final daze

I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give
I gave you love
I gave you all that I have inside
And you took my love
You took my love

- No Ordinary Love, Sade

Thanks Sade for low-key giving me the motivation to finish drawings in one sitting ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Link, listening to Kass’ final song in a daze, reeling from the information he’s being given. He just stands there, absorbing it. He quietly answers yes when Kass asks him if he will accept it. He looks out toward Hyrule Castle, and in that moment he realises that he isn’t just accepting the song. He’s accepting his duty. He’s accepting his destiny. 

He’s accepting her love. 

He turns back to Kass. And he asks, softly: “Would you play it again?” 

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So how would all of them panthom thieves react if their S/O ( a persona user too) got hurt for protceting them against a very porwerful shadow (like jumping in front attack meant for them) ?

That shadow would not live to see another second. I didn’t include Crow because he’s technically not a Phantom Thief, but if you want him added, let me know! Thank you for the ask!

Edit: I forgot to add gifs because I’m a big dummy, so here’s the revision!


  • This would be the one time he loses his composure. He would immediately heal them but he would break out in a cold sweat while doing so. The rest of the team covers for him while he patches up their wound. He would not hesitate to issue an order to switch them out with someone else, even if they still wanted to fight.
  • Joker silently faces the shadow, and if the look in his eyes didn’t kill it then his most powerful attacks will have to do the job.
  • He becomes more reckless trying to ensure that the shadow suffers a hundred times the amount of pain that s/o did. He forgets to heal himself so that’s left up to the rest of the team.
  • The battle’s over shortly, and he hastily rushes over to their side.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They reassure him that they’re fine, and he nods in response. The team is exhausted, so everyone decides to pack up and head home. Joker doesn’t take his eyes off his s/o for the entirety of the trip back to reality, and then he escorts them to Leblanc for some coffee.
  • “Thank you, by the way.” He sets the freshly brewed coffee in front of them. “And I’m sorry. As the leader I’m supposed to protect my teammates, and I failed.”
  • “Even you can’t do everything by yourself,” they said. “Let us protect you once in a while.”
  • Akira smiled sweetly and nodded. He never once left their side until he reluctanly had to send them home.


  • He was taken by surprise when they shoved him out of the way. He was even more speechless as he watched them hit the ground with so much force. He abruptly rushes over, and his panic causes him to trip over himself as he desperately tries to approach them. 
  • “You okay?! Say somethin’, dammit!”
  • He fumbles around his pockets for healing items and practically jams a Muscle Drink down their throat. Once he’s sure they’re okay he returns to battle, more violent than ever.
  • “You son of a bitch!”
  • The blows from a shotgun, accompanied by Skull’s profane shouting, reverberated throughout the room. After the battle, he’s at their side in an instant and helping them stand.
  • “Don’t do somethin’ so reckless ever again. ‘Kay?”
  • His arm is pasted around them for the rest of the journey home.


  • She was fuming when they suddenly pushed her to the ground.
  • “Hey! What gives?!”
  • She noticed the gash on their chest and felt all the color drain from her face.
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Ignoring everything else, she crouches down to her s/o and utilizes Carmen’s healing ability. She strokes their cheek and silently trudges back to battle.
  • “…Carmen.” 
  • The shadow is engulfed in powerful flames, and it doesn’t take long until it disintegrates from the scalding licks of fire. Panther then dashes to her now standing s/o, their mouth agape as they stared at her in awe.
  • “What?” Panther asks, a faint blush creeping on her cheeks.
  • “That was really hot,” they replied.
  • Panther retaliated with a light smack on their shoulder and then proceeded to pout.
  • “It’s not funny! You really had me worried!”
  • Regardless of her ‘anger’, Panther still laced her fingers with her s/o’s, and the two regrouped with their fellow thieves.


