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B. Albimarginata

So, I may be buying a pair of Betta albimarginata from a fellow Canadian hobbyist. The price is good and the shipping is good (and he’s potentially going to be in town, so I may save on the shipping altogether). The fish are nine months old and about 3-3.5cm.

Only thing is now is that he’s a slow email responder. For the love of god, dude, just answer me and finalize the details. If he does, I may have the pair next weekend.

Also, me and my mom and dad were playing cards and throwing out ideas for fish names. Some of them were so amusing but so not appropriate for this blog, haha. But the one that stuck is Bacon and Eggs. I’m really tempted to call them that.


Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^


“Anti breakout” 

*EDIT* THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY PAINTED this is called smudgeart and i did some painting on it like pores specs hair etc…but not the entire image. It’s an Edit. sorry for confusing some of you.

This Thumbnail was just perfect. @therealjacksepticeye
Included a close up for those Interestet in Details. The Final Image is size A3.



Fake Laf AU

Yeah i decided to make a post…finally

In a hot day Jefferson pulled up his hair and Hamilton kissed him thinking he’s Lafayette,his lover,who have been in prison in France for 5 years and came out recently.

Jefferson is disgusted at the beggining,but he founds himself to be in love with Hamilton. But Ham is already in a relationship with Lafayette and he hates Jefferson.

So Jefferson decided to write a letter to ask Lafayette if he can pretend to be him,since Laf already used Jeff’s identity once.

Lafayette is okay with it,but warns Jefferson to not play with Hamilton’s feelings.

Jefferson than falls into a disturbed and obsessive love.

His letters to Lafayette became more and more perverts and he destroys Laf’s letters towards Hamilton.

Lafayette,worried,writes to Angelica,that is confused by the situation.

Lafayette deicedes to go to America with his best friend Adrienne.

At this point the AU may finish in 3 ways:

1) Loveless Ending.

Hamilton found out about Jefferson’s true identity by a conversation he had with Madison.

Jefferson kidnaps,tortures and rapes him. He forces Hamilton to think he’s Lafayette.

Lafayette finally arrives and Hamilton’s mind breaks.

Jefferson trys to attack Lafayette,but Washington shoots him and Lafayette decides to kill him,making everyone belives it was self defence.

Angelica,Pendleton and Peggy write The Jefferson Pamphlet.

2) Lovesick Ending.

Hamilton found out about Jefferson’s true identity thanks to Pendleton.

Lafayette arrives and have a fight with Jefferson.

Jefferson hit Lafayette in the head and Laf passes out.

When he wakes up he’s bound and so it’s Hamilton.

Jefferson tortures and rapes them.

Angelica,Pendleton and Peggy write The Jefferson Pamphlet. They all hope somebody will someday found Hamilton and Lafayette.

3) Normal Ending.

Hamilton found out about Jefferson’s true identity by himself.

Lafayette arrives and have a fight with Jefferson.

When Jefferson trys to hit Lafayette Hamilton is the one to get hurt.

Jefferson ran away and hides himself in his house.

Angelica,Pendleton and Peggy write The Jefferson Pamphlet.


“And what time will you bring him?”

“Six, Lydia, six! Is there a reason you’ve asked me three times already?“

“Because it’s important, and we both know how slippery your focus is. I bet you’re doing three things at once right now.”

“For your information, I’m doing two. Ordering the cake, putting bullshit answers down for my history paper, and talking to— that’s, that’s three, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And what time will you bring him?”


✨ Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. ✨

‘Overwatch’ finally references Tracer’s girlfriend Emily in the game

  • You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know the Overwatch character Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily — but the newest Overwatch patch looks like it’ll finally bring that significant detail to the game.
  • That’s because a new voice line on the current build of the public test realm contains its first in-game reference to Emily, nearly six months after Blizzard introduced her in the holiday-themed “Reflections” comic.
  • The current build on the PTR — the one with that new Horizon Lunar Colony map — contains a brand-new voice line in which Tracer’s girlfriend Emily is acknowledged in-game for the very first time.
  • “I wonder if I have time to visit Emily,” Tracer says. “No, better stay focused.” Read more/listen (6/6/17)

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