final exams are in 3 weeks

i’m finally on spring break….i brought 5 bags home with me and 4 of them were laundry….sheets and towels but mostly sweatpants and old slam shirts…..i ran out of socks a week before finals ended and had to make do…..i felt weird when i woke up at noon today and realized it was because i had taken 3 exams in the 2 days since i last showered….college is hard

03.26.17: One day post finals. 

This week has been the longest, roughest finals week I’ve ever endured. I have never studied so much in my life!!!!! Time to rest my brain. x_x

On another note though, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K!!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT. <3 I will try to post as often as I can! Happy studying! xoxo



its been a productive week so far, the slump has passed for now and i finally felt like i could put brighter colors back in my journaling. finished my video project as i scheduled myself and now all i have to worry about is studying for my midterm that is on thursday. sending out good vibes to everyone working on projects and studying for exams!! i believe in you! 

Dex drops his bag next to the green couch and shrugs off his coat, heading toward the soft yellow light spilling out of the kitchen. The Haus is quiet; it’s midterms week, and everyone is pulling their last marathon study sessions before the final round of tests ends tomorrow. Fortunately for Dex, his last exam was earlier this morning, but the others are still holed up in their usual study spaces. If he’s right, Ransom and Holster should be in the library, Chowder should be in Farmer’s dorm, Lardo should be pacing around her studio, and Bitty should be - well, in the kitchen, he guesses, considering the smell that’s wafting through the hallway. 

He guesses right. When he enters the kitchen, he finds Bitty rolling out sugar cookie dough and humming whatever’s playing in his earbuds. Dex taps the doorframe to let Bitty know he’s there, and then he notices that Bitty isn’t alone.

Nursey’s here, too, scribbling frantically on a yellow legal pad and buried under a mess of loose papers and highlighters. Bitty turns to give Dex his best warning stare and Dex makes a motion as if to zip his lips shut, perching up on the countertop and stealing a cookie from the tray that’s cooling next to him.

For a minute or two he watches Nursey continue to scribble like his life depends on it. He’s seen Nursey this stressed before, but only around exams. Nursey may try to maintain his chill, but Dex knows that his grades are one of the few things that can pull his d-man out of his shell instantly. He works hard, Dex thinks. Really hard. Sometimes, beyond the point when even Dex himself would call it quits and take a nap - and Dex doesn’t give anything up easily. Never has, never will. 

He’s startled out of his thoughts by Bitty pushing a mixing bowl into his arms and handing him a wooden spoon. While Bitty swaps trays in and out of the oven, Dex starts absentmindedly mixing, watching as Nursey shuffles some papers around and picks up a green highlighter. 

Nursey underlines a few phrases before tossing the highlighter back onto the table, heaving a heavy sigh, and shoving a hand through his hair. Dex gets an idea. It’s stupid and small, but it’s an idea. 

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NCT as Soccer Fans
  • Taeil: knows every team and player's stats. tries to predict a game's outcome through statistics
  • Hansol: does not actually know what he is doing there. got dragged along by his friends
  • Johnny: almost like an actual cheerleader. leads the chants for everyone to follow
  • Taeyong: just loves to watch the game for entertainment. does not really support a certain team, is just there to see the action
  • Yuta: the hardcore fan. is an athlete himself. knows every player in the league. knows the history of soccer in all its forms. truly loves soccer with all his heart
  • Kun: his eyes are keener than the referees'. spots a lot uncalled violations
  • Doyoung: would rant about the game's controversial plays. makes conspiracy theories on possible mafia involvements
  • Ten: stirs up the social media. makes memes. updates everyone in a very extra way
  • Jaehyun and Winwin: shows up with all the colorful wigs and face paint
  • Mark: the loyal™ fan. he was born to support his hometwown team. would support his team with his life
  • Renjun: would cry if his team loses
  • Jeno and Jaemin: would skip classes just to watch the game
  • Haechan: that one annoying fan of the opposing team. would start an argument on which team is better. be prepared for a mouthful when his team wins
  • Chenle: a big-shot gambler. i would not even need to explain
  • Jisung: tries to make himself love soccer. feels a strong spiritual connection towards soccer because his name is park jisung

Merry Christmas! It’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Because exams are so serious, you can enjoy reading something a little light-hearted :)

Study 3-4 weeks in advance of the finals. I feel like once you actually get down to it, after all the touching up to find out what concepts you need to understand or reclarify with the teacher, then starting revision about 4 weeks advance is enough to get you a very high mark in a course. Of course assignments usually take a lot of the time, but if you can manage to start, then you’ll find that everything else kind of falls into place. And you still manage to finish those assignments before the due date.

