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Chocobros: Confessing

Noctis: Noctis’ confession would be entirely sincere, it would be a big deal to him that he actually was confessing to someoneIt may take quite some time after knowing you to actually confess his feelings. Noctis would feel overwhelmed with all his princely duties, that he may push when he’d confess to a later date. He wouldn’t necessarily plan out exactly when he would confess, he wanted to make it as natural as possible. But, being the awkward guy he is, when the time actually would come, he’d stutter out his feelings and try to make the smallest amount of eye contact possible. He definitely would practice his confession in the mirror as much as he possibly could in order for it to be rehearsed and for him to not screw up…but he’d still get flustered and probably screw up. As the day comes closer to when Noctis actually wanted to confess, fears would develop and he’d push the date even farther. Fears involving if the person was using him for his high position of power. Something like that could happen, it was an entirely probable situation. He was hoping for the best, hoping that he wouldn’t be used. It would break him. One of the most important things to Noctis once the relationship has officially begun, is to keep it out of the public eye. He wouldn’t want his s/o feeling stress or pressures from the people, and in order to do that, keeping his relationship hidden from the people of Insomnia was a priority. 

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Prompto: Prompto’s confession would be so damn genuine!!!! He will pour his heart and soul into everything he says to the person he’s confessing. Honestly, it would have attempted planning it out, but then he just couldn’t, it was too stressful. Prompto’s confession would be very abrupt, the words might just accidentally slip out of his mouth. He wouldn’t be able to back out after making that abrupt mess up, so he’d just continue his heartfelt confession. Prompto would be worried that his crush may not accept, that would be his major fear. His insecurities would come rushing back at full speed, causing Prompto’s heart to beat faster and faster. He’d be so caught up in his anxiety that he might not even hear his crush if they had already given him their response. If his crush didn’t accept his confession, it’d be like his heart stopped. Deep down he saw it coming, he’d be like a deer in headlights, truly he wouldn’t have a response. Maybe he’d say a hushed “Okay…” or give a forced laugh. BUT, if his crush did accept his confession, PROMPTO WOULD BE SO HAPPY! His crush would’ve made his day just by accepting, and he’d immediately take them on a date afterwards. At the end of the day, his camera would be full of photos of them. 

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Ignis: We all know that Ignis’ confession would be romantically planned. I swear that he’d have everything scripted and planned down to the millisecond. It’d be that case where he’s imagined his ideal scenario multiple times in his head to the point of already having his fantasy take place as a memory that hasn’t even occurred (if that makes sense). As for what exactly Ignis would have planned, well, he wouldn’t want to start cooking for them right away. Ignis thought that inviting them over to his place so that he could cook a meal for them would be too strange. Ignis would take his crush to a lovely fairly dimly lit fancy restaurant. The menus would have a hard to read cursive writing, a single rose and small flickering candle on the table, faint classical music, the ideal place for a date. Ignis wouldn’t confess there however. If the conversation went well, the date would go on. If not, the two would simply part ways; Ignis either continuing to court them or allowing himself to move on due to lack of chemistry. Saying the date went well, Ignis and his crush would take a romantic stroll through the city, he would offer them his jacket if he believed they were chilly. Perhaps on bench near some sort of body of water the two would sit and talk more, fireworks in the distance. This is when Ignis would confess. His confession would be profoundly  genuine. He’d most likely state the qualities he admired in them, something like that, something really sincerely romantic. Ignis would hope he wasn’t being too blunt, fake, obnoxious, or weird, or anything negative. He REALLY didn’t wanna seem fake. It was rare that Ignis would fall for anyone, there must be something really special that drew him to the person he wants to confess to. 

