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Stay by my side~ (Vitya’s Moving Castle!)


❝ Trying to catch your heart, is like trying to catch a star.❞

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Yuuri: Lets run! Don’t fight them, Vitya!

Viktor: Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away, Yuuri. Now I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you.

(Vitya’s Moving Castle

Ah, may day - or as I like to call it, The Howl’s Moving Castle -Day.


Viktor’s Moving Castle~

(Yuri on Ice AU for my babes @starphases @weebhyun @riiza <3)


Dalmeny Estate by Phil Crooks

Barnbougle Castle in the mist here was owned by the Mowbray, or Moubray, family, a Norman family who were also lords of Dalmeny and Inverkeithing. The first building was a thirteenth century tower house, constructed by Philip Mowbray.

According to tradition, Sir Roger Mowbray went as a crusader to the Holy Land, and was killed in battle. His faithful hound, still at home in Barnbougle, at that moment began to howl uncontrollably. Finally it died through grief for its master. It is said that its howls can still be heard at Hound Point, half a mile west of the castle, when the night is dark and windy. In another version of the tradition, it is said that when the death of any of the lords is about to take place, a black man with a dog appears on the point, and sounds on a bugle the baron’s death-note. 

The tale is immortalized in the following ballad: 

“And ever when Barnbougle’s lords 

Are parting this scene below 

Come hound and ghost to this haunted coast 

With death notes winding slow”

Smart Cookies - Part 4 (Jughead x Reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Hope you enjoy the final part, thanks for the lovely feedback!

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Characters: Jughead x Reader

Warnings: Smut (Possibly badly written smut) - if you prefer Jughead to be asexual, check out my oneshot where he comes out as demiromantic here.

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Jughead leant in, his forehead touched y/n’s. Their fingers were intertwined. Y/n could not help but smile at her boyfriend. His eyes were shut, so she surprised him with a kiss. He instantly kissed back, his lips pressed into hers with urgency. Y/n had never felt this intensity before, she had to take a breath.

‘You okay?’ Jughead asked, worried he’d done something wrong. She nodded. She placed her hands on his chest.

‘I just didn’t know you could kiss like that. Where you been keeping those skills hidden?’ He smirked at her. He was definitely gloating a little.

‘Must be something you bring out in me.’ He raised his eyebrows at her. Y/n slowly dragged her hands down his torso, lifting them just as she reached his jeans and stepped back. Jughead stared at his girlfriend open mouthed.

‘I need to head to the bathroom, how about I meet you in the bedroom?’ Y/n had a mischievous glint in her eye. Jughead nodded, a giddy smile appearing across his face.

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