Form study groups leading up to the exam. Or not. I usually prefer studying by myself since I’m someone who works at their own pace, despite the fact that the times that I studied with others were quite productive. If it works for you, I say go for it.

Study for open book exams too! Because you can guarantee that they’ll ask you questions that make you wonder whether you’ve even covered that even remotely in class. Radiometry, Photometry and Colorimetry exam I’ll forever remember you ==‘

Arrive at the exam place early to tackle exam stress and anxiety. I find that getting to the exam facility early really helps you acclimatise to the environment and focus on staying calm and collected. When I was in first year a lecturer advised us to arrive an hour early just in case any train delays occur, so now I usually arrive more than 40 minutes before an exam. Also don’t freak out in the exam. Every minute counts!

Try and convince yourself that you don’t care anymore. This totally works for any overachievers or people who stress about doing the best that they can like me. Yep, just repeat to yourself, or listen to the song! “I Don’t Care” :) a little 2NE1 never hurts (my music style is more SM Ent though haha).

Study till the last minute. I’ve tried both relaxing the last day and studying the last day. Personally I’ve had one or two cases where studying on the last day led to an extra mark, and I don’t feel any big difference in stress levels, so I always just try and study until the last minute.

Exam staff are so very difficult. Not kidding, even a tiny blue tint and you can’t bring your water bottle in. You can’t wear a watch, or even put it on the table. You can’t write your name after times up, yup, even just your name so they know who filled out the exam LOL. They’re just doing their job, but they’ll get you to pull out your hair wondering who. the. heck. made. these. rules. Taking bets for the next thing they’ll ban! (my money’s on jumpers and jackets)

Collect the massive bags that they give you before an exam. I was literally so sad when they switched over to those tiny plastic bags. The big ones we used to be given that would fit your laptop were made of such good material and you could use them again for many purposes. I did manage to snag quite a few the first few semesters we had them though ;)

That moment when you manage to sit next to your friend in an exam and wave hiiiiiiiiiii (which translates to *heeeeeeeeelp*). Exam seating is random so you get given a card and you follow the spot to your seat. There was one time though that was such a coincidence I was like whaaaa? I was sitting an exam and went in with my friend. When we were about to get the cards, I turned around to go get my ruler from my bag just in case, and the card that I got was literally the one right next to my friend hahaha. 

Make sure you don’t drink too much water. Some exams really have you racing against the clock! No time for tinkling in the toilet when you have to tinker with the test whilst the time goes tick tock! (did you like that cause I thought that was pretty funny… no…? okay…)

Don’t leave early unless you’ve racked your brains for the answer twice over. Once I finished an exam early and checked my answers once or twice before sitting back and relaxing (which really means uncomfortably shifting around in a chair with no cushioning). I had about 20 minutes left for the exam, and only in the last minute did I flip over and realise I had read one question wrong. Thankfully I was able to change it and get that extra mark ^_^





At the start of year 12, my amazing French teacher gave us all a writing and speaking cheat sheet, which contained higher-level, sophisticated phrases to score us good grades in speaking and writing exams. I kept mine in my folder for both years, and made constant reference to it, making sure I’d packed my answers with these kinds of phrases. I was sorting through A Level work the other week and found my (now slightly scruffy) cheat sheet, and thought I’d write it out neatly and scan it in for you guys! There’s 3 different columns of vocabulary, one expressing different ways to give your opinion, the next displaying different ways to say you agree with something, and finally the last showing you a ton of ways to present a counterargument. Hope you guys find it useful!

