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kingsglaive vs final fantasy xv

  • Final Fantasy XV (first playthrough): *singing* When the niiight has come, and the land is dark, and the moooo~oooon is the only light we'll see~🎶
  • Final Fantasy XV (New Game+): *sobbing* whe-en the nigh-the night has come, a-and the land is da-a-a-ark *sniffs* and the mo-o-o-oon is *cries* the moon is the only, the only li-i-i-ight we'll se-ee. *weeping*
The Ring of the Lucii

Soooo, here I am, I’ve been doing some cutscene examinations, and… the Ring happened to catch my attention. And I have some stuff to share. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed, but… okay.

Noctis and Nyx’s fingers must be thinner than Regis’ fingers, whose are thinner than Ravus’ fingers.

So finger size, from smallest to largest, would have Nyx and Noctis on about the same level (maybe Nyx is a little higher), and then Regis, and then Ravus.

The Ring of the Lucii doesn’t change size – it’s a ring. A magical ring, but a ring nonetheless. Rings don’t change sizes, so between people it would fit on different fingers, because fingers are different sizes for different people.

It took me a while to gather these screenshots, and some of them aren’t very clear – especially for Nyx – but look. I circled the Ring for ease of sight.

Noctis puts the ring on his middle finger on his right hand.

Source - Noctis

Older!Noctis does the same.

Source - Older!Noctis

Nyx puts the ring on his middle finger on his left hand.

Source - Nyx

Regis has the ring on his ring finger on his left hand.

Source - Regis

Ravus puts the ring on his pinky finger on his left hand.

Source - Ravus

So Noctis and Nyx have the thinnest fingers out of the four and Ravus has the thickest of the four. Just something I picked up there…

On another note, Noctis is the only one who puts the ring on his dominant hand. And maybe it’s because he has a glove on his left, but maybe it’s because Noctis didn’t know just how draining it is actually wearing the ring. 

He had an idea, due to Regis’ rapidly declining health, but I don’t think he knows the full extent. He seemed to be one of the few who didn’t know too much about the ring, despite his status as the one who’s supposed to wear it. Like… based on his behavior, once he actually has it, it seems like he’s more reluctant to wear it out of what he’s seen it do to people – really, what people have done for it. Regis died, Luna died, Ravus lost an arm, Ardyn… you know. Heck, one of the Empire’s main goals besides the Crystal was getting the ring.

That’s a reason, probably, along with the whole weight of the world on his shoulders. Like the being forced into adulthood thing that’s associated with the ring… anyways.

So maybe Noctis didn’t know all that much about the ring, extent-of-power wise, at least. Maybe.

And so it would make sense that he would put it on his dominant hand. Because he wouldn’t know not to.

I personally think that the sapping of strength that the ring imparts on the wearer spreads outward from wherever the ring is located. Thus, the grip on that hand would become weaker over time as the draining spread, cause it would all start from there.

With as much or as little Noct knew about the ring, he probably didn’t know that. So he wouldn’t know not to put it on his right hand. And I doubt he ever thought to change hands, because he didn’t have the ring long enough to be seriously heavily affected by it, purely physically I mean. 

Or… you know. Maybe I’m thinking way too deep into this. It’s just something I noticed.