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som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


w h i p p e d ♡

Kimimaro sat beside her with his mussed-up hair and his shirt falling off his shoulder. With a surge of fondness, Sakura scooted closer to him and pulled his shirt back up. “I can’t believe two girls could fluster you this badly. You’re supposed to be a badass. Last of your clan, killer Kaguya, you know…”
- From Chapter 27 of Marrow

Commission by the fantastic @jbadgr!! Whose art I am so profoundly in love with oh my god just look at it just looookkkk


Make Me Choose

tidus or zack [requested by summ0ner-yuna​]

“would you say I became a hero?”


9 years-old Miles Edgeworth


You mind if I continue invading Germany?


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!

Favorite Record (road trip au) - Chapter 17

Summary: They have an old beat up Thunderbird convertible, twelve thousand dollars between them, and no destination in mind. This could very much be the worst decision both of them have ever made.

Words: 4.5k

So I know it’s been way over a month, but I’ve been super busy with university and I’m finding it hard to keep up with my school work, so obviously that’s my main priority right now. I’m trying really hard to update but I just want to ask you to be patient with me and don’t expect me to be churning out chapter after chapter like I did in the summer. It would really help me if y'all were patient and didn’t comment asking me to update. I know, I know, I sound so ungrateful right now. I don’t mean to. I appreciate every single one of your comments/reviews. I just need a little time in between updates to do my school work is all. Thank you so much for continuing to be awesome readers! And enough with the complaining, y'all are probably peeing with excitement right now. Peace.



So many of us had died to get here. I want you to know that if there was another way out, I would’ve taken it.
—  John Connor, signing off Kyle Reese’s death warrant

“When you are a part of a story as an actor, you react to the other person according to the demand of the character. She has a beauty and that is mesmerising. She has an individuality and you admire that. She is a talented actress and I had a great time working with her. I admire how she was doing two jobs together. It was beautiful to see that. It was a wonderful experience to see a mother giving shots, being into her character and then taking care of the baby.Irrfan Khan