Download a copy here from Google Drive

mawaddahar said to collegerefs: how to get straight As in exams. im craving to get it! help me.

1. Start the semester strong by developing good notetaking methods

A big mistake some people make is by being too relaxed at the beginning of the semester. They’ll take it easy, take some mediocre notes, then start to panic when the midterm comes around. You need to find a good notetaking method ASAP and follow it consistently. Taking good notes is essential to good studying habits. 

2. Study frequently

I say this all the time, but studying every day or every week is so much more effective than waiting until the day before the exam to start studying. Study often and you won’t have to cram at the end of the semester. It doesn’t have to be long, intense study sessions; just study for 20 minutes every day and you’ll start to memorize and retain so much more information than if you’d just waited until the night before the final.

3. Create practice tests

Sites like quizlet can help you develop your own practice tests for classes. Practice tests are a great studying tool because they will help you identify the material with which you’re having issues, so you know what you really need to study and what you already know pretty well. 

4. Attend study sessions

If you’re lucky enough to have a professor or TA who holds a study session, go to it. They know what’s on the exam and they’ll definitely give hints about what you will need to know. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions about material you don’t understand. 

5. Engage during class

I learn so much more when I’m actively talking to my professor and answering questions. Just sitting in class while mindlessly copying down notes won’t help you retain nearly as much as actually participating will. 

6. Pretend to teach someone else the material

This is a great studying method because if you can effectively teach someone else something, then you know the material very well. One way that I do this is by summarizing my notes into a concise paragraph that would be able to teach someone the gist of the lesson. 

7. Use all the time you are given for an exam

Don’t be the kid who leaves 20 minutes early during an exam. Double check your test. Triple check your test. Make sure you read each question carefully and you didn’t miss any “ands” or “buts.” Give yourself time to try to remember terms that you think you’ve forgotten. Test anxiety is a very real thing and if you take the full time to check over your exam, you’ll catch mistakes you made when you were frantically trying to complete the test.

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sugakookie scenario for flowerkook cause yoongi is not ur bias and good luck with finals and ur exam!! <3 

You are not good at math. Jungkook isn’t either. But maybe two brains really are better than one and well, a week before your final seems like a good time to test it out so lo and behold, you’re bowing your way into Jungkook’s house, which he tells you is empty over his shoulder, kicking his shoes off at the front door.

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Private Collection: Part 3

So I was supposed to upload this a long ass time ago, but I had my final exams, and graduation, and my bestfriends birthday that I was helping her plan, and it kind of just sat in a document half finished… ENJOY!

Part 1

Part 2

Originally posted by mendesgif

I can’t believe you actually bought that…! Have you showed him yet?’

I giggled softly, biting my lip and typing out a reply to my bestfriend, wriggling my feet from where they were resting in Shawn’s lap, my back leaning up against the car door.

‘I’m way too embarrassed to show him! He’s been too busy :( Swear 2 god we haven’t done anything in like, 3 weeks! A GIRL HAS NEEDS!’

I locked my phone, placing it on my lap and cocking my head slightly, staring lovingly at my sleepy boyfriend, earphones in and his music playing softly, lulling him to sleep. He had been up since 6am, working on the new album and attending a few interviews that his manager had set up for him today. I hadn’t joined him till midday, bringing bags of lunch for everyone, earning several groans of approval through food stuffed mouths. It was now almost 7pm; Shawn didn’t have a show tonight, so he was taking full advantage of the free time and was napping on the ride back to the hotel we were all staying at.

“I can feel you staring,” his low, sleepy voice broke the silence, making me blush but not look away, giggling when he cracked an eye open weakly, wincing when he shifted in his seat. “God, I’m so stiff..” He paused for a moment, shaking his head at the comment. “And I should not have said that…”

“Poor Shawn has a stiffy,” I teased, undoing my seatbelt and sliding across the seats until I was sat next to him, curling into his side, his arm throwing itself over my shoulders out of habit. One of my arms wrapped around his waist, the other resting across his stomach, my fingers brushing against the small patch of skin that was on show due to his shirt rising up. “You’re so warm…”

“You’re so cold,” he pulled me tighter against him, pressing a kiss to my forehead, his chest rumbling slightly in laughter when he heard my sound of approval. “How did I get such an adorable girlfriend…”

“You’re damn lucky,” I scoffed, shifting my legs so one was thrown over his, finally getting comfortable in the moving vehicle. “Can we just go up to the room when we get back?”

