final luca :(

  • me: farkle is so irrelevant these days. why is he even on the show?
  • corey fogelmanis: (talking about riarkle) not every relationship between a boy and a girl has to be romantic.

Wish I bought tickets for Coachella this year. The lineup looks sick.

The only thing that really annoys me is that Lucas and Riley just had this heartfelt conversation on the stairs about being glad they were each other’s first relationships and parted ways for the potentially last time and people ACTUALLY have the audacity to make posts saying that Lucas was looking longingly at Maya instead of his long-term girlfriend who he was potentially never going to see again… Like this is a new low for the l*caya fandom it’s like y'all can’t accept that the show isn’t about Maya. This is the kind of missing the point thing that MJ was talking about…

overturn ◦ 1

“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.” 


The day I laid eyes on Lucas Friar, I completely flipped. I was seven and sitting cross-legged, looking out into the city on my fire escape when this truck pulled up. I knew it was probably our new neighbours, finally moving in. And as I see a boy who looked my age come out of the truck beside a beautiful lady I excitedly ran back inside our apartment. Finally, someone who wasn’t someone’s grandmother gets to live near me; someone I can actually befriend.

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I’m Alexandra Rathmann… (I normally don’t share that online but you’ll need my last name to use the link.) As some of you know, I’ve been granted a contract to march with Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for the second summer in a row. I have wanted to be in Drum Corps International ever since my sophomore year of high school when I first heard of it and I had so much fun last summer when I did it!!! Being part of this corps would be a huge deal to me because I’ve made many life-long friends through it and overall it has increased my motivation and confidence. By being on tour, I get to see different parts of the country that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. It is such a unique experience that not many other activities provide. However, being in a world class drum corps is very very expensive and I need several different ways to come up with the money for it in time. If anybody would be willing to make a donation of any size to me through this link, I would be forever grateful!! And even if all you can do is share it so word gets spread about this, I would feel equally thankful!!!! Consequently, you may get to see me inLucas Oil Stadium this coming August… :) #surfsup #drumcorpsinternational #eastcoastbeastcoast

Mike: I guess there’s no other way, I’m gonna have to jump.

Dustin: you really don’t-

Mike: I don’t think I’ll survive the fall.

Lucas: you seriously don’t have to-

Mike: But I’ll do it, for friendship.

Dustin: no one is asking you to jump-

Mike: *jumps*

Eleven: god dammit, every time!

6:10 p.m. riley. are you awake?
6:13 p.m. farkle. yes.
6:14 p.m. riley. what are you doing right now?
6:15 p.m. farkle. nothing, really.
6:15 p.m. farkle. (unsent) i’m staring at the glow in the dark stars glued to my ceiling and thinking of you, of dark skies and expanding horizons and stardust rushing through your veins, of how there is stardust scattered in a straight line down your chest and how you hold constellations, planets, stars between your fingertips, how you tilt your head back by fifty seven degrees exactly when you laugh and how the entire time i’m holding my breath.
7: 02 p.m. riley. i’m too much sometimes aren’t i?
7: 02 p.m. riley. i always say the wrong thing at the wrong time and everything ends up in a mess, doesn’t it?
7: 02 p.m. riley. farkle.
7: 02 p.m. riley. am i a walking disaster???
7:10 p.m. farkle. (unsent) you don’t know it, do you? that the world doesn’t deserve you, the girl who burns and conflagrates and ignites and rages against the breaking of the dawn. you don’t that you are the sky just before it begins to rain, the first lick of chocolate ice cream on the first day of summer, you are the first rush of dying stars bleeding yellow and white and brilliant, brilliant light, that you deserve more than a boy who shatters your heart by not choosing, you–
7:20 p.m. farkle. never. :) you’re always going to be you, and that’s good enough, i think.
8:34 p.m. riley. i think i’m going to bed now.
8:34 p.m.riley. good night.
8:34 p.m. riley.  i love you.
8:37 p.m. farkle. i love you.
8:37 p.m. farkle. too.
8:37 p.m. farkle. (unsent) you don’t know how much.

––––––four thousand five hundred and seventeen miles from earth. 

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