final fantasy three


The first time dawn breaks in ten years, it is not gentle. Ignis lifts his head, feels the sunlight touch his face in striated patterns and burn his skin. The rain has stopped, but rivulets still runs down his cheeks and catch at the corner of his lips. It tastes like salt.

Hey, Ignis. You can sense light, right?”

To a degree, yes.”

His breath shudders, but he forces himself to keep his chin up, to watch dawn rise over Insomnia. It was what he promised to do for the one who sacrificed too much for this future. For the one who no longer stood among them. Nearby, he knows, Gladio and Prompto stand in silent vigil, realization hanging heavy in the air between them.

The dagger in his hand feels heavy and he considers letting it slip from his grasp. As useless as it is to him now, his fingers refuse to move. He felt the moment his weapons lost their connection to Noctis, to the power of Kings that allowed him to pull them from the ether. In the same instant, the daemons had vanished, and so too had the need for the weapon. Ten years wasn’t enough to prepare him for this.

“How are we fairing?” he asks, because he has to.

He hears footsteps—made heavy by injury, no doubt—on his right and Gladio’s voice, strained from exertion. Or perhaps grief. “Pretty banged up, but we’ll live to see another day.”

“That is fortunate,” he says.

He does not feel fortunate, but he can’t think about that now.

Ignis turns as he hears Prompto’s boots scuff the pavement behind him. Prompto breath comes out shaky, and it takes him a moment to speak. “He really did it. We should.. We should go see, right? He could be—”

Ignis’ face softens, and he reaches out to touch Prompto’s shoulder. His aim must have been off; his hand is met with another, guiding its intended place. A gentle, reassuring touch is all that he can give now, knowing what lay before them. “Let us go to our king.”

Mum Ignis

Noctis: *rolls eyes*
Gladio: *smacks him so hard Noct falls down* Do not roll your eyes at your mother!
Ignis: OhmygOD, GLADIOLUS, you can’t just smack him like that! Omg, Noct, are you ok? Does it hurt? Let me see your head; there there, it’s okay. That was a very bad way to joke about me being his mum, Gladio. For the last time, I am not.
Gladio: But see, you behave like one.
Prompto: You’re more mom than my mom.
*while Noct gets back up on his feet*
Ignis: In any case, I’d be his father. 
Gladio: *smacks Noct back down to the floor* Do not roll your eyes at your father!

hirkaryishtar  asked:

Cor, ravus, nyx and luna's reactions to their s / o squinting at a like a sign or book then casually being like "I should probably wear my glasses but that's so much work"

Ooooh~ A different set of character from the usual boys! C: I like it! (And Lunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)
Let’s see here…

I’ve Got You In My Sights! – FFXV Characters x S/O and The Silly Case of the Glasses

Cor Leonis –

Cor’s usually a man with a plan, with a set idea on where he wants to take you out, a schedule he’d like to keep, and a knack for trying to be the best damn romantic he can be. Mostly to compensate for the fact that he always looks so grumpy. But hey! You weren’t complaining most of the time. If anything, the resting bitch-face is cute on him.

So he ends up taking your to a restaurant to celebrate Cor’s return from a long mission out in Duscae, fancier than your usual meet-up spot at the Crow’s Nest, but not anything to where you’d both be breaking your bank on Hunter’s pay. He’s adamant about what he wants, considering the man never really changes his diet unless he has to (or something looks REALLY good), so he’s pretty okay with just ordering a steak and some wine with you.

But Cor couldn’t help but notice over the top of his menu just how befuddled you looked. Sure, it was a new restaurant that you two went to, but he’d figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to pick something. Yet there you were, eyes narrowed with a look that could be interpreted as ‘What the fuck is this?’ or ‘I’m going to murder everyone.’ Cor always did find it cute whenever you got those expressions on your face. Angry cutie.

“The Trevally Tartare had me making that same look too.”

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