final grammy

today in hilarious shit my wife has done:

@taibhsearachd apparently forgot to tell her family we got married.  To be fair, she wasn’t in regular contact with them at the time, and it was just a courthouse ceremony not like a big wedding.



they’re finally finding out bc grammy needed to know my last name (which I changed when we got married) to help us with house hunting in topeka.

which meant she then had to text her dad and step-mom out of the blue while they’re on vacation in hawaii to tell them so they wouldn’t hear from her grandma first.

i am losing my shit this is the fuckin funniest thing she has ever done and i’m dying

Okay but can we finally call the Grammys “the Taylors” yet? Oh and already give Reputation the AOTY award? Oh oh and best tour at the iHeartRadio Awards? And another Taylor Swift Award because why not? And wHY DONT YOU JUST NOMINATE TAYLOR SWIFT FOR EVERYTHING THAT WOULD BE BETTER AND LESS COMPLICATED FOR EVERYONE WOULDN’T YOU

Grammy (mature)

Titel: Grammy

Rating: mature

Summary: You pick him up after the Grammys. Really just more fluff than anything. Sorry.

Im so sorry for being absent so long and Im afraid it wont get better anytime soon. But I found a way to squeeze some writing time into the day, so hopefully.. year ^^

Finally, here is my Grammy story, I will post the birthday one on christmas :P
Are there any other Grammy stories out there? I havent found any :(

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She finally did a reaction video to Red!