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Drunk Chocobro Headcanons

Me, hearing banter that suggests the bros drank together back in Insomnia n rubbing my grubby little hands together: time 2 get 2 work lads


  • the chill drunk (AKA the stoner drunk)
  • seems way cooler and more sober than he is, but only because he plasters himself on a couch like a starfish as soon as he’s tipsy and will never get up again
  • will agree to do almost anything and go almost anywhere until he crosses the sleepy threshold, after which he will only want to go home
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • says deep and emotional shit randomly, but in a complete deadpan
  • stole a cat once


  • very fun but also a disaster 
  • will drink anything he is handed until he blacks out
  • takes hundreds of unflattering drunk selfies and sends drunk texts to the rest of the bros even tho they are right next to him most of the time
  • very touchy, with both his hands and his feelings (will touch all the bros’ faces and cry, usually for very random reasons)
  • has to be carried home 9/10 times
  • the other 1/10 times he sprints home, actually sprints, cannot be stopped


  • none of the bros can tell if they’ve ever seen him drunk
  • this is both because he is the usual designated driver and because he is exactly the same while drunk, just sassier and more irresponsible
  • sometimes he’ll disappear and the bros will be like where’s Ignis??? and when they call him he’s just … at home, got tired of u lot
  • will not stop making puns
  • WILL cook for everyone, even if no one wants it, but will NOT take suggestions or stop until he is done


  • a bully, but the fun kind
  • the one who will keep handing Prompto drinks until he blacks out, but also the one who will carry him home
  • scarily competent even while shitfaced / the True Drunk Mom Friend
  • asks for text updates when they head home and if anyone doesn’t text him that they’re home, he WILL show up at their house to make sure
  • always ends up eatin cup noodles, but no one knows where he gets them

anyways tag urself I’m Prompto

Favorite Drinks Based off  Final Fantasy

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I have several others, but sadly they are based off of roleplays and do not have a specific recipe. But have fun experimenting with all of the ones listed above  🍹

Ignis was having a nice quiet night out….until ya boys showed up.

“Hey, Specs. Thought you’d sneak out and get drunk without us?” Noctis would chuckle a bit while waving the bartender over.
Prompto grinned and bumped the Prince’s shoulder playfully,“ Let’s take it easy tonight, Noct. Don’t want Iggy to have to babysit us again. Maybe it’s our turn to babysit him ha ha ha!” He gave a thumbs up to the slightly tipsy man. Ignis sighed,“ Please don’t. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself…unlike some children I know.”

The bros and drinking!

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Noctis - I get the feeling that, because of his noble upbringing, he would be able to hold his alcohol quite well. A prince would need to be able to stay civilized through social events, and probably wouldn’t drink much at all if he could help it. But, when truly smashed, he would be a lovey-dovey, hug everyone, tell them how much they mean to him drunk. He would just sit on the sofa with one of the bros, grabbing their hand, mumbling “Y'know… you’ve been such a good friend, man, I love you???” Before passing out. But also, he would probably black out if he’s had enough. His favoured drink would probably be something like vodka and coke, but I could see him enjoying a nice beer. What he never drinks? Jaegerbombs. After an incident involving tabloid magazines, the Regalia, a stolen potted plant and a random plumber that almost ruined the family reputation, he steers clear of the bad idea that is a Jaegerbomb. His favourite drinking game would be beer pong because of his competitive streak, and he would 100% hit someone in the face with the ball to slow them down.