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Gladio: Gladio’s confession would be random. The person who he has been crushing on would start to suspect that something was up. Gladio had started acting very sweet lately, and at times he had almost let his confession slip, before he caught himself. His crush would know that something was up and would confront him about it, simply wondering if everything was alright. Gladio did seem to be a bit off guard lately. Gladio did hate to admit it, but he was really nervous. There had been many times where Gladio was ready to confess, and he was ready at all times to confess to his crush, but just looking into their eyes he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It wasn’t necessarily because he knew that they wouldn’t say yes, it was because he didn’t want the dating relationship to completely change his crush and him as a person, he really still wanted the platonic relationship but with the added bonuses ;) . The day that his crush confronted him would be the day he confessed since he wasn’t able to keep up the ruse up any longer. His crush would ask why he’s been acting so strange and he’d make up an excuse. Gladio’s crush would refuse to believe that and THAT’S when Gladio would confess. It would completely take his crush by surprise even though they saw it coming from the minute he started acting strange. From that point on their relationship would start, but it wouldn’t be a drastic change from their friendship. 

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A/N: I tried making them all the same length and of course goddamn Ignis turned out the longest what a rude dude. Also im still pretty sure that im not taking requests bc im not ready for that but u can sure try if u wanna try to request stuff, but requests are just suggestions and there’s a 50% chance i may not do it

Not sure what happened to the gifs i think it’s fixed now 

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How would the guys react when they've been stressing about confessing to their crush, but they end up beating them to it and confessing to the boys instead?

haAAAAA get rekt

Noctis: His jaw drops, and his face flares up into a bright shade of red. He grumbles something under his breath and looks down to rub the back of his neck. “N…No, no, I’m not put off or anything, I’m… I’m really happy, because… I like you, too.” Needing to break the tension, he shoves their shoulder a little bit and groans, “Ah, c’mon, I was stressing over this and you just come out and say it? Who do you think you are?!” Noctis puts an arm around them and pulls them close anyway. “Jeez. If you knew, you could’ve said something.”

Ignis: He struggles to make any sounds for a solid ten seconds, his mouth opens and closes a few times like a stunned fish. “I… I’m happy to hear you feel that way towards me. I think the exact same of you,” he says once he’s over his initial shock. Ignis sighs loudly and runs a hand down his face. “To think I was fretting so ridiculously over telling you how I felt, and for you to utterly beat me in timing… I’m a fool.” He coughs and reaches for their hand to interlace their fingers. “…Consider this payback.”

Gladio: He blinks once, twice, then stares for a few seconds before pulling them to him in an elated hug. “So you did feel the same. What a relief.” He has to admit, he feels awkward being the one worrying so much over how to confess when his crush seemed to do so with such ease. He rubs the back of his neck. “You caught me off guard there, but I was planning on telling you, too. Can’t believe you beat me to it.” Honestly, once the initial embarrassment passes, it doesn’t bother him much. He just holds them and sighs contently. 

Prompto: He’d probably work up the courage to start to say something, but amidst all his nervous stuttering his crush would go ahead and blurt out their feelings for him. “I- wait, what? Wha? Huh? Me? You, like me? Like, like like? Wait, but I was gonna- that’s my line!” He’d curl up into a defensive ball and hide his face with both hands. “Ugh, come on! I was gonna be the first one to say it anyway, why’d you have to interrupt? I mean, hell yeah I’ll still date you, but dammit, I’m so lame!” he cries. He’d need some comforting later, but at the end of the day he’s still light-headed and happy. 


He forgot. He wasn’t a part of that world anymore. A world with sounds and voices. 

“ Words ”, “ voices ” that was how people express their feelings to one another and as for Prompto, … he couldn’t reached them anymore. 

-Silent Confession- chapter 3 

Eyyyyyy!! After half a month of hiatus, the fic is back! Let’s get into that sweet angst and bitter fluff again, ohohohoho!!!

Huge huge thanks to @rukazaya-senpai for being my beta! Kudos to you! <3 


Ignis: See that you buy no more than we need.
Noctis: Sheesh, you my mother or something?
Ignis: Mum’s the word.

Prompto: Haha, so does that make you Dad, Gladio? :)
Gladio: Yes.
Ignis: Wat
Gladio: Wat


After playing Final Fantasy XV, part of me is hoping that in Dragon Age 4 there will be: an open world to explore, a way to camp in the wilderness, unique skills for each and every companion, cooking. Dammit the whole cooking mechanism in FF XV was probably my favorite thing outside of battle, probably because it’s one of those things where they can relax and get together while enjoying a nice meal.            

