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31 Days of Final Fantasy - Day 14: Favorite Cutscene

Every gamer has that one scene that had a tremendous impact on your life. It’s that one scene that will never fail to make you cry no matter how many times you see that scene over and over again. Seeing this scene well over 30 times and being reduced to tears as I did today while screen capping in order to make this post, the Final Fantasy X Ending Cutscene is the one cutscene out of any game that I have ever played in my life that turns me into an utter mess. I remember that I stared at the screen after it ended, numbed by the emotions that overtook my entire being that had accumulated from the magical experience I had with Final Fantasy X that had changed me forever. I remember that I kept crying for a total of 5 hours because it was the first time that a scene – and a game for that matter, had affected me so deeply.

Tidus and Yuna are the Final Fantasy couple that take first place in my heart, and seeing them have to part in such a tragic way rendered me heartbroken and crying into the palms of my hands. Not to mention that I had actually seen this ending before playing the game out of curiosity, and I still could not stop the tears from falling as I could not stop Tidus from disappearing no matter how much I wished I could. Final Fantasy X is not just a game to me, but a personal treasure that saved me during a time that I had no passion or drive for anything in life. It taught me how to love. I grew to love the entire cast as if they were my own family. I felt their happiness and their pain on this life-changing journey, and I felt Yuna’s pain as she watched Tidus leave.

It always gets to me how Tidus only said, “Goodbye” because he did not want to make it harder for anyone, including himself. His last words were that farewell along with an apology to Yuna for not being able to show her Zanarkand. The first part of the scene is set to make you cry, and it won its goal for it made me cry pretty damn hard from when Yuna runs to be in Tidus’ arms, only to fall to the ground because he was already fading. The Ending Theme playing in the background makes this scene even more tragic because it’s such a beautiful and heartbreaking masterpiece and each time that you listen to it, you’re bound to remember this ending.

The scene entirely embodies the relationship of Tidus and Yuna. It was selfless, no words were really needed to express their profound love for each other, and it displayed how both of them had transformed. Yuna found something she loved and had a passion for, and she chased after him because she didn’t want to let him go. She changed from just accepting what life threw at her and the circumstances she was given into someone who possessed the determination to pursue her own dreams and bring about change with her own hands. Tidus grew from a somewhat spoiled and childish boy into a man who placed his loved ones before himself and said his farewells until the very end when there was no time left. And at the very end, he overcomes the difficulties he had with his father and gives him a high-five, reflecting how he matured.

And then the scene after that makes all fans’ hearts break, with Yuna whistling on the docks because Tidus told her, “Just whistle and I’ll come running. I promise.” She then proceeds to tell all of Spira the victory that has been accomplished, but does not forget to ask them to honor the sacrifices that were made to get to where they are now. She does not, and will not forget the man who gave himself up to save all of Spira. While all of Spira may not know of his existence and the sacrifices he made for them, Yuna and her companions know. They know of Tidus, star player of the Zanarkand Abes, who embarked with them on a journey to defeat Sin despite knowing along the way that it would bring about his end. She remembers him while smiling up at the sky because of the strength and happiness that he brought into her life, for that was the best way to honor the great person that he was.

“Just one more thing. The people and the friends that we have lost…or the dreams that have faded…never forget them.”