final fantasy 13 fang


You don’t believe in anything. You gave up on life before you were even born… sat poisoning Cocoon from the inside, waiting for someone to come and destroy you. Sure, you think the end of the world is salvation. All you care about is death’s release. So take it, and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t think like that. When we think there’s no hope left, we keep looking until we find some. Maybe Cocoon is past saving, but it’s our home. And we’ll protect it or die trying! We live to make the impossible possible! That is our Focus!


Final Fantasy XIII Appreciation Week: Day 2 - Favorite Game: Lightning Returns

“I’ll be the goddess of death, all right. Just not the one you want.”

The #FanServiceFriday MUST GO ON! \o/

Here’s more Fang at the Pulsian waterfalls. Care for a little swim, Light?

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photo by Oni Hideout - Drawings and Arts edit by Rizzy no Okuni // Eckhardt CosPhotos


sso I finished lighning returns the other day and i m not cryin g you’r e cr ying

high res here