final fantasy gallery

Have some Promptis taking a selfie in your dash :3

Yes yes I know there are mistakes but I am still proud of it!

It’s not digital but I might color it in digital (when I don’t get lazy)

- MarkiPewdieMash

It’d be funny if we weren’t lost…

I do love Noct’s “that’s it from the peanut gallery” comment.

Prompto: This place is a-”maze”-ing huh?

Gladio: I’d laugh if we weren’t lost.

Noctis: Say no more. I’ll leave the pathfinding to you from now on.

Prompto: Nah, I’m more the “ask for directions” type.

Gladio: Don’t look at me – not my job.

Noctis: Then that’s it from the peanut gallery.

Ignis: Keep an eye out for landmarks and we’ll find our bearings.