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Throwback… Saturday? Selfie Game too Strong Selfie Saturday

Vyseria has gone through so many different character identity/story/face changes but it’s safe to say I’m the happiest with her current look. It’s not a look I see often in the game and it’s really fun to play around with, especially outfit ideas with her too. Everyone has met her with great reception too, I know a close friend of mine experienced some racist/abusive comments for having an Arabic surname so I’m hoping to avoid this. However, even if I receive this kind of attitude from others it won’t make me want to change her look ever.


DAY 22 : Next Primal you would like to see?

There are already so many “summons” from the other Final Fantasy that it’s difficult to chose one, so I’ll say something along the line of the Magus Sisters because the fight would be fun if we have to deal with three opponent at once.

(Yes today will be a short answer ^^”)

30 Days of Final Fantasy XIV:A Ream Reborn

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I just made Ozma the best fucking fight in the game
  • Non-new people:[explaining all the Ozma mechanics to the new kids]
  • Some new kid:Sounds like a dance.
  • Me:...
  • Ozma:[drops meteors]
  • Me:To the left
  • Me:Take it back now, ya'll.
  • Ozma:[shifts to triangle]
  • Me:Sliiiiiide to the left
  • Me:Sliiiiiide to the right
  • Raid:[kills atomos]
  • Me:One hop this time
  • Ozma:[uses assimilation]
  • Me:Reverse, reverse!
  • Ozma:[puts out the square debuff]
  • Me:Freeeeeeeeeze!
  • Me:Everybody clap yo hands!
  • Daryl Sharp claps for Ozma.

New comic! This one’s based on a true story – all but one line in here was real! Shout out to Shibo Shasu, Chachamu Chamu and Grey Form for one of the most entertaining dungeons I’ve had the pleasure to run! :)

This actually started with that snarky comment from Shibo, our elezen tank. I decided to start try and annoy him because I like to annoy Lala-haters. Much to my pleasant surprise, everyone including Shibo started playing along, all the way to the end! I had a lot of fun and laughs and Grey said it cheered him up from a bad day as well, which made me very happy :) I just had to draw it out.

Disembowel & Chaos Thrust

And here’s the next two Dragoon abilities from Final Fantasy XIV - Disembowel and Chaos Thrust! These two skills finish the first part of the Dragoon rotation. 

Again, please click the HQ link to see it in less crappy quality, and if anyone has any experience with quality GIF making then please send me a message - I could do with a lesson or two…

Oh, and you can find the post with Heavy Thurst and Impulse Drive by clicking here~



Disembowel took a little bit of practice to get right - I kept wanting to step forward during the first two swings.

I’ve always liked skills which attack from behind like this. It’s very similar to the Impulse Drive of FFXI which was one of my favourites from that game.

The ingame GIF has been slowed down so you can actually make out the actions.

Chaos Thrust


Chaos Thrust was a fun one to learn. Two baseball swings which give the momentum to give the staff a little spin before thrusting forward.

It’s fairly simple, but spending a chunk of time swinging a heavy stick from side to side gets tiring very quickly…

And again, the GIF from ingame has been slowed down a fair bit so you can see what’s going on.

The next skills I post will mostly likely be Fang and Claw (because I’m not a Rotation of Shame scrub) and Phlebotomize, so keep an eye out!

And as a final note; thank you very much to everyone who liked, reblogged and followed me from the previous set! I’m very glad you enjoyed them!


“Because what makes a MMORPG more special, is the people we play with.”

If the image loads too slow I guess I need to resize or split it into few images sobscrai 

*edit* splitted it cus tumblr resized the image to super small sobs *edit* (full view for high res)

I’ve been binge reading a lot of korean webtoons lately lol So I decided to challenge myself into making a webtoon-like (derp) comic strip. Gosh, it requires more effort than expected, maybe cus I draw too slow digitally XD not fully coloured cus I’m impatient (look at all those sloppy lines and colors LOL ). 

Shamelessly featuring me and Hael’s situation everytime he came back from work and come online _(:3J L)_ forgive my derp handwriting pls