Eddy, Mark Knopfler and others.

Yet to see a full tracklist but the three titles reported include: “Shine On Me,” “Waiting On A Song” and “Malibu Man.” And he’ll be going on tour. More details as they emerge.

p.s. Dan also confirmed The Keys are still just “on a break.” “It’s hard to turn away money, but you have to recharge.” More here


Hey look, more embroidered Nature Witches! I finished these two pals in the middle of October, but just took some fancy-camera photos of them today (I seem to consistently have a 6-8 week delay in posting final photos of new projects…I should probably work on that, eh?).

The top lady is a Pangolin Witch (yes, they are one of my favourite creatures of all time, how can you tell?!) and the bottom is a Deep Sea Witch with her Greenland Shark & Anglerfish familiars.

Both of them were hand-sewn and embroidered, and the Pangolin Witch’s scene is made from paper, wire, and gouache!

If you want to travel back in time & see some photos from their creation, you can click here for Pangolin Witch snapshots, and here and there for Deep Sea Witch process pictures!


This was my final photo project from last semester. It was about being a Native Hawaiian student in higher education and what that has been like for me. Since being on the mainland I’ve felt the constant need to express and promote my cultural pride but I have often been too afraid to do so in many instances because I do not fit “token Hawaiian” mold. I can’t speak my language, I am not naturally gifted at hula and I look and act haole. This got me thinking about how I am able to connect with my culture and heritage. I found that through photography and technology/social media I have been able to make that connection as well as share it with others. I am such a ~millennial~