final five here we come

The boys seeing Zayn at the VMAs

Niall: dude where have u been the past five months??? Finally ur here come on we got shows to perform
Liam: z-zayn… ur… alive… isn’t that amazing… ur alive… I love you
Harry: I heard what you said about minions. Thank you. It really means a lot to Niall and I, we’re never accepted by media because people are so racist against us. All the love and have a good day. Maybe we can have a chat sometime.
Louis: I hate u (but also love u) and I never wanna see u again (but also really wanna fuck u rn) and you betrayed me (but I’m over it and im dtf) and I will never forgive u (I’m so fucking in love with u) I’m glad u left the band (please come back I’m in a band with a frog, a cinnamon roll, and a fucking immobile hot dog who has to get surgery every two days)