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Hello!! Im new to ffxv and this is my first time requesting for this game! Ah, anyways! Could you please write a fic where the reader is very shy only around gladio and finds a patch of gladiolus's (the flower hes named after/shares a name with) and picks a bunch of them to give to him later that night at the haven as a way to confess? Thank you :3c If you havent seen the flowers before you should look em up, theyre super pretty!

Welcome to the family, hun! I’m honored that you sent your first request to me and I hope this is what you were looking for :)

Word count: 950


How exactly you had come to traverse Eos with the young King of Lucis and his companions was honestly beyond you. Fate was a funny thing, however, and the Astrals seemed to have a few cards up their sleeve when you wound up in the back of the Regalia wedged between the king and his Shield. Despite how quiet and reserved you were, each of the four men seemed to had taken a liking to you. Once you proved you could handle yourself, your place among them was sealed.

Prompto had been able to get to you pretty quickly with his stupid jokes and his crooked smile. Noctis’ snarky attitude made it easy for you to pick back at him and Ignis’ knowledge of seemingly everything made it impossible for you not to ask questions or for his opinions. You were quiet, sure, but nothing unusual when you consider that you were the only true outsider in what was clearly a close knit group of friends.

Gladio, on the other hand, was an entirely different problem. For some reason, your tongue never seemed to function correctly when the Shield was around. Anytime you caught his amber gaze on you, your eyes would widen, cheeks would burn, and you would stutter out some excuse to remove yourself from the situation. Reserved was something you had always been, but you had never been this shy around anyone in your life.

You knew what it was. You were deep in the Gladiolus Amicitia section of hell and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it.

Honestly? You didn’t want that to change.

The plan had come to you almost as a joke. The Haven your group had chosen the night before was close to a field where all sorts of different flowers grew. The stand of darkly colored gladioli caught your attention amongst the other brightly colored blooms. The dark red/black blossoms were the perfect representation of the man that bared the same name.

You waited until dinner was over and you had helped Iggy clean up the mess before sneaking off when no one was paying attention. Ignis was content with a steaming cup of ebony while he watched Noctis and Prompto try to reenact an event from earlier in the day so that Prompto could photograph it. Gladio had gone just a few yards from the Haven to practice with his new greatsword. Seeing the opportunity, you headed straight for the flowers and carefully picked a handful near the base and stashing them behind your back as you approached the only man that had ever affected you in such a way.

It took several tries for you to clear your throat enough to force any words passed your lips. “G-Gladio,” you stumbled slightly over his name. The moment he turned to face you, his eyes locking on yours, you could already feel your face reddening.

He definitely noticed the color in your cheeks but he didn’t comment. He did smile, however, his eyes lightening to the color of fresh honey in the moonlight. “What’s up?” He pushed the end of his sword into the ground, leaning casually onto the hilt. You couldn’t help but noticed the way his biceps flexed and the inked feathers of his tattoo rolled over the taught muscle as he held himself up.

It was now or never, you told yourself and took a few more steps towards him. Although it felt nearly like you were walking through quicksand, you slowly managed the distance and held your hand out. You nearly forced the flowers, still damp with the evening dew, against his chest as you stared at the ground.

“These for me?” he asked before gently taking the flowers from you. You hand dropped limply to your side as you nodded. While you studied a stain on your boot, you heard Gladio exhale deeply and let out a breathy chuckle as he clearly recognized the flowers you had presented to him.

You were beginning to worry that your cheeks would never return to their normal color when a hand encircled your waist and brought you against a massive wall of muscle. Gasping, you gripped onto the tank top Gladio wore. It took a gentle finger under your chin for you to finally meet his eyes.