  • Fox would be severely injured at this rate. His agility was second to none but the blows he did receive were potent. Just as the shadow was ready to strike again, Fox felt a pair of hands shove him away, and by the time he turned around to observe what happened his s/o was already unconscious on the ground.
  • “No!”
  • The shadow was relentless as it struck at Fox yet again. In the blink of eye, the shadow fell to the ground. Slowly, Fox turned to the helpless shadow that was now pleading for its life. A sadistic grin tugged at the corners of Fox’s lips.
  • “And the curtain falls.”
  • When he sheathed his katana the shadow dissipated, and the battle was over. Fox heard coughing behind him and redirected his attention back toward his s/o. He threw himself to the ground next to them and held them in his arms.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They nodded weakly.
  • “That was very foolish of you. How could you be so careless?” They dropped their head apologetically. Fox sighed.
  • “I apologize as well. Had it not been for my own impetuousness you would not have needed to shield me.”
  • His s/o took Fox’s free hand and kissed it. “Don’t be sorry, I wanted to protect you.” They glanced over at the nearby sketchbook.
  • Fox followed their gaze and eyed his drawing. 
  • “Perhaps we should take our art study ‘date’ to a more secure location.”


  • Even though Queen was tough as nails, she wasn’t invulnerable. She had become fatigued from using so much energy and her movements became slower. If she suffered a critical hit, she wasn’t sure if she could muster enough energy to heal herself. 
  • As the shadow swung at her, she saw her s/o leap right in front of her. The impact was enough to knock the couple down. 
  • Queen pried herself out from under her s/o to get a better look at their injuries. They weren’t fatal, but they weren’t exactly minor either. Queen manifested first aid from her pocket and gently assisted her s/o while the sounds of battle echoed behind her. She stood up as soon as she finished.
  • “Wait here. I need to take care of something first.”
  •  S/o grabbed Queen’s wrist and rose. “I’m coming too.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re staying here.”
  • “Please,” s/o pleaded.
  • Queen hesitated for a moment before averting her gaze from them and abruptly summoning Johanna.
  • “Hop on.”
  • S/o smiled and did as they were told. Even though they were still wounded, they could still operate their gun. They squeezed Queen’s waist.
  • “Ready when you are… my Queen.”
  • She felt her face heat up upon hearing the nickname. 
  • “Charge, Johanna!”
  • Their teammates jumped out of the way as the duo approached the shadow, the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears. Their combo attack had defeated the weakened shadow. A moment of silence followed.
  • “Damn…” Skull’s voice pierced through the quiet. “Those two are scary.”


  • It was just their luck to encounter a flying shadow. The beast kept swatting at Necronomicon instead of paying attention to the thieves that were on the ground shooting bullets at it. The shadow finally managed to land a hit, and both the Persona and its inhabitant crashed to the ground.
  • Necronomicon faded away, leaving an exposed and vulnerable Oracle. The shadow procured its claws and was getting ready to swing. Oracle feebly attempted to shield herself, but the impact never came.
  • “Huh? Is it game over?” 
  • She dropped her arms to discover her s/o clutching their stomach, blood painted all over their thief outfit.
  • “N-no… hang on, I can fix this! Mona, take over for me!” 
  • Oracle once again summoned her Persona and briskly tapped away on the keyboard-like holograph. S/o had collapsed at this point, and they were gradually losing consciousness.
  • “Okay! That should do the trick. I’ll talk to you later.”
  • A wave of tranquility overcame s/o, and their broken skin had started to converge. Their attire had also repaired itself.
  • After the Phantom Thieves crushed their opponent, Oracle sped over to her newly revitalized s/o.
  • “I’m really sorry! You almost died because of me,” she said, her voice laden with guilt.
  • “You saved my life, Oracle. Thank you.”
  • They patted the hacker on the top of her head.
  • “E-eep! N-now I feel like I’m gonna die!” Oracle exclaimed with a face as red as her hair.


  • Noir had become quite accustomed to battle. However, she had her weaknesses too. The enemy hit her with a nuclear attack, and she instantly hit the ground with a cry of pain. Just as the shadow launched another nuclear attack at her, s/o swiftly hurled themself at the incoming fatality. They were brought to their knees. 
  • The shadow reared back once more to deliver the final hit. Dazed, Noir gathered the last portion of her strength.
  • “Milady!”
  • The Persona manifested, and the guns beneath her skirt fired instantaneously and brutally. When the shadow gave way and collided with the floor, it started to offer money and goods in exchange for its life.
  • Noir advanced toward it, dragging her ax behind her. 
  • “I will take… your life.”
  • She swung her ax down and split the shadow in two, causing it to fracture and turn to dust. Noir composed herself again, adjusted her hat, and made her way to her savior.
  • “Are you all right, my dear? You must be more careful.”
  • She wore a slight pout on her lips. S/o couldn’t help but grin. They procured a used Bead from their pocket and flaunted it as if it were a trophy.
  • “I had it covered,” they stated, provoking a sigh from Noir.
  • “You are quite the handful… but I’m glad that you’re safe. Thank you for saving me.”
  • Noir smiled bashfully, and s/o brought their forehead to hers, ignoring the gagging sounds that the rest of the group were producing. How could someone so cute simultaneously be so dangerous?


