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Not What You Think (Ordinary Heroes)

"Averia, you love me, right?"

Averia frowned. “You’re my little sister, Diana. Of course, I love you.” She reached out to move the fourteen-year-old out of the way. How could she watch television with Diana standing there and acting all weird. “Can you please move?”

But Diana wouldn’t budge. “If you love me, you’ll help me, won’t you?”

Averia sighed. “What kind of trouble are you in now? Did you eat all of mother’s ice cream again? Because if you did, even I can’t save you.”

"It’s not like that." Diana blushed. "I’m not in trouble."

Averia’s eyes narrowed. “Oh? Tell me the truth. I can’t help you if you lie.”

"Well… some people in class today were talking… and I was wondering…"

"Wondering about what? Please don’t tell me you tried to make explosives? If you’re going to do that, get Aunt Vanille to help you."

"I told you, it’s not like that." Diana clasped her hands together. "What is like… to kiss someone?"

"What?" Averia squawked. "Can you repeat that?"

"It’s just… you’re older than me, and you’re really popular, so I was wondering if you could tell me what it was like and… maybe even teach me?"

Averia made a choking sound. “What?” she finally managed to get out. “What? WHAT?”

Diana leaned forward. “You love me, right? So, you’ll teach me won’t you, big sister?”

"Diana…" Averia gulped and then did what seemed like the smartest and safest thing to do: she threw the television remote control at Diana, leapt over the couch, and ran for it.

Diana giggled, sat down on the couch, and changed the channel.

"You are so evil." Fang had been watching the whole thing from the door of the living room. "I swear you get that from your Aunt Vanille."

Diana cackled. “Hey, you’re the one who always teases mother and Averia about having sister fixations. Besides, I was just messing with her. I wanted to watch television, but you know how Averia is. There was no way she was going to let me watch my show while the news was on.”

Fang shook her head. “She’s going to kill you once she calms down and realises this whole thing was a way to get control of the television.”

Diana winked. “I think I’ve got at least an hour before she stops freaking out and comes after me. My show only goes for half an hour.”

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Author’s Notes: I was looking up where I could buy some Bar Keepers Friend when this idea came to me. I just couldn’t resist. 

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Alternate ending…

"Diana…" Averia gulped and then leaned forward, dragging Diana onto her lap. "If that’s what you want… then I guess… I will…"

Diana squeaked. “What?”

"I’ve never been able to say no to you." Averia tightened her hold on Diana, pulling her closer. "So, just relax and let big sister take care of you…"

Diana twitched and then did the first thing that came to mind. She shoved Averia back and ran out of the room as fast as she could. Back on the couch, Averia chuckled and turned the volume on the television up. 

"You are so evil." Fang had been watching the whole thing from the door of the living room. "I swear you get that from your Aunt Serah."

Averia rolled her eyes. “Hey, you’re the one who always teases mother and me about having sister fixations. Besides, I was just messing with her. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. If she wants to watch her show, she can watch it on her computer.”

Fang shook her head. “You know, I used to think she was the evil one. Now, I know you’re even worse.”

Averia winked. “Diana’s clever, I’ll give her that, but I’m her big sister. I’ve still got a trick or two up my sleeve.”


Look at all the amazing cosplayers at Kami-con!!’ X3 last set of photos for now but I had such an awesome time!!<3 and that Hope cosplayer at the bottom had to be one of my favorites!! I was so surprised to see someone cosplaying him!! My love goes out to you, Mysterious Hope Cosplayer <3 XD


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