Silence fell between the two of you as you looked at one another. A lifetime of words and emotions seemed to flow between the two of you without a single syllable being uttered. Finally, Gladio smiled and you felt your lips twitch in response. “Don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers before,” he finally broke the silence with a smirk. The hand around your waist tightened as if to emphasize his words and pull your closer.

“I saw them and I instantly thought of you. I thought they would…be a good idea.” You still couldn’t bring yourself to say the words aloud. You were standing there, wrapped in his arms, and you couldn’t say it.

Thankfully, the Shield was as good at reading people as he was at reading those historical war books he toted around and he knew precisely what it was you weren’t saying. “They’re perfect,” he whispered so closely that the warmth of his breath ghosted over your lips. Before you could respond, his lips met yours a featherlight kiss as if he were testing the waters.

A soft moan left you – a sound of both surprise and excitement that this was finally happening. At the sound, Gladio’s grip on you tightening and his arms encircled you while one had tangled into the hair at the base of your neck. “Took you long enough,” he mumbled against your lips.

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The bros laying out underneath the stars with their s/o admitting they love each other for the first time xx

I don’t know what it is about confessions, but they really get to me.🙈

Expressing your feelings can be difficult to do, so when somebody builds up enough courage to bear their soul to you and leave themselves raw - it means everything.

What a simple & sweet gesture, anon.

I hope this makes nighttime a little brighter 🌟

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Noctis would be the most inclined out of all of the guys to spend time admiring twilight with his s/o. The warped, silver shapes twisted between the fabric of the milkyway never fail to fill Noctis with a sense of nostalgic farmiliarity, almost as if he were returning home after spending a lifetime away. Throughout the year the earth shifts around the scattered luminescnece, providing Noctis and his s/o with an everchanging pictureshow. Beneath the overcast of night, the two stargazers would perch upon a pallet of comforters scattered across an apartment’s back porch. Taking note of the constellations beginning to peak through the early season’s brisk air, they would point and trace the forms with lifted hands, fingerpainting imaginary portraits of fate and future.

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Love You Stretch Marks and All. Prompto x Reader ~ Fluff

Inspired by @anotherchocobroheadcanon post about what they say while s/o is asleep. Prompto’s made me go ‘awwww’ and this came to mind. The first Post and the second Post.


“Prompto has been acting differently lately.” Gladio remarked as he was setting up camp, noticing the thin blond was gathering wood instead of taking pictures.

I looked over at where Gladio was looking sure the camera was out but he wasn’t snapping away like normal at everything that caught his interest. My sunshine boyfriend was super adorable when he was running around taking photos of things sometimes it was dangerous during a battle but I generally kept an eye out on him taking out any prey that was after him. I joined up with Prince Noctis and the others when they had just killed off the Behemoth Deadeye I had been taking care of my sick Chocobo, Rex. I wasn’t the greatest hunter around I was waiting for some friends to come and help me take down Deadeye as I knew there would be no way I could do it myself. In the end the Chocobros had taken Deadeye down me joining them after some begging to help Prince Noctis find all the Tombs of his Elders.Prompto had been the one that convinced them to let me go along with them specially since I had a pet Chocobo that Prompto wanted to love up on. The two of us fell in love rather quickly, his sunshine like personality was just so addicting his beautiful blue eyes were enough to drown in staring at all his freckles made him blush like crazy but I loved inspecting them all.

“I think I know why.” Ignis replied as he turned on the burner stove gathering up a few pots and pans.

Shedding off my jacket it covered in some Anak blood and needed to be washed I heard the tell tale click of a camera. A smile on his lips Prompto gave me a small wave as he placed a pile of sticks and branches to start afire.

“Well then explain.” Gladio said as he finished setting up the chairs as Prompto rushed over to help Noctis help set up the tent as he was struggling a little with it.

“Well it’s Miss L/N over here would be the answer. Ever since she joined the group Prompto has slowly been putting more effort in everything he does but if you pay attention it’s to the things that benefit F/N.”

I blushed quickly sneaking a glance at Prompto as he was speaking to Noctis about King’s Knight.