Reasons of death of my social life(and bank account), coming 2016. With the hope no other game i’m interested in comes out.

Hold Me (Company X Reader) (Kili X Reader)

Request: @chasseresse7 : Hi! Can I request a reader x company? Where reader obviously joins the company on the quest but doesn’t have a bedroll so they have to share with each member of the company? Lots of angst and fluff! Thanks! I’ve read all of your fics, LOVE your work!!

And for @ashleeann16, who wanted a Kili fic :) xx

Warnings: Mentions of attempted attacks of a sexual nature but no explicit content, if you’re uncomfortable with this, please do not read this request.

A/N: I hope when you asked for angst I didn’t go too far…

Word Count: 1,532

The hard, weathered stone beneath your body did nothing but encourage the crisp chill of the late night air, to crawl through your body. The memory of your absent bedroll taunted you, as your body failed to suppress the shivers that raked their merciless fingers across your unprotected skin.

Though your body was frozen in turmoil, your unconscious mind had wandered to a deeper hell. Images and haunting memories drove stakes through your mind, in the form of fear. Your mind fought valiantly to forget the horrific attack, yet how could you forget, when the memory was still so raw and fresh.

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Oh my gosh I loved the shy reader!! You should do a part two if you're feeling up to it :D

[FLUFFY RICK BECAUSE YEESSSSS!!!! (Seriously, there isn’t enough fluffy Rick)]

“A-A-Are you alright?” Morty asked lowly as he sat across from you on the floor looking rather concerned. At first, you didn’t realise he had spoken until your eyes flicked up to see him staring at you. “Huh? Oh- uh, yeah I’m fine. Why?” You tilted her head. It was another tutor session with Morty but ever since Rick pulled that little stunt on the couch you couldn’t really focus at all. You could manage to get a few examples of work out on paper but the moment Morty started to mull it over your mind would unwillingly revert back to Rick.

“J-Just you’ve seemed really out of it the last few days. A-Are, are, are you getting sick?” Morty asked softly and you couldn’t help but smile sweetly at the concern he felt for you.

“I’m alright Morty, sorry for making you wor-” your words were cut short when Rick came busting into the room.

“M-Morty! Morty, Morty! We, we gotta go!” He took a few long steps and lifted Morty up off the floor.

“Hey! R-Rick! Stop! I’m busy!” Morty screeched out and you shot to your feet and reached out for Morty’s arm.

“He’s in a tutoring session! Take him where ever you need to take him later!” You huffed in annoyance. This clearly was not the first time he had done this to you both.

“Fine! You can come too!” He blurted out and before you could say another word Rick pulled out his portal gun and shot it at the door before placing the gun back into his coat pocket. He hooked you under his free arm and you blinked up at him, blush spreading darkly across your cheeks. Morty had long since struggled free from Rick but now that Rick had you Morty didn’t have a choice but to follow.

Once they were on the other side Morty glanced up at you and Rick. Rick now lazily had his arm around you as he smirked down at you. Your face if possible went redder and Rick let you go and instructed both you and Morty to follow him.

Your surroundings still looked like you were on earth. Nothing was really out of the ordinary. You raised an eyebrow as you looked around. You were going to open your mouth to speak when you heard Morty.

“O-Oh my god..” He whispered and you looked over at him with a confused look on your face. “What?” You whispered back. did he know where you guys were? Was it bad?

“, you l-like Rick!?” Morty glared up at you and you stopped in your tracks, Morty stopping along with you. Rick, of course, didn’t even bother to notice and kept on walking.

“N-No! I-I don’t! I-” You tried to defend yourself when Morty once more had cut you off.

“Yeah, that’s why your face lit up like, like, like, like a Christmas tree when he wrapped his arm around you.” By now Morty was grinning obviously happy with what he had said

“P-Please Morty… don’t say anything..” you pouted at him.

“Trust me- if I know. Rick already knows.” Morty hummed before running up to join Rick, leaving you stunned as you followed them from a distance.

