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@mintywolf I finally got around to doodling my absolute favourite design from the amazing Guardian! (……hope you don’t mind? :D is surprise fanart even allowed ahaha.. ^^;)

I probably made her younger(-looking) than she actually was at this point of the comic, but seeing as the story currently deals with such themes as harsh reality and loss of innocence, I wanted to portray the opposite here.

I wonder who she’s so happy to see hmmmmm


I was trying to make a video to go with my old “how to win the Blitzball Tournament in FFX” tutorial (which is so old who needs it, but still). 

I scored so many times that Tidus did the little victory dance and got the crowd riled up. And my camera card was full, so I didn’t capture it.

Ah well. Turns out I had an old video to go with that tutorial, which I’d forgotten I’d recorded. It’s better, because it’s succinct and doesn’t have my inane comments, but I’m bummed.


if i had to watch/listen to this atrocity, then so do all of you



Basically our favorite scene and to be able to do this was 99% of the reason we cosplayed Tidus and Yuna

Final Fantasy X
Tidus ◆ Jin (me) | behindinfinity | FB
Yuna ◆ Julia | FB
photography ◆ Reskiy

↳ More photos from our FFX cosplay shoot: []


final fantasy x + ruins

merry christmas @automobizz, from your kh&ff secret santa!! ♥

Final Fantasy hero zodiac

Aries- Firion Final Fantasy II [ daring, courageous, driven ]

Taurus- Light Warrior Final Fantasy I [ trustworthy, loyal, dedicated]

Gemini- Onion Knight Final Fantasy III [ tactful, contagious, intellectual]

Cancer- Tidus Final Fantasy X [ spontaneous, emotional, protective ]

Leo- Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII [ headstrong, ambitious, brave]

Virgo- Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII [ analytical, secretive, intelligent ]

Libra- Zidane Tribal/ Terra Branford Final Fantasy IX/ Final Fantasy VI [ sympathetic, Indecisive, thoughtful]

Scorpio- Lightning/ Claire Farron Final Fantasy XIII [ ruthless, emotionally hardened, fearless]

Sagittarius - Bartz Klauser Final Fantasy V [ energetic, jovial, reliable]

Capricorn- Noctis Lucis Caelum Final Fantasy XV [ cautious, practical, magnetic.]

Aquarius- Vaan Final Fantasy XII/ Zack Fair Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core [ humane,  stubborn, sincere ]

Pisces- Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy IV [ peace-loving, hospitable, compassionate,]


Yuna + Dissidia 012 Alts.