~~ That night ~~

In the tent I was sleeping next to Prompto out like a light, well I would be if it weren’t for Gladio’s snoring. So I did what I normally did meditate until I could finally drown out the snoring. Prompto was snuggled up against me he had me close to him head resting on his stomach. His right hand stroking through my hair free hand running the controls on his camera it was so relaxing listening to the soft breathing. His heart beat was steady and comforting to hear I love snuggling up against him.

“You know it makes no sense why you love me so. You know that Y/N?” Prompto muttered softly under his breath.

Clearly he was just musing aloud to me thinking I was asleep. I didn’t want to interrupt him wanting to hear what was truly on his mind.

“I’m trying so hard to be someone worthy of you. I’m not really good at anything not really funny - well I guess funny looking or do funny things but not legitimately funny. I have zero money I’m always scraping for pennies to pay bills and stuff I’m wearing the same shoes from like high school. My looks…well I’m not gorgeous like Ignis or muscled like Gladio and fuck I’m not royalty like Noct.”

His voice started to waver a little as he spilled his feelings. It made my heart hurt for him to say such things about himself. Sleepily I nuzzled my face against his chest wrapping a arm around him hugging him acting like I was still asleep but comforting him as well.

“Praise the Six you are so cute. All your talent and you hang out with me. Like you practically come out of every battle looking fresh as a daisy beautiful hair flowing behind you picture perfect every time. Even on my best days I look like something the cat dragged in. I have awful stretch marks on my stomach ever since I lost all that weight…you are cute and cuddly all around head to toe. I’m such a social misfit I’m not even sure why the others like me. I’m just so lucky to have you but I get so scared that you will find someone better than me and to be honest anyone is better than me and leave me.”

I felt some thing wet hit my face causing me to shift a little as it startled me. Was he crying? Peeking my right eye open a bit I saw in the dim light of the tent Prompto’s face all red eyes glistening with tears. My sunshine boy…the pang of sorrow hitting my heart as my precious cinnamon roll of a lover was having a rough time.

“I get so scared jealous even when you talk so openly and easily with the others. Dark thoughts swirl in my mind of how they are probably better for you than me or how you leave me like my family left me leaving me alone for something better.”

I had enough there was a small pit of rage that went through me propping myself up I pushed Prompto back a little. His eyes went wide in shock as a few tears fell from his long golden eyelashes. Wrapping my arms around him tightly squeezing him as I did.

“Don’t say things like that Prompto, I love you and I heard all of what you said.” I said muffled with my face buried in the crook of his neck.

“Hah, I didn’t say anything you were asleep Chicky.” He said nervously trying to laugh everything off calling me by one of his pet names for me.

Reaching up my right hand I cupped the side of his face bringing it to mine fingers brushing away the few tears. His handsome face was red from embarrassment and shame his baby blue eyes intense looking from the crying making them look even more beautiful. How could he not see he was beautiful and wonderful?

“Are you blind?” I asked indignantly.

“No…I just…” Prompto said with a heavy sigh leaning into me pulling me onto his lap burying his face in the crook of my neck taking a deep breath placing a soft sensual kiss on my neck.

That sensitive intimate gesture of his made my heart leap in my chest sending a tingling sensation down my spine. Wrapping my arms around him I hugged him tightly. Gladio’s snoring came to a stop and he let out a grunt as he rolled over muttering in his sleep calling out a name, “Wren” then back to snoring. The others still out like lights as if we weren’t having a full blown conversation at one in the morning.

“I feel so worthless, babe.” He admitted softly his voice wavering a little.

“You are not worthless Prompto. Not in the slightest don’t you ever think that okay?” I said adamantly pulling back some looking him directly in the eyes.

“You really think so?” He asked a hopefully lilt in his voice.

“I know so. You are the glue that keeps this group together. Prompto you are my sunshine you shine so brightly sometimes that it’s blinding. I love your humor your smile that hair is so cute when you wake up first thing in the morning and it’s all messy. Cuddling up with you after a long day makes me feel like the most important girl in the world. Your pictures Prompto are excellent I bet you could get those in magazines and such make quite a bit of money off them too. Noct makes a great model.”

