final fantasy 13 2 spoilers


By the hand of the Oracle, they are with the King now – their rightful owner. And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge.

Ravus Nox Fleuret - Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 Verse 2


This is Ignis.

He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

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Noel sneaks into the cathedral and brings vanille flowers and stuff because mY KIDS CANT JUST BE MISERABLE FOR 500+ YEARS

Final Fantasy 13-2 is funny for me just because everything that goes wrong is because Etro wanted to help out.

Most games with gods and goddesses tend to have them stay on the sidelines, they either stay as unseen watchers from start to finish or just give the occasional bit of cheer while you try your best to stop whatever monster is trying to destroy reality this time.

Etro meanwhile doesn’t want to stay still, no matter how much it would mess with things.

Etro is touched by the devotion a Guardian shows to her endlessly reincarnating seeress, and blesses him with her heart so that way he can watch over his charge for all eternity. This means that instead of having to watch one Yuel die from the strain of seeing time, Caius has to see all of them die, which really fucks him up. And when he does snap, his plan to kill Etro literally cannot fail, since if he wins Etro dies, if he loses he can try again, and if he dies Etro dies.

Etro watches the 13-1 party save the world by sacrificing themselves to keep Cocoon airborne, and goes ‘well gee golly gosh, this is a terribly sad ending. I want all smiles for these fuckers, they earned it.’ She then wakes everyone but Vanille and Fang from crystal stasis and wipes their brands. In doing this, Etro:

A) Allowed the Unseen Chaos to rush through the gate and start fucking up the world, forcing her to burn almost all her power to try and repair the damage.

B) Forced her to yoink Lightning from her happy ending to try and keep Etro safe.

C) Caused a paradox effect that went back and forth to slap each and every Yuel with an updated version of the timeline, killing them even earlier than before.

So because of that, Etro is on the verge of death with a single person to keep her safe, and also pissed off the last guy she helped out. The guy that, because of Etro’s blessing, is able to kill her off for good if he wins, and will take her down with him if he gets permanently killed. And since he’s immortal, Caius can keep trying to force a win until the heroes manage to kill him.

So the entirety of 13-2 and Lightning Returns comes about because Etro was trying way, way too hard to be helpful.


Ravus supposedly died from injuries he sustained from his fall from the throne room (symbolic death right there, my friends!), but Noctis fell from a really tall height before and had stuff fall on top of him and survived.

But just before that, he fought against the demon scourge and was being blasted with the darkness, so he probably sustained injuries from that. Perhaps the scourge too was what triggered his daemon side before the Chapter 13 fight? Who knows? But what if it wasn’t the fall or the daemon magic that caused him to die/be weakened?

What if it was Regis’s sword?
Because, when you use the Armigers too much, they take away a bit of your health each attack, each strike. And Ravus fought off three daemons and Iedolas’s barrage before he fell. But Ravus still got up to move afterwards despite being critical. Then his arm gets swooshed off, and he falls over dead.
But he held onto the sword the entire time: a man technically unworthy of the Lucii and who never used Regis’s sword to begin with after having it so long.

You think he didn’t use it because he knew it’s magic would kill him? So as a last resort, he fought with it and ended up dying because of the life it drained from him.

In a way, it WAS Noctis that killed him – the Lucii who basically spared him before but killed him finally. Or at least, perhaps it was the sword. Almost kinda sad if you think of it that way: Regis abandoned Ravus to a fate worse than death a second time.


Can we talk about this for a minute here? I mean seriously, did Square just completely forget all the Yeuls strung up Serah’s dead corpse, made her bleed chaos out of her eyeballs and then laughed at Lightning after saying she and everyone else would share her sister’s fate in melting into darkness when the world ends?

Pardon me, but where the hell was this psycho ‘corpse hanging/eye bleeding'  Yeul in Lightning Returns? And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be cool if someone did that to my sister’s dead body. And if it weren’t for the thinning of emotions, I’m pretty sure Lightning wouldn’t have been able to hold a calm conversation with those Yeuls without blowing a fuse.

Please someone, give a legit reason why this is sane behavior? And why it’s so casually brushed over in the sequel….because I really was looking forward to some crazy/evil Yeuls and I’m annoyed. ;_;