final forms


A4 | 64pg | Full color | Perfect Bound

Finally after all these years, my 2nd art book is ready!! I’m so excited about this and it’s amazing to see it finally in physical form. To celebrate I made several book only exclusives that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Anime Expo Pickup

- LOST MEMORIES edition -
+post card (first 200 will be black foil)

- FOUND MEMORIES edition -
+post card (first 200 will be black foil)
+enamel pin
+double sided charm

For Anime Expo, I have 50 copies available for pickup. Only use that listing if you are going to pick it up at AX.



Our researchers at the Institute,as previously discussed, often take their role too seriously.

Jacob was no different.

Whilst working late on our newest sports wear line, he had a breakthrough! He had finally cracked it - slow form muscular transformation, with no side effects. It was the end of the day, everyone had gone home and the lab assistants had not left enough supplies for him to turn his new creation into our famed Jock Juice. He looked around and saw a cap, that was a prototype ready to be induced with transformation tech. He added his new discovery to the existing tech within the cap…he looked around, knowing this could be another “lab accident” but hell, he wanted to try it. Jacob was always being told he was cute, and lean but he wanted to big. Most men do…

He picked up cap, slowly placed it on his head and felt a slightly tingling sensation.

Nothing else happened. Though, he caught his reflection and though “damn, i look cute in this cap” so decided to keep it.

The next morning he woke and noticed his boxers were slightly tighter. He felt his legs and they were slightly bigger. He moved his hands up his abs and chest, and they were tighter and stronger. He looked in the mirror and though “fuck, we’ve done it.”

Without thinking, Jacob flipped on the cab and took a selfie. Then hit the gym.

He ignored his phone, while working out. The institute was calling to find out why a prototype was missing and why he had bothered to show for work. Jacob was too busy lifting iron, and care. The cap had taken over. It did indeed have a slow effect, at first but Jacob had an overwhelming urge to grow. With each rep, his muscled ballooned. Cute and handsome have away to huge and hot. His body expanded with every set and his mind became duller and duller until he was just grunting and lifting.

The gym manager called me. He had found Jacob’s discarded work pass in the gym and suggested I come and collect him - he wanted to close his gym but Jacob would not stop lifting.

I arrived with a team to see what was left of the old Jacob, on his knees panting and sweating. He had become the perfect muscled specimen. Jacob was frantically looking around. His now simple mind was looking for the one thing to solidify his transformation….

“Good boy”

Jacob rose like a solider and stood to attention.

“Go with these men, I will look after you now”

My team moved forward and Jacob obeyed. The hunk of meat left with them. I scooped the Cap from Jacob’s head as I turned to the gym manager, who looked bewildered.

“I suggest you don’t lock up for now”

And placed the cap on his head…


Wade loves Peter’s eyes. They are so brown, so large and oh so “Bambi” that he couldn’t resist being drawn to them. And Peter shamelessly employs his piercing power of the Bambi eyes to get Wade to do as he wants. Stop killing baddies, brushing his teeth. Wade is even commanded to behave when in the same room with Peter’s metaphorical family of murderous Avengers just because Peter flashes his eyes at him. Fuck, that is so cute.Wade hopes his body’d finally form an immune against them. Nope.

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We’re not gonna have some serious news for Build for a lil bit longer. So here’s some dumb news! A Japanese Tweet points out the fabled number theory that I find amusement in. Let’s rip off that yearly bandage off and just go through em. 

