final fantasy vi: balance and ruin

OOC CONTACT: magitekelite.

CHARACTER NAME: terra branford.

CHARACTER SERIES: final fantasy vi.

CANON POINT IN TIME: post-world of ruin / balance is restored.

CHARACTER PERSONALITY: once freed of the slave crown that numbed her mind and stunted her emotions, the half-esper, half-human terra is initially insecure and self-doubting, frightened of the power that she possesses that no ordinary human should and distraught of the alleged atrocities that she has committed as well as her ability, or incapability, to feel as other humans do. though ambivalent and naïve in midst of the war between the empire and the returners, she yearns for answers and to uncover who and what she is, and events that transpire and implore her to confront and accept the answers she finds ultimately grant the girl born of magic the strength to become more assertive in her decisions, her opinions, and her value, revealing a kind heart, a compassion to help those in need, and a maternal devotion that blossoms into an all-encompassing and self-sacrificing love that encourages her to bring about a brighter future for all and allows her to live on in the world as a human…

HOW DID THEY FIND THE TIME GATE?: magic is lost from her world begun anew or so the girl had thought.  much like a familiar girlhood scent, a waft of nostalgia fills her until she is suddenly engulfed with what had once made her half-esper, half-whole.  recollection breathes life into reality as embers spark to flames dancing in her fingertips.  the widened eyes of her children naively spring to awe and delight; the two teenagers, forced to become adults after that fated day, are more tentative, more concerned yet none carry the weight of this blessing and omen than the girl-turned-warrior-and-mother-both. magic has returned to the ruinous world brought to balance, if only faintly, yet even a feeling, a memory, is enough… and while to be reunited with the power that she has grown to accept is like embracing an old friend, someday surely that same power will breed greed and a millennia of conflict will repeat itself.

she must understand for what purpose her ancestral power has returned.  she must understand why magic has returned and her esper kindred have not… …

she must understand her role in all of this.

thus, armed with steel and with veins flowing of magic, the girl makes her farewells to protect the futures of those she cares for as she had when her world was at its finality, not knowing whether she shall return or vanish. cloaked in night and blanketed with stars, she takes a chocobo across narrow land and serpentine waters to where a lone tower once stood, ruled by a demonic god.

but where such things ended, others begin.

golden-tipped boots descend upon the ruins of divinity as porcelain digits brush against her feathered friend to return to its stable and away from from this desolated landscape.  for it is here that she finds it: the shade of magic in the form of a gate yet it is undeniable this is a magic that belongs not of this world or the esper world; it is unique and different, very much like that of herself. one step is taken, then another, drawn towards the doorway that seems to open on its own.  within the folds of silk sashes tied to her hips, fingers pluck a jewel that had not been of her keeping, reminiscent of treasured magicite, but she knows this cannot be.  this is not her fallen kindred long lost but a stone, a crystal… and the moment it is grasped, she is plunged into the past: the meeting of her father and mother; the ransacking of her birth world; the years in vector that cannot be erased; that man who laughs and laughs despite his blackened heart breaking; the day her mind was silenced; the day her heart was freed; the fateful encounter with a treasure hunter in the narshean mines; adventures alongside comrades who have grown to be her family, her friends; devastation and transformation to that which is not human; acceptance of heritage no longer dormant within; when the world cracked open and monsters spilled out; and the year she was blessed with children who taught her how to love… …the memories unfold upon one another, dizzying, spellbound, for there was so much that she had wanted to see and to learn, to know and to experience…

then, finally, a new memory of stepping forth into the gate, only it is not new.  it has not happened.  it is the present the future, and if she but wishes it so.

fear takes hold of her as she stands on the precipice of the unknown.  a new adventure, a new world… …and a new story.  a single hand, crystal clutched, presses against her heart as flaxen lashes flutter closed.  one moment that feels infinite passes before lilac irises open with newfound resilience.  she knows who she is, but perhaps this gate can show her who she could be, who she is meant to be.  crystal raised high, the gateway opens, beckoning our heroine forth.  lips part and softly does she speak, not with finality but with immeasurable hope.

❝ …this isn’t goodbye. i’m going to return. i won’t vanish. ❞

in the end, her path is her choice  her choice is her own.

BRIEF OUTLINE OF THEIR POWERS: a jack-of-all-trades, terra has proven to be a fair physical combatant as well as a proficient magic user in a fight, with a particular focus on magic attacks, healing spells, and the line of fire spells.  she can also commandeer the man-made and magic-wielding ‘ magitek armor. ’ though equipped with a sword and a knife among other various weaponry, later installments have her power set rely more heavily on long-range elemental magic spells as an effective shoot / marksman type fighter.  when pushed to her limit, terra’s desperation attack is riot blade, and her special skill is morph / trance, which strengthens her powers exponentially as well as transforms her appearance to her esper form.  her primary weapon-of-choice is the enhancer.

  • physical attacks ★★★
  • defensive skills ★★
  • speed / accuracy ★★★
  • magical combat  ★★★★★
  • healing spells ★★★½
  • moogle fluffing ∞★

WHAT JOB WOULD THEY HAVE: her canonical job class is magic warrior / magitek elite, but as for a job that actually supply this esper kin with a bit of gil, terra is still figuring that out since her only occupational job has been an imperial soldier, so until then gladly shall she accept any tasks, so long as she finds it agreeable.  hmm, can moogle fluffing be a job…  she’s asking for a friend.

ARE THEY LIKELY TO TEAM UP AND JOIN A GUILD OR FREE COMPANY: either or.  terra can be reluctant when it comes to large groups of people and at times will attempt to sort out her own fights of her own accord, however, when prompted by a greater cause, she is willing to join the fray alongside those who fight with common goals or those who she grows to consider to be her friends.