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wait so is final fantasy a show or a game? I've seen stuff for the game but are there like movies too? If so where can I see them?? Educate meh pls???

Final Fantasy are essentially video games. Each number of the game is a stand alone game though, so new characters, new plot, new worlds, new gameplay. If you ever want to play them or get into them, just know you can start with any number. They aren’t related. They do have a couple of little consistencies and returning characters, so that makes them fall under the blanket of Final Fantasy. 

There are a couple of movies to build on the plots of the games. Final Fantasy VII has a sequel movie called Advent Children. Final Fantasy XV has a prequel movie called Kingsglaive (which I absolutely adored). Not every Final Fantasy gets that world building love though. There is one standalone movie that had nothing to do with the games called The Spirits Within. Most fans don’t talk about that one lol.

I wouldn’t recommend watching Advent Children until you’re familiar with the plot of VII. It is not standalone at all. Everything that happens is completely based on the events of the game and it relies on the fact that you have some knowledge of the plot. KingsGlaive, however, is! If you wanted to watch that one (I have it on DVD, so I’m not entirely sure where you could watch it online) it wouldn’t be hard. It came out before the game was released so its designed to give you some knowledge on the conflict and world of Final Fantasy XV. I will say it doesn’t wrap everything up in the end, so if you want to know what happens to the plot and world you’d have to look into the game. The Spirits Within had really good graphics for its day (It came out when I was in junior high, I think), and a gorgeous OST, but it never really drew me in. 

Final Fantasy XV also produced a prequel anime to introduce us to the main characters if you are into that! Its available on crunchyroll and its called Final Fantasy: Brotherhood. I only watched a couple of episodes of that but I thought it was cute. (Usually, Final Fantasy doesn’t have a good track record with their anime, in my opinion. This one was probably the most quality out of any anime they had done.)

Anon, Final Fantasy is my favorite franchise. I love it so much. I personally thought every game was strong and fun. Each has its own endearing characters and compelling plot to me. If you’re curious, my absolute favorite Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VIII. It was a war romance kind of thing with mercenary teenagers who were just trying to find their place in the world. 

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^^That guy is my favorite character of anything ever. 

Thanks for the ask, and if there is anything else you want to know, just let me know. I could talk for an entire month straight on this franchise lol. I’ve played all of them except the MMOs and a couple of spin-offs.

I was designing a building for the start of my chapter three thumbnails and realized that while this building is an amalgamation of like 18 different building styles and I DON’T CARE it’s a huge leap from the last time I tried designing a building.

I used to be AWFUL at BG design– so awful, in fact, that I never even considered getting better at it? I felt it was a hopeless cause.

Now, about 9 months into Blindsprings, I’m actually getting pretty good at backgrounds– still not great, I’ve seen too many amazing artists excel at this to even count myself among them– and it’s kind of neat?  

I never thought I’d be here, this is great and weird.

So ooo look at something from Chapter Three!

SO NEVER GIVE UP and never decide that something isn’t your forte without giving it the old college try!

If I showed you my flaws, if I couldn’t be strong…
… tell me honestly; would you still love me the same?

Merry belated Christmas, hubbycat :> @vilhem-dijkstra

I was trying to draw this since we got married ingame in October but nothing felt good enough for a log long while. I’ve been picking at it, lost progress, tried again so many times… but finally, finally here it is. Thank you so so much.

If anyone missed the wedding, it’s on video here!