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You’re not sad enough over FFXV’s ending? Well, here you go.

Noctis’s Engine Blade has been featured in NieR: Automata, as diligent Japanese fans and Redditor HilariousMayMay have reported. It has more bits on Noctis and Regis which show us that someone probably hurt Tabata and the writers sometime in their lives, resulting in new info:


Tabby, are you really sure you don’t want to make a sequel? Double sure? Triple sure? You’re breaking our hearts here

(photo c/o tumblr)

To Every FFXV Fan Out There: READ THIS.

It’s a detailed theory about Pitioss Ruins (which I haven’t done since I’m lazy) that involves Ifrit, Eos, and the origin of the line of Lucis. Really well thought-out and it explains a lot of stuff! If this guy is right and this is what Tabata and team have intended all along, it would be AWESOME.

What would also be awesome is if they revamped the game to include its proper exposition.

Read it guys! It blew my mind! :D  


You know how it turns out Prompto was the one Noctis was chasing on the train instead of Ardyn?

One piece of dialogue came to my attention after Noctis finally corners ‘Ardyn’ on the train.

Noctis: “What’re you after, following me around this whole time? This is all YOUR fault-”
Ardyn: “What are you talking about? Do you really mean that, Noct?”

Then it pauses and gives you the dialogue options to say ‘Yeah’ or ‘Maybe.’ Why would they give you that choice in the middle of an emotionally heated scene?

Because Prompto thought Noctis mean that it was all Prompto’s fault. Prompto tries to plead with Noctis, asking to talk it out, but Noctis refuses because he thinks it’s Ardyn. Even when Noctis finally awakens too and says that he was chasing Ardyn, Prompto’s voice doesn’t sound urgent as it usually is whenever Noctis is down for the count. He sounds almost sad. He realized that Noctis was being tricked, but he didn’t say anything because he still felt guilty about being a burden to Noctis. How he felt inferior to his princely friend.

And then when you find Prompto again after he was kidnapped, he tells him that he didn’t want to die just yet. “Not until I could see you and hear you tell me that I’m not a fake – that I’m the real me.”

He was so scared that Noctis thought it was his fault for being an imposter and ruining Noctis’s life, especially since he was a Magitek experiment. He thought that if it was his fault because he was an MT and didn’t tell Noctis that he ruined the prince’s life.

Man, it hurts my heart with how badly Ardyn messes with Noctis. But he can’t separate the prince from his friends!

Y’all I just cracked myself up so badly oh my god I’ve got tears in my eyes

Look the bros must have absolutely insane tan lines, not only that but just general endeavors with the sun

You guys

Noctis having the worst shirt tan line, and oh my lord his gloved hand. His gloved hand tan line. He takes off the glove to go take a shower in the hotel bathroom and oh my god you cannot help but burst out laughing because it’s just this huge strip of pale-ass skin. It’s like a watch tan line but 25 times better

Prompto may have all the sunshine in his soul but his body reacts terribly to it. This boy could get a sunburn during a snowstorm. All the bros use sunscreen but Prompto uses the most and he gets a neopolitan tan because he’s so pale underneath his clothes, and he sometimes takes off his vest if it’s particularly hot but there’s the tan line from the vest and oh my lord. So at the end of the day there’s his pale skin under his shirt, there’s this sliver that’s burnt and there’s the rest of his arm that miraculously tanned over and it looks hilarious (and you take lots of pictures)

Gladio has his chest out all the time and then those tank tops, man oh man, he doesn’t get any tan lines torso-wise but his legs oh my GOD. You pranked him one time and snatched the change of clothes he had for post shower, and when he came out of the bathroom you burst out laughing because now you know where Casper the Ghost’s legs are, Gladio stole them, my god he’s just so pale underneath his pants

Ignis regrets his choice of gloves sometimes because he’ll take them off and you’ll just laugh because just his thumb and the four knuckles are tanned and the rest is just pale af. And my lord the rest of him is just as pale, y’all know he shows the least skin out of the bros, and he just has this distinct line right at his collarbone from his tan.

you guys i can’t breathe i’m laughing too hard help me

i can’t stop imagining the boys with tan lines