Turns out that Rick just wanted to take Morty out to get ice cream- did he always have to be so spastic about a normal thing such as ice cream? In any case, you felt awkward sitting there having ice cream with them considering the last thing Morty had said to you was ringing in your head over and over again and you hadn’t realised that Morty had long since left. Your eyes were locked on the table, zoned out in your own little world until you heard Rick clear his throat.

You snapped out of your daze and finally looked up to see Rick grinning at you and your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest. Oh shit, you zoned out. “W-What? Where’s M-Morty?” you asked as you looked around, finally realising his absence.

“Sent him home-No use in making him wai– urrp wait around for you to finish.” Rick sighed as he leant back against his chair.

“Oh? Oh!” you looked down at your sundae and pushed it away. It was half finished. “I’m all finished actually..” you said lowly and you heard the portal opening.

“Let’s leave then.” Rick huffed as he got up out of his seat and waited for you to go through the portal first.

Once you were back, you were in Rick’s garage with him. He was about to leave when you weakly spoke up. “A-Ah, w-what do I owe you for the ice cream?” You tilted your head. You weren’t about other people paying for your food.

“Oh- yeah.” Rick turned on his heel to face you, walking up very close to you, making you have to look up at him. He was definitely invading your personal bubble by this point and your face erupted in a dark shade of crimson. “H-How.. how uhm.. how much?” you studdered out and Rick smirked at how nervous you got.

“Why are you always so nervous around me hm?” He took another step towards you as you took a step back, the bottom of your spine bumping in his L-shaped desk, your hands instinctively gripped the edge of the desk for support so you didn’t fall over. “I-I don’t-” Lie. “I-I’m always this- N-Nervous..” you swallowed loudly.

“Uh huh-” Rick hummed softly as he leaned over, his nose brushed against yours and you were scared he would hear how hard your heart was beating. He said nothing else and this moment felt like it lasted forever until he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you against him, you exhaled heavily having not realized that you had been holding your breath before Rick leaned in further and firmly pressed his lips against yours but before you had a chance to react; the kiss was over too soon and he smirked down at you. “Consider your ice cream debt paid.” He winked and walked out of the garage leaving you flustered in his garage.

You felt butterflies in your stomach and once he was out of sight you couldn’t help but smile shyly.

Truth Serum

Prompt ~ Working on a new trap including a truth serum is… tricky. Even worse when Damian walks in and… well he’s good at avoiding traps but you are better at building and hiding them. And there you thought Damian was already bad enough with his brutal honesty… you had no idea how things would be if you added the effect of a truth serum. To get him back across the manor to his room proofs to be a real obstacle course like this + maybe a kiss at the end if that works for you <3

Damian Wayne x Reader

You were minding your own business like any decent human being should do, you were building a trap that would involve some truth serum that you were able to create in the cave’s lab. You placed a thin wire underneath your carpet that was connected to a small contraption that once triggered would release a dart containing the serum. After tying the wire you stood on your desks chair and placed the contraption in the air vent located on the ceiling close to the rooms entrance.You pushed the chair out the way and tied the trigger wire to your door’s knob. Just when you went to grab the knob to see if it worked the door swung open. In walked Damian with a neutral face only for the dart to shoot out and hit Damian square in the shoulder.

“Damian no!” You screamed as he fell to his knees, the serum tampering with his senses, “At least I know it works…” You said as you pulled the dart out his shoulder, “Well at least it shouldn’t change much you are already brutally honest.”

“I thought you were good at avoiding traps? Can you even walk?” You rambled on worried since Damian wasn’t answering you.

“Sorry I was captivated by your beauty.” Damian finally replied with a dazed look on his face, your cheeks immediately flushed red, “Um, I think my serum was too strong I should take you to your room.” You replied flustered, you helped him get up and let him lean on you for support, “You know I was distracted because I was thinking of you but if I wasn’t I would have easily averted your ploy.”

“Why is your room across the mansion.” You ignored his comment as you walked down the long hall.

“If my room was adjacent to yours you would here me whimpering your name during my aroused dreams.” Damian claimed as he leaned close to you, if it was possible you were becoming redder. You couldn’t lie you had a crush on Damian but you never thought he recuperated the same feelings, but here he was babbling off things he would never say himself if it wasn’t for the truth serum.