“Yeah because  Noct is gorgeous…”

“And you are too I am not bothered by the stretch marks at all Prompto. It’s proof that you survived that struggle leapt over that hurdle in your life. You wanna know a secret?” I asked brushing a few strands of downy feather soft hair out of his eyes.

“What?” He asked curious his eyes on me intense paying strict attention to me as if I was the only person in the world, another thing I loved about him.

“You know how I got a bit grouchy and bitchy when you suggested I wear shorts like Cindy wears?” I said as I brought up a embarrassing conversation we had a month ago.

“Yeah I am sorry about that…”

“Well when I was a teen in high school I was really depressed a lot because no one ever wanted to be friends with me they just wanted answers for the tests. My family life sucked I had a abusive step brother and the only Control I had over the own pain I gave myself. So I ended up cutting myself in my inner and out thighs. They are deep so they look bad if I wear shorts and stuff and why I like to have sex with the lights off I’m ashamed of what I did to myself.”

I had taken off the blanket pulling down the sweatpants showing just below my underwear on my right side several thick knotted scars. With a quivering hand Prompto reached out brushing his fingers over the scars admiring them.

“Don’t be ashamed babe I understand that pain…I love you Y/N so much.”

I leaned forward cupping his face kissing him passionately feeling his hands rubbing up and down my sides, nipping on his lower lip listening to his erotic whine.

“I love you Prompto and please don’t insult me in thinking I would leave you just because someone flirts with me or is somehow magically better than you. For me there is no one better than you, Prompto you are the bees knee, my darling Chocobo lover, my sunshine. I’m not a floozy I am a loyal person to a fault to the person I love I will stay with them until the very end.” I said reaching a hand up under his shirt rubbing the stretch marks feeling his stomach go tense under my touch.

Prompto let out a little whimper as he stared down at me as I place a kiss on his chest right over his heart then moving my lips to his neck placing a few kisses there.The heart beat going like crazy making me smile.

“Thank you so much…you are so wonderful I am so lucky.”

“Feel better birb-boy?” I teased happily looking up at him, reaching my hands up his sides then to his shoulders gently massaging them, planting a kiss on his lips tasting a bit of salt from the tears.

“Yes, snuggle with me until I fall asleep?” He asked nuzzling his nose against mine wrapping his arms around me pulling me close laying back down on the sleeping bag.

“Uhuh.” I giggled, pulling the blanket around us I slid my hand under the tank top rubbing the stretch marks as I snuggled up against his chest humming the Chocobo song. “I want to ride my Chocobro all day.~”

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When you become That One Healer...

Kind of positive story on the back of an “Oh I’m an IDIOT”. I’m a White Mage main, got through MSQ and all that on it, go back and start levelling Astrologian because we’ve got two WHMs in our static and sometimes you just want shields and LB bar love. Having no faith in dungeons (three guesses why) I’d been levelling up by PvP. Got to 69, thought “well I’m close to 70, I’ll do level roulette for the sweet XPs”. Land straight in, you guessed it, the level 69 dungeon.

Remember how I said I’d been levelling by PvP? Guess who’s still in level 60 gear and didn’t keep her other gear from levelling. Mmmmmmyeah.

But you know who was amazing about it? The tank. I swear and start apologising for my utter stupidity, and they just go “nah its cool” and pull like a sane person. One pack at a time. Cooldowns when they were needed. We wiped ONCE because our Bard left for RL reasons after boss 2 and the replacement was a BLM and the tank forgot the whole gear thing. But after that (and me apologising more), the BLM laughed it off, the tank claimed fault for it, and we went on.

The only person who died AT ALL aside from that? Me once in the final boss because RNG hated on me with AoE placement. Our other DPS was a summoner though who got me up and aside from me crying internally about mana the rest of the fight, we got through it. I apologised once more for being That One Healer, congrats'ed someone who levelled and headed out.

I got all three comms.

It’s moments like that, that remind me why I play healer.

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