  1. Not listed here is Decade, who is usually considered the number 1 since he uses a single card, or something. I’m only saying this for the sake of this numbered list. 
  2. Double: Transforms using 2 Gaia Memories.
  3. OOO: Transforms using 3 Medals.
  4. Fourze: Uses 4 Astro Switches in belt.
  5. Wizard: Ring motif involves a hand belt which has 5 fingers. Some would cite the 5 elements, his final form counting as the non-specific 5th. 
  6. Gaim: Transforms using Lockseeds. The word “Lock” (ロク / Roku) resembles the number 6 (六 / Roku), and the Lockseed resembles the number 6 when unlocked.
  7. Drive: The logo features a few 7 shapes in the form of two “Ra” (ラ) and the “Bu” at the end (ブ). Some say the Shift Cars used to transform resemble a 7 when the back part is turned.
  8. Ghost: Makes use of an infinity symbol for his final form, which resembles a sideways 8. They also suggest that Ghost’s eyes look similar to a bee’s eyes. The Japanese word for “Bee” (蜂 / Hachi) also resembles the number 8 (八 / Hachi).
  9. Ex-Aid: As was officially said, Ex-Aid’s name comes from him being the most extreme of aid, or “Ultimate emergency” (究極救急 / Kyūkyoku kyūkyū), which resembles the number 9 (九 / Kyū).
  10. With that all being said, we have the number 10 (十 / Jū). The Tweet suggests Build is themed around heavy machinary (重機 / Jūki) and the collectibles look like bottles of juice (ジュース / Jūsu). 

That last one is very likely a joke. It’s all a joke. Y’all wanted Build content so this is what you get until the leaks. 

ok listen… you r literally the only person i’m telling this. just.. don’t tell anybody bud, but

i couldn’t sleep, so I decided to just start flicking through some internet TV things, like Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.

and I found


this ANIME~~~~

called “SHE AND HER CAT”.

and it’s just it’s about

this girl and her cat.

but… it’s from the perspective of the cat. who LOVES HER.


and… the whole show is just about how happy he is to be her cat and how he thinks she’s amazing and the best ever




and i SWEAR ON MY LIFE, I am a grown 30-year-old man with a successful business

reduced to literal tears

because it made me miss having a cat SO MUCH that I just cannot deal without ranting on Tumblr!!!

I mean come on… 

She always comes home exhausted.

She brings the smell of a faraway town I don’t know.

I live in my own time, and she lives in her own time.

So these moments when my time and hers intersect

are more precious to me than anything




He’s trapped, and he’s alone


Amalgamated constructs, or corpse dragons, are a class of demonic units valued for their physical malleability and human level intelligence. They are utilized in standard military operations by most countries, typically supporting human squadrons.

Like most constructs, they consist of colonies of microscopic demons, but their binding core is the cadaver of a drowned magician. Although their deployment in warfare is controversial and has been condemned by the United Nations since 1956, the practice is still technically legal.

Asks #2 (In the Form of Things I Love)

Tattoos: What is art to you? Does it have an important place in your life?

Soil: Something that you have grown from, or that has helped you grow.

Dusk: Name something that captivates you.

Ravens: What is something you are inexplicably drawn to?

Natural curls: List some things that you like/love about yourself.

Zack: Describe someone you love. (Can be s/o, friend, family member, fictional character)

Pomegranates: Talk about something that is meaningful or has personal significance to you.

The Smiths: Share some artists, songs or albums that you adore.

Jars: Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect and why?

Mountains: Do you have any sanctuaries, or places you feel at peace in?

Hugs: Is there anything/anyone that helps keep you going on the really rough days?

Caves: Something that terrifies yet also fascinates you?

Mythology: Is there anything you have a vast knowledge of or enjoy studying?

Ruins: Are there any places in the world that you would love to see or visit?

Road Trips: What gives you that sense of freedom and adventure?

Megan: Is there anyone in your life that you admire?

Bubble Baths: Where or in what situations do you think most clearly?

Evening Walks: Are there any things you do that put your mind at ease?

Amy: Is there anyone in your life you would consider to be a kindred spirit?

Crossroads: You are at the crossroads and there are four roads. The road going north will take you somewhere or to someone that is home. The one going east will be a long journey that you will learn from, a message will be given to you. The road leading south will be an epic, unpredictable adventure. The west road leads you down a beautiful path to a body of water, where you may bathe and heal from something that you have endured. Which road do you choose and why?

Folk Metal: Tell me about something you get really excited about.

Full Moon: Describe an experience you had that was somehow related to the moon.

Live Music: Have you ever been to a concert? If so, what were some of your favorite ones you’ve been to? If not, who or what would you love to see?