“Maybe the serum has some defects.” You mumbled, your palms became sweaty, “No, I’m attracted to you physically and emotionally.” Damian retorted as you took another turn, “Though I act pretentious I’m not good at showing my affections towards others, especially you.”

“You’re not lying?” You asked still unsure about everything he just said, “I got injected with a truth serum, I’m being a hundred percent honest and I really want to kiss you right now.” Damian said as he leaned closer to you, you knew he would remember all of this but he didn’t have full control of his actions, but these were things he truthfully wanted… you leaned in pressing your lips to his. Damian didn’t hold back on making it passionate which took your breath away.

“I always fantasized kissing you, it was better than I imagined.” Damian whispered as he placed a kiss on your cheek and stumbled into his room leaving you flustered outside his door and hundreds of questions popping into your thoughts.

Mr. Jeon - Jungkook x Reader (smut)

Group : BTS 

Member : Jeon Jungkookie

Genre : smut, rough sex, passing out. 

Word Count : 3k 

Description : You had failed his class and now you have to talk to him. But once you walk into his office, you wouldn’t have the usual conversation you have expected. 


Originally posted by taekookie-bts

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daveeddiggsit  asked:

13 with diggs 😘😘

13. Petting a small dog, being ridiculously cute

For a tiny puppy, your new dog was a lot stronger than you expected. You barely make it a few steps away from the store before she starts running, her leash ripping from your hand as she runs off down the street. 

“Wait! Stop!” you yell after her, running in the same direction as she turns a corner, running out of your sight. 

You freeze in your tracks as you turn the corner to find the most attractive man you’ve ever seen in your life holding your brand new puppy in his arms, scratching under her chin. 

“Hello there, and who do you belong to huh?” the man asks, with a wide grin that lights up his entire face as his focus stays on your new dog. “You’ve got a tag, no name though.” 

Your new puppy seems taken by the man, as she licks his face. He chuckles at that, his laugh is beautiful to hear as he pets her head. You shake your head as you snap out of your daze, finally speaking up.

“Um… she’s mine” you explain suddenly, and the man looks up at you. His eyes are captivating as he stares at you. “I-I just got her, she’s stronger than she looks” 

The gorgeous man grins as he walks over to you, and handing your puppy back to you. 

“Does she have a name?” he asks. You’re too busy staring at him that it takes a minute for you to realize he spoke. 

“What? Oh um not yet, I was going to try to figure that out when I get her home” 

“Do you have a name?” he asks with a sly grin. 

Is the insanely hot guy flirting with me? You think to yourself as he reaches to pet the puppy in your arms. 

“Of course I do. It’s Y/N,” you tell him, not really sure why you so casually offered a stranger your name.

“I’m Daveed, you should give me a call sometime, maybe then you’ll have named her.” He suggests, pulling a pen out of his pocket and writing a phone number on your arm. 

“Do you carry a pen around for this purpose?” 

“Possibly,” he says with a wink. “I’ll see you around Y/N. Bye puppy” he says casually, scratching under her chin once more before walking past you, that smile still on his lips. 

Worth the Wait

For SNS Summer Week Day 5 - Family

Author:  (AO3 ) 

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: “The door swings open and Naruto catches himself, trying not to fall forward. As soon as he straightens up, everything stops. He is–essentially–looking up at himself, or a version of himself, an older, more mature version.”

Naruto charges toward the opposing ninja at full speed, having just watched the man blast Sasuke some 30 feet away into a tree. Their opponent had stolen a forbidden scroll and was now cornered by team 7 in the forest just outside of Konoha.

The man blocks and dodges as Naruto attacks him repeatedly, his skills an obvious result of his high level of mastery as a ninja. Both Kakashi and Sakura are yelling at Naruto to be more cautious, but the warnings fall dead to his ears as he jumps to attack again and again. Suddenly, as Naruto is about to charge from behind, the ninja turns around in the last second, catching the young genin off guard and hitting him dead on with some from of jutsu. Sakura’s cry is the last thing he hears before everything fades to black around Naruto.

When he opens his eyes he’s in Konoha again, sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a fence.

What the hell?

Mind racing, Naruto jumps up, looking around for his team and the enemy ninja. The last thing he remembers is being hit by a powerful jutsu, Sakura calling out his name in fear. Had he been blasted all the way back to Konoha? He has no injuries whatsoever though, no physical sign that he had been hit at such close range.

