final fantasy 012

  • Widowmaker: It is time we put an end to this game.
  • (Tracer prepares for a fight… only to stare at Widowmaker)
  • Widowmaker: What’s wrong? Frozen by fear’s icy grip?
  • Tracer: O-Of course not! Not.. not at all. Just, I, um… was just admiring your appearance, is all.
  • (Widowmaker glare intensifies)
  • Tracer: Well, not.. not any particular PART of your appearance much–
  • (Tracer cries out in pain and falls to her knees)
  • Tracer: Ah… leg cramp…!
  • (Widowmaker stares while Tracer groans in pain)
  • Widowmaker: Unbelievable. Overwatch must rest well with brave defenders of your like.
  • Submitted by Madduchessal

Chibi Cloud & Tifa 💕