final fantasy character cosplay

Me vs. me after 10 days without sleeping and shaving JK

Makeup practice I did for 20 y/o Noctis and 30 y/o Noctis!

My bros want to cosplay their Homecoming outfits so I wanted to see if I could manage older Noct as well

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A bit of warm up during the stream. Attendees could pick a Stone and pick a game character they wanted them to dress up as.

Tomb as Zelda, Brim as Quiet, and Tomb again as Cindy from FFXV. Still streaming, just going to be moving on the actual projects.


I heard you like utility belts. Well I have good news for you. I am a utility belt.

A new video is up! This week I make the pouches that go on Cindy’s belt and just finish up the belt in general! If you like the video, give it a thumbs up, and leave a comment telling me your favorite FFXV character!

Hey guys!! Don’t forget to tune in this Friday night after 9pm est on my Instagram (fleetstreetfatality) for my live stream with @rozplay_ !! It’s gonna be a lot of fun and very promptis and very gay! I love you guys!! You’re the best! 🌝💕🌻🐥
Prompto: @fleetstreetfatality
Vest by: @badassbandaid
Photo by: @rozplay_


Fanime 2017 / Final Fantasy XV / photos by lets-become-stories & immortal_beast_zerodays

sailortrashface as Noctis
lets-become-stories as Prompto
evil_nikki (on instagram) as Ignis
immortal_beast_zerodays (on instagram) as Gladio

A friend of mine urged me to doodle characters from Final Fantasy VII. As it happens to be JUST one of my all time favorite games of ALL TIME, I figured I’d go all out and experiment with some lighting with my favorite FF character, Aeris. <3



Tartra fashion tends to be sort of dull and bland, tending towards practical clothes and neutral or muted colors for the average joe. If you cosplayed a final fantasy 7 character you’d more or less fit in just fine with the average joe. Tank tops, turtleneck sweaters, baggy pants, vests, and jackets are very typical articles of clothing. Practicality is seen as extremely important, though it’s not the only thing taken into account in clothing standards because they have plenty of other stupid fashion rules.

This isn’t the only style though, different regions lean towards different fashions, ie the dragon farming towns tend to dress a little more cowboy-ish.

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My genderbend Wakka cosplay debuted at Anime Expo 2016! Stayed up day and night and finished everything last minute! Wakka is such a cheerful happy character so it was fun just being myself and smiling! :D
Wakka: @Sumerbreezecosplay (IG/FB)/@acidpikachuu (Tumblr)

Photo by the amazing York In A Box
Check him out, ya?! He does great photography!

Anime Expo 2016
Day 2 & 3

Hey, Noct~🐥🐥🌝🌝🌝🌝

Little prompto practice! Would you guys like to join me for a live stream on Insta? It’s the same username as my Tumblr. 💕😙 I’d love to see you all there!!