“Of course we can, babygirl…” Shawn mumbled, already beginning to fall back asleep. “I love you…”

“Love you too.”

Shawn fell face first onto the hotel bed, kicking his converse off weakly, the shoes thudding against the carpet of the room.

“Lazy ass,” I rolled my eyes, shredding myself of my jacket, shoes and jeans, leaving me in just my oversized muscle tee, before joining my sleepy boyfriend on the bed, lying directly on his back, giggling when he began to groan. “I’m not that heavy!”

“No! It feels good,” he rolled his shoulders slightly, the joints popping lightly under the weight of my body. “It’s cracking my back..”

“Want a proper massage?” I sat up, straddling his lower back, running my hands down his clothed back. He simply nodded, turning his head to the side so he could see me, a cheeky grin spread across his face. “Well then take your shirt off!” He gently pushed me off his back, rolling over and sitting up slightly, pulling the back material over his head and throwing it across the room. I shamelessly trailed my hands across his torso, the hard muscle flexing under my touch.

“We can totally do something else if you want to?” he raised a brow, chuckling  when I pushed him onto his stomach forcefully, resuming my position on his back. “Feisty…”

“Shut it, Mendes,” I blushed, reaching towards the nightstand and picking up the lotion I had conveniently left there last night, squeezing a small amount directly onto his back, making a smiley face with the cream. I grinned softly, throwing the lotion next to me, placing my hands on his upper back and pressing lightly into the muscles of his back.

“Harder,” I heard him mumble into the pillow. I pushed harder, spreading the lotion around the expanse of his back, focusing mainly on his shoulders, relaxing the muscles and the joints that were tense from extreme exercise, stress and a lack of sleep. He groaned under my touch, fists clenching at his sides, his back gradually relaxing under the pressure. “Why are you so good at this…”

“I have magic hands,” I worked out a particularly hard spot in his back, leaning down until my entire front was pressed against his back, placing soft kisses along his shoulders. My hands travelled down to his lower back, running just above the hem of his jeans. “Want to find out just how magic they can be?” Shawn tensed slightly at my words before flipping himself onto his back, gripping my thighs so I didn’t fall off his lap. I placed my hands on his bare chest, smiling innocently down at him.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Shawn groaned, sitting up and capturing my lips in a heated kiss, his hands trailing up my shirt and resting on my waist, pulling me flush against him. “So perfect,” he mumbled into the kiss, biting my lip and sucking on it softly. “Take your shirt off, babygirl.”

“Call me that one more time, and I’ll get on my knees right now,” I rolled my eyes, pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it across the room, squealing when Shawn flipped us over, hovering over me with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Oh really?” he raised a brow, lowering himself onto his elbows, trailing one hand down my side, completely skipping over where I needed him most, instead resting on my thigh. “Well in that case…” I silenced him with a kiss, cupping his face gently in my hands, whimpering when he ground down against me, the rough fabric of his jeans creating a delicious friction over the lace of my panties. Shawn pulled back from the kiss, shifting so one of his legs was slotted in-between mine, a groan falling from my mouth once I felt the now constant pressure against my clit. “Are these new?” Shawn flicked the waistband of my panties, chucking when I nodded hesitantly. “I saw those pictures on your phone, babygirl… The ones you sent Y/BF/N,” he began to gently suck on my neck, humming in approval when I titled my head back further. “Were you trying to get my attention?”

“Y-yes,” I breathed out, fisting the sheets tightly, bucking my hips rhythmically against his thigh, already beginning to feel an orgasm come on. “I… You just… We haven’t…”

“I know,” Shawn stopped me mid sentence, pulling back from me neck and looking me in the eyes, his chocolate coloured eyes sparkling with excitement. “I’ve been ignoring you recently, haven’t I?” I simply nodded, not trusting my own voice. “I’m sorry babygirl… I’m going to make up for everything I’ve made you wait for.” He halted my movements along his thigh, making me whine in frustration. He slid down my body, beginning to press kisses along the soft skin of my stomach. “So beautiful…” I squirmed impatiently under his touch.