Heart pounding in his chest, Naruto bolts through the streets, towards the forest where he had been perviously fighting. As he races down the familiar roads, everything mostly a blur around him, a part of his mind registers a discontinuity, or rather several incoherences in his surrounding that shouldn’t be there. He slows his pace, most of his brain screaming at him to find his teammates but the subconscious nagging in his mind hindering him.

This was definitely Konoha, but something, several things actually, were off. A few shops missing, some new buildings here and there, roads that seemed renovated, houses he had never seen before, and it left completely Naruto bewildered.

How had he missed these changes? Had he really been that caught up in his training that he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings to this extent? How was he noticing the changes now though?

At this point Naruto had slowed down to a quick walk, mind racing as he looked around and took in his hometown, so familiar yet so new now.

He almost trips over himself when he spots the hokage several feet away from him, his hat covering most of his face, head lowered as he reads the documents in his hand. The hokage turns, walking through the gates of his house, and Naruto races after him.

He knows. He knows the moment he saw the Hokage that the man wasn’t Sarutobi. Though he’s wearing the hokage attire, he’s much taller, with an athletic build, broad shoulders, long legs, and unwrinkled skin. Naruto knows he isn’t Sarutobi, but it makes no sense.

Running through the gates of the hokage’s house, Naruto slams against the door, preventing it from closing shut.

“Hokage oji-san!”

The door swings open and Naruto catches himself, trying not to fall forward. As soon as he straightens up, everything stops. He is–essentially–looking up at himself, or a version of himself, an older, more mature version.

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Say You Won't Let Go || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[songfic]]

{summary: meeting you was like falling in love for the first time.}

here’s the songfic for bucky i’ve been dying to write ;w; i swear, ‘say you won’t let go’ fits him SO WELL (at least in my opinion it does)

warnings: none, except for extreme fluff ;w;

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


{i met you in the dark/ you lit me up/ you made me feel as though i was enough/ we danced the night away/ we drank too much/ i held your hair back when/ you were throwing up}

He noticed her lonely form one late evening at the bar.

When his dreams and memories melded together, making a collage of nightmares that haunted him, Bucky knew that tonight was going to be yet another sleepless one. Without even thinking of the consequences (because really, who would even think to mess with a grown man sporting a metal arm?) Bucky slides a pair of worn jeans over his legs and dons a simple black shirt to cover his once half naked body, ready to head out in the dead of night.

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Coming Home

Around him, the air was thick with steam and sadness. Men and women crowded the platform, each trying to hang on to the last few seconds they had together.

‘You take care of yourself, you hear?’ Mrs Hudson kissed his cheek and smiled up at him fondly. ‘And be sure to eat at least once a day. I know how you can get when you’re focused.’

Sherlock smiled briefly and tried to hide his discomfort when she pulled him into a tight hug for the seventh time since they arrived.

With a sniffle, she stepped back and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her eyes.

Sherlock then turned to the small woman standing back, not wanting to intrude. Her features were pale and she has put on a brave face for him. But he saw right through her.

‘I guess this is goodbye for now,’ she forced a cheery tone and a wobbly smile, but couldn’t bring herself to look any higher than his collar.

Sherlock cleared his throat and stepped closer. ‘For now. I trust you will watch over London in my absence.’

‘I will do my best, Mr Holmes,’ she promised with a watery smile. 

Sherlock resisted the sudden urge to wipe away the tear that has escaped down her cheek. But the way she was looking at him… it nearly crumbled his resolve. Her wide brown eyes were drinking him in as if she would never see him again.

And it was possible she might not. 

Behind him, the train’s whistle pierced the air, calling all remaining servicemen to board.

Sherlock stooped and gathered his duffel bag. He straightened his cap and nodded at the women. ‘Goodbye, Mrs Hudson. Miss Hooper.’

Mrs Hudson waved the handkerchief at him, too overcome to speak.

Molly, however, pulled him back by his uniform’s lapels and leaned up on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek. Sherlock froze in surprise as his heart skipped a beat.

‘Come back to us.’

‘I’ll do my best, Miss Hooper,’ he whispered.

It was only when he had boarded and the train had pulled away from the station that Sherlock reached up and touched his cheek. The skin still tingled from where her lips had touched him. 


