final fantasyviii

Final Fantasy 30 day challenge

DAY 06 - Favorite Antagonist

Seifer Almasy- FFVIII

Seifer’s been on of my favorite FF characters for, like, forever. He really is a jerk at the beginning of the game, but as the game progresses his whole situation just becomes really sad. Especially when you realize that Squall practically takes away everything that Seifer wanted in life.

Seifer wanted to become a SeeD. He probably wanted to help Rinoa, his unofficial girlfriend, and the Timber Owls once he passed the test at the beginning of the game. Also, let’s not forget his romantic dream of becoming a sorceress knight. All in all, he wanted to become something big, do something big.

Here’s what he got:

Squall becomes a SeeD while Seifer fails his exam AGAIN. Rinoa meets and flirts with Squall at the SeeD dance where Seifer was introducing her to Headmaster Cid. Cid sends Squall the next day to help Rinoa’s cause, Seifer finds out and breaks out of detention to go after them. After this, Seifer backs himself into a corner, and is brainwashed by Ultimecia to do her bidding. (Though, this does save him from execution…) He is then pitted against Squall AND Rinoa, but is beaten almost miserably.

Squall becomes leader of Garden, makes a lot of friends, and gains a lot of respect. Seifer becomes leader of the Galbadian army, has questionable respect, and loses his only two best friends.

Finally, here’s the cherry on top, Squall and Rinoa fall in love. Rinoa is revealed to be a sorceress, and Squall becomes her knight, ultimately achieving what had possibly been Seifer’s romantic dream all along.



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We don’t know how much of a new leaf he’s turned over, but I hope he was able to recover from the huge mess his role in the game caused. “Troubled boy’s” need a happy ending, too.