“Shawn,” I breathed out, running my fingers through his hair, arching my back slightly, his kisses now being placed along the tops of my breasts. He began to softly nip at the skin there, one his hands pressing against my hip to keep me pinned to the bed, the other hand finding its way underneath me, expertly undoing my bra in one motion. He pulled it off for me, the lacy material joining our other clothes on the floor. I felt my cheeks heat up at his intense gaze, my arms automatically going to cover my chest in embarrassment, only to have him pin them above my head, my wrists trapped in one of his hands.

“Don’t hide your body from me,” he spoke softly, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to my cheek, trailing them down my jaw, my neck, across my collar bones, his free hand sliding its way up my bare torso until it was cupping my breast, his thumb running across my nipple ever so slightly. “You’re absolutely stunning, Y/N.” I let out a whine of satisfaction at his compliment, arching my back further, pressing my chest into his hand, his mouth joining in on the fun and attacking my neglected side with small hickies.

I squeezed my legs shut as best I could with him lying between them, needing to find some sort of friction to compensate for what Shawn was doing to my chest. I always had a thing for hickies; the feeling and sight of them just drove me wild, and Shawn knew that.

“Shawn, please,” I whimpered, clenching my hands into fists, straining against his strong hold on my wrists, still keeping my hands above my head. Shawn chuckled slightly against my skin, letting my hands free and instead trailing his hand down to where I needed him most, his calloused fingertips running along the inside of my thighs, making me squirm once more. “No teasing!” He looked up at me through his lashes, raising a brow slightly.

“As you wish, princess,” he purred, sliding back up my body and capturing my lips in a passionate kiss, simultaneously pushing my panties to the side and sinking a finger inside of mine. I let out a muffled groan, gripping the hotel bed sheets tightly between my fists, not used to the intrusion. Shawn broke the kiss, his lips continuously brushing against mine, his thumb pressing against my clit, moving in slow circles, my body shivering at the stimulation. “God, you’re so wet..”

“Only for you,” I breathed out, arching my back off the bed when he slipped another finger it, crooking them just right and managing to brush against my sweet spot. “Fucking hell!”

“Watch your language,” Shawn growled against my lips, roughly thrusting his fingers into me before removing his hand completely, a whine of frustration leaving my mouth. He pulled away from my body with a single lingering kiss, bouncing off the bed and standing beside it. I pouted, flopping back on the bed, entirely tempted to just finish myself off. “Patience is a virtue, babygirl..” He popped the button on his jeans, unzipping them unbelievably slow. I pushed myself onto my knees, batting his hands away and tucking my fingers under the hem of his jeans and boxers. I pulled them both down in one swift movement, placing my hands on his stomach while he kicked them off completely, intent on tracing the outline of his abs, loving the way he automatically flexed under my touch.

“Will you fuck me now?” I bit my lip, staring up at him through my lashes, batting them innocently. Shawn’s eyes darkened, gesturing for me to lie down, obviously having to hold himself back from being too rough with me. I spun around on my knees, moving into the middle of the bed, and wiggling my hips invitingly, turning to look at him over my shoulder.

“Oh babygirl, you know how to make me happy,” Shawn groaned, settling behind me and gently pushing on my back until my chest was flush against the bed spread, my back arching almost painfully to keep my hips jutted out. “You okay?”

“Mmhmm,” I mumbled, rocking back against him, sighing at the feeling of his hand running along my ass. “Please, Shawn…”

“Shhh baby,” Shawn hummed, running his hand along my side, squeezing my hip gently before removing itself. “I’m going to make you feel real good, babygirl.” I heard the telltale sound of a condom packet being ripped open, and I began to practically buzz with excitement. He ran his tip along my folds teasingly, tutting softly when I tried to rock back into him.

