final fantasy concept art


Concept Art: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Kazuya Takahashi, Akihiko Yoshida



However, I’m afraid I might be too lazy to see this massive thing through so it’ll likely remain a concept :/  this is the reason why I upload it now cause I still wanna share my idea behind this (n maybe smn else wants to pic this up for a short fic or smth??? *one can dream* lol)

I thought about the bros during the 10 years of darkness n what they do there (n believe me, I’ve a hundred more things to say about this topic lol).  however, this concept of a “day/night” thing came into my head.

they all would continue to hunt demons by “day”/awake time, but the “night” is a very different thing. e.g. Gladio will def be at Iris’ side whenever he can n protect the “demon slayer Iris”. but at night I see him training his body to exhaustion cause he can’t sleep otherwise. he feels like he was too weak. he couldn’t protect noct. he couldn’t stop ardyn. he couldn’t even stop fucking ravus! so he has this obession with getting stronger n training whenever he’s not fighting n he’s just generally in a dooming loop.

Prompto helps out at Hammerhead n I think he’ll keep up his facade quite well during “day” times since he’s so used to it already. however, during nights I see him laying there with his camera more often than not. n he’ll go through all the pics he shot during their journey over n over n over again n he misses his friends so much. he misses noct so damn much. n he doesn’t quite know how to go on without them. without noct. n it just hurts.

n ignis, boy, I am always so deeply impressed with his story. that he keeps hunting is just WHOA for me. he’s the hero eos deserves. but the thing is, for the longest time he’ll struggle so hard with his blindness but he doesn’t want anyone to know. like, he manages hunts surprisingly well n that’s such a relief to him. but other, more day to day, things are so much harder now. he can’t even read his recipe notes anymore! so he sits there in the evenings, trying to cook and bake n failing so hard for the longest time. n it’s so damn frustrating. (but at least here we know it’ll end well since they talk about his food again n I was soooo happy to hear Iggy managed to follow his passion again ;v;)