Prompto - This guy. He would probably have 0 alcohol tolerance, like he’s out cold with a few glasses. But, of course, he’d have to at least try and keep up with the boys, leading to severe hangovers. He’d be the type of drunk to be so unbearably annoying due to his incessant singing and crying over tiny things (“oh my gOOOOOD LOOK AT THAT LITTLE KID HE JUST DROPPED HIS LOLIPOP NOOOOOOO”). He probably wouldn’t have a favourite drink, just anything the bar had, but I could see him enjoying cider. His never ever again, no way in hell drink? Absinthe. He once got really drunk and a tipsy Ignis, who had some in a cupboard, gave him a large glass of it, unprepared, not watered down or with sugar as it’s meant to be drunk (unless you’re drinking small amounts neat) as a joke. He took a massive drink and had to go throw up. The boys were pissing themselves laughing, but Prompto was just moaning and yelling at Ignis for doing that to him. But lemme say, this boy loves his drinking games. He’s a force to be reckoned with when you’re doing a shot contest. Even though he can’t hold his liquor well, he can take shots till the chocobos come home.

Ignis - He would definately be reasonable with how much he drank (because who else is gonna take care of these children), but he would be surprisingly bad at holding his booze. So, during official events, he would just refrain from drinking. But, when he lets himself go, he’s one of those drunks who finds everything absolutely hilarious. He would be a giggling wreck, no matter what. Noct hiccuping? Funny. Someone recounting yesterday evening? Wet-yourself levels of funny. His favoured drink would be (and he gets teased about it by the guys but that doesn’t stop him) rosé wine. His least favourite drink would be cheap, bottom of the shelf liquor, because it just burns, and doesn’t really have any proper taste. He probably wouldn’t have a preference in drinking games, but would take part in any that the boys were playing and, somehow, be extremely good. Paranoia? Good. Dirty Pint? Great. Caps? Awesome. Beer pong? Master.
Gladio - Let’s be real, this man is built like a brick shithouse. He’s gonna hold his alcohol the best. When drunk, though, he’d be an angry yet uncoordinated. He’d fight a lamppost for looking at him the wrong way, but he’d trip over his own feet and land on his face before he managed to throw the first punch. And he’d definately be a blackout drunk. He’d have so many evenings where he’d wake up in his apartment with an angry text from Ignis about his windows and a blinding headache and have absolutely no idea what happened. His drink of choice would probably be beer, and he would love finding little breweries and buying souvenirs to drink later as a reminder of the places the boys had been. However, he’d love taking Prompto on in shot contests (liquor tolerance vs. sheer willpower which will prevail). His least favourite drink would be Baileys, because I don’t see him and the sort of guy who would like creamy liqueurs. His favourite drinking game? I imagine him as a fan of British drinking games, like one called save the queen where you drop a coin into a pint of beer and have to chug it until you get the coin, rinse and repeat. A whole load of fun, but not with a bunch of lightweights.

L.A.V.A Stream Drinking Game

Take a sip each time….

  1. Max is called a cinnamon roll/sunflower seed
  2. Robbie says something apropos to the word PENIS
  3. Max does sofa parkour
  4. Someone leaves the screen to get food
  5. Hungry guest is Hungry
  6. Ray is the only one paying attention to the game
  7. RayChase.jpg
  8. Someone dubs over their own character 
  9. The More You Know w/ Robert Daymond
  10. Julia slays (take caution)
  11. Raylia smooches  (*^3^)/~☆
  12. Milo is a good boy (take caution)
  13. The chat dissolves into “Robbie NO!”
  14. The chat dissolves into “DON’T die!!”
  15. The chat dissolves into “Hiii Megan!”
  16. Technical difficulties that only Max can fix
    We hear:
  17. Ray’s adorable singing voice
  18. Max beat boxing 
  19. Robbie beautiful singing voice
  20. Ray’s amazing dad jokes

  21. Ray cuddles Milo 
  22. Milo gets picked up
  23. Someone guesses the right voice actor on 1st try
  24. Ray says one of Noctis’ lines.
  25. Robbie doesn’t know how to end the stream
  26. Harambe.

This is for fun so for the love of Bahamut’s balls don’t do these all at one time. Notice it says take a sip not take a shot, I don’t want you to die.
Please know your limits and stick to juice if you’re underage in your respective countries/states.

Feel free to add your own while we wait for the next stream!