Eleven Months Later

‘Are you sure it was today?’ Molly queried, leaning out over the platform’s edge hoping to catch a glimpse of the train coming round the bend.

Mrs Hudson looked up from the letter she’d read for the hundredth time. ‘Yes. So unless the fool missed it, he and the train should be arriving any minute. Don’t fret, dear. Your young man will be here soon.’

Molly flushed. ‘He’s not my young man, Mrs Hudson.’

‘Trust a wise old woman, love,’ Mrs Hudson said as she folded the letter and put it in her bag. She smiled at the younger woman. ‘He doesn’t keep anyone around that he doesn’t care for. And then to write to you every week for nearly a year, no matter how brief some letters were? Well, that is as clear declaration as any.’

Molly waved off her words and tried to ignore the little flame of hope that had never quite been extinguished but had managed to remain alive with every letter Sherlock had written her. 

No, she would be happy to have him back just as her friend, the man who saw her, not as an inferior gender, but as a scientific-minded equal. As long as he came back to them safe and alive, she would be happy to continue on as they had before he left for the war. And bury her feelings as she did before.

From the distance, the rumble of a train sounded followed by a high-pitched whistle. 

‘They’re here!’ Molly exclaimed, her excited cry drowned out by the others around her. Mothers and wives and children clamored to watch as the train came around the far bend and finally, achingly slowly, came to a stop at the platform.

Men leaned out of the windows, waving their hats and unable to wipe their smiles from their faces. Tears of joy and happiness were aplenty as the doors were opened and the men rushed out, weaving amongst the crowd to find their loved ones. 

Molly tried to see over the crowd, searching for a tall, dark-haired soldier. It seemed that the train was nearly emptied and her heart was aching at no sign of him.

But then a man appeared in the doorway. His curls a little longer under his cap than she’d remembered and his face was thinner as he leaned his head back and breathed in deep. 

‘Sherlock,’ she breathed his name in relief. A smile creased her face even as tears filled her eyes. He was home!

Then his eyes opened and he looked directly at her. A smile broke across his face. And then he was gone! Molly frowned and lifted herself up on her toes, trying to find where he’d gone.


She gasped and spun around to find him right behind her. The people and sounds around her faded away as they stared at each other. Up close, she could make out the flecks of green and blue in his eyes. The lines around his eyes and mouth were more pronounced than she remembered and her heart broke as she wondered what horrors he had seen that had caused them. 

He dropped his duffel bag and caught her hand, tracing her cheek with his other hand. She watched him with wide eyes as he seemed to drink her in, his eyes roaming over her face, as she had done to him nearly a year before on this very platform. 

‘Sherlock,’ she breathed. His eyes darted up to hers and she caught her breath at the intensity of his gaze. 

Slowly, he lowered his head, pausing just as his lips brushed hers, giving her time to pull away. And when she didn’t, he closed the distance. 

Molly’s eyes fluttered shut and she gave in to the kiss without a moment’s hesitation. She wrapped her arms around him as he deepened the kiss into something normally not suitable for polite company. But no one paid them any mind, too caught up in their own reunions to give a care for the amorous young couple.

Flushed and dazed, they finally parted for air. 

‘I wanted to write it a thousand times, ever since that first day on the train,’ Sherlock began, his voice thick with emotion. ‘But I could never bring myself to. Not when I didn’t know if I could make it home to you. But now…’

‘Yes?’ Molly prompted hopefully when he paused.

He smiled down at her. ‘I love you, Molly Hooper.’

She beamed. ‘I love you, too. I love you so much-!’

Her last words were muffled when he pulled her close and kissed her once more.


Mrs Hudson watched the young couple with a fond smile. 

Finally. She breathed a sigh of relief. The war was over and her boy was home, safe in the arms of the woman he loved.

Lost Part 1

He usually didn’t go out at night. But lately he’s been having some problems staying in the dorm. He felt suffocated and confined so he had to get some fresh air. He didn’t have a mask or a hoodie on like he usually did when he went out because his decision to take a walk was a little last minute. And now, he felt stupid for walking out so suddenly, without anything. 

He purposely left his phone at the dorm just in case his manager called him or any of the members. He would only be out for a little while, anyways.  

But the streets were a little more crowded than they usually were at this time of night. Because of that, he didn’t walk down the normal streets he walks on. The more he walked on unfamiliar territory, the more crowded it became. 

