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Final Fantasy IX Is Coming To PC And Phones

Final Fantasy IX, one of the best Final Fantasy games, is coming to PC and smartphones at some point in 2016, Square Enix announced today in Japan.

Square didn’t announce a western release but it’s safe to say one will follow, given that every other Final Fantasy mobile and PC port has made it to U.S. shores.

It’s not quite clear how much they’re changing for this version, but the trailer (above) shows sharpened, higher-res versions of characters like Zidane, not unlike the PC versions of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. (source)


You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.

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yoshitaka amano’s gorgeous concept art of the FFIX playable characters

“We watched your back while you watched ours.” -Dagger

This moment in FFIX meant so much to me as a child that I played through the entire game again just to create a save before this scene so I could reference it and listen to the music in the days before the internet. FFIX is an amazing and emotional adventure with an incredibly well done story, fantastic hand painted backgrounds, and a killer musical score. Honestly, everything is pretty much A+ across the board for me. It remains my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.

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