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Cosplay/photo: estersand (myself!)

It wasn’t raining for once, so yesterday I took a few photos of my Yuna cosplay. Now that I have the guns I finally feel like my costume is complete. I was in a rush putting everything on (thought it was going to start raining again haha) so I forgot to wear my earring and wristband… but it’s okay! I won’t forget to bring them to Momocon.


Hey everyone! This week’s video is a work log for my Tiny Bee guns. It also doubles as a step-by-step look at the process of painting and finishing 3D printed props!

A full list of materials is available in the video description on YouTube! There’s also a link to where you can get this 3D print file if you want to make your own set of Tiny Bees. Please enjoy~! :3

Yuna's Gun progress Pt 1

So my Yuna cosplay is complete, save for a few cursory details, and I’m very pleased with the result. In the game she carries two hand pistols as her main weapons for the appropriately named “Gunner Sphere” version of her costume. I wanted to make these two pistols because it would be the first costume I’ve made which I was able to accessorize with props. I tend to get awkward with my empty hands (like Dale Gribble) when having my photo taken so I look at hand props as a happy crutch.

So a while ago I though I was going to manage to make these guns out of layers of luan wood (very thin particle board). This method required a jig saw (send you back to hell!), and a dremmle and power tools and space. Bugger that! 

I went online and found a detailed image of her Tiny Bee guns, sized it up to the appropriate scale then printed several copies. With these extra copies I cut out the different levels/components; 1. full body, 2. hand grip, 3. the slide, 4. what I assume is supposed to represent the Hammer (the part that looks like ¼ of a wagon wheel). You can continue to break this down to more components than I did.

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My genderbend Wakka cosplay debuted at Anime Expo 2016! Stayed up day and night and finished everything last minute! Wakka is such a cheerful happy character so it was fun just being myself and smiling! :D
Wakka: @Sumerbreezecosplay (IG/FB)/@acidpikachuu (Tumblr)

Photo by the amazing York In A Box
Check him out, ya?! He does great photography!

Anime Expo 2016
Day 2 & 3