More and more people kept doing double takes when he walked past. He decided it was time to go back home. Until he realized he didn’t know where he was. He was lost, in public, without a phone.

Lost in his realization of the situation, he just stood there. Frozen. Unsure of what to do. That’s when people started to notice him. 

“Wait, is that…?”


“That’s Leo, right??”

The street was very crowded now. He looked around for somewhere to hide but everywhere was brightly lit up. People around him started to get closer and closer. He knew he had to leave before things got out of hand. 

He pushed through the group of people and walked into a building without looking back. Some people trickled in behind him but he didn’t know where he was. He had to look around at his surroundings. But as soon as he stopped, he could feel all the eyes on him. Everyone started talking over one another, asking for pictures and some were already filming without asking. 

He ran past them to get away but they ran after him. He had been in some situations like this before but never alone. He was panicking. He was a little ahead of the crowd following him so he slowed down, trying to figure out where to go. That’s when he felt a hand grab his wrist and pull him to the side.

He was pulled behind the person who grabbed him. She was frantically pressing a button in front of her. Still confused on his whereabouts, he looked around and finally realized he was in an elevator. The doors closed as soon as he saw one of the girls that had been chasing him pouting at the fact that she didn’t make it in time. 

“Wow, your fans are no joke. Are they always like that?” She looked up at him with pity in her eyes. She had he hair tied up in a high, but loose, ponytail with eye makeup that showcased how big her eyes were. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy, just jeans and a shirt just tight enough to see her slim figure. Maybe it was because she had just saved him, but she was so pretty. 

“Uh, no. Not always.” he said softly. 

“You stick out in a crowd… did you know that?” She asked as she looked up and down at his attire. Or rather, lack thereof. He was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. No mask, no hat, nothing. “Don’t idols usually hide themselves better than this?”

She smiled as she looked up at him, finally meeting his eyes. As he realized she was teasing him, he gave her a slight grin. But he broke his gaze on her when he heard the sound of the elevator. Then, it hit him. What was he gonna do now? He had nothing. 

“I’m sorry, but do you think I can use your phone?” He tried not to sound desperate but even he could hear his own voice. He needed a phone right now more than ever.

“Sure. But it’s in my apartment. I was just coming down to take out the trash.” she said as she walked out of the elevator. He followed her out of the elevator and down the hall. Walking a little ways towards the end of the hall, she finally reached out for the keypad to punch in the code. But then, she suddenly stopped. 

“Uhh..I wasn’t expecting company.. Sorry.. It’s pretty messy.” she said with a nervous laugh. 

“No, it’s okay..” he said softly as he waved his hands in protest. 

With that, she opened the door. She gestured her hand for him to go in first. He stepped in and immediately noticed how clean everything was. Everything was put away in its place and lined up to how it was supposed to be. But then he smelled something amazing. He felt his stomach growl, reminding him that he had not eaten since morning. He stood there and waited for her to lead the way, not wanting to intrude. She walked past him and they walked down the small hallway towards the living room. Her apartment was small but had a cozy feel to it. It was dim with a few photos on the walls as to not make it feel crowded, one candle lit to ft the ambiance, and food cooking on the stove.

“Make yourself at home. My phone’s in the room.” she said as she walked towards the bedroom door. Unknowingly, he made his way to the kitchen. His stomach was controlling him, apparently. He looked over the pot on the stove, unconsciously taking a big whiff. It smelled so good. His stomach made a noise he didn’t know it could and he looked down at it, rubbing it with his hand. 

“Wow, that was loud.” She laughed. “Sit.” She pointed to the dinning table. “Here.” Extending her arm, she handed you her phone. 

“Thank you..” He accepted it gratefully. He dialed his own number, hoping one of the members would answer since he didn’t know anyone else’s. 

“Hey. It’s me.”
Taekwoon-ah~ where are you? Why’d you leave your phone here!” N whined over the phone.
“I’ll send you the address. Tell manager hyung to pick me up.” he said and abruptly ended the call. 

She laughed to herself, hearing the short exchange between the two while stirring the pot over the stove. 

“Thank you.” he said handing her back the phone. 

“Sure. You should eat before you go.” She said as she put down a plate in front of him. There was no way he could refuse. It looked so delicious and smelled even