“Please, Sh-” before I could finished my sentence he gripped my hip with one hand and bucked into me, completely filling me in one quick thrust. “F-U-CK!” One hand tangled itself in my hair, yanking non too gently on my unruly locks, making me let out a guttural groan. I pushed myself up onto my hands shakily, Shawn’s thrusts never faltering for a second as I moved around. “Sh-awn… Oh shit!”

“Quiet baby,” he whispered, leaning down and nipping the side of my neck, slowing his pace and moving the hand in my hair to pull me flush against his chest, resting dangerously close to my throat. “We don’t want the neighbours to hear us, now do we?” He slowly ground against me, making me shudder at the deeper feeling, already beginning to feel my orgasm come back to me, the new position allowing his cock to rub against my sweet spot. “Or maybe you want that… Maybe you want everyone to know who’s making you feel this good?” He bit and sucked his way down my neck. I nodded jerkily, letting out a high pitched moan when he slapped my inner thigh. “What was that?”

“YES! Yes, oh god,” I shook in his arms, grinding back against him, desperate for a faster friction that he wasn’t providing me. “Please, god Shawn, faster!” I felt him smirk against my neck, before I was flipped over onto my back, Shawn hooking my right leg over his shoulder and thrusting into me, mercilessly pounding into me, hands either side of my head being the only things holding him up. I cried out in ecstasy, not even making a move to muffle it, not caring that the people staying in the room beside us could hear us. “Shit, Shawn! Oh m-god!” I gripped the sheets tightly in my fists, pressure twisting in my stomach from the sought after orgasm. “Please, please, please!” I whimpered, staring up at him through glossy eyes. He smirked down at me, gliding a hand teasingly up my thigh, never once letting up on the constant fucking. I let out a half-sob when I felt his thumb circle around my clit, keeping in pace with his thrusting.

“You gonna cum for me, babygirl?” I opened my mouth to answer, only to have a high pitched whine escape instead. “C’mon princess, cum for me… Cum all over my cock…”

“Sh-AWN!” I cried out, squeezing my eyes shut and arching myself into him as I felt my orgasm wash over me, my walls automatically clenching around him, forcing an incredibly hot moan to fall from his mouth. He collapsed onto his elbows, nuzzling his face into my exposed neck, his thrusts becoming weaker before a guttural groan fell from his lips, cumming into the condom.

“Shit,” he breathed out, thrusting weakly into me to ride out his orgasm, only stopping when he heard my low whimper. “Sorry, babygirl…” He lifted his head, placing a lazy kiss to the corner of my mouth before lifting himself off of me. I heard him shuffle around the room, hopefully cleaning up the mess we had made and disposing of the condom. “Are you okay?”

“‘m sensitive,” I giggled weakly, whimpering when I tried to close my legs together for some modesty. I opened my eyes, blinking lightly to adjust to the harsh light in the room, weakly lifting myself onto my elbows. “Come cuddle with me?” Shawn pulled on a fresh pair of boxers before bouncing onto the bed, pulling me up so I was lying against his chest, my body weakly draped over his. “Where are my boxers?”

“I think you look just fine like this,” he pinched my ass playfully, chuckling when I made a weak attempt to swat him away. We lay in silence for a few more moments, the only sound that I could hear was his steady heartbeat, and the soft pants we were letting out every so often. “So…. Can I have copies of the pictures on your phone?” I snorted softly, slapping his chest lightly. “What!? At least I asked!”

“Why have pictures, when you can see the real thing anytime you like?”


Hal and Barry in a haunted house. (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)

Bonus polaroid pic:

“Wanna do it again?”

“Shut it,Hal…”

Based on this ask.

I know it’s not really what @halbeary was describing but i hope it’s still okay??

-anything below this text is just an update about me.-

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I don’t really know what to say…
I’ve done 4 of my final exams, I have 3 left (1 of which is in an hours time), and I have never been so unmotivated in my life.
A week ago, a massive earthquake hit our country (NZ)… and while I wasn’t physically harmed, I can’t focus at all. I haven’t slept, I haven’t studied, and I know I’m going to get horrible grades…

I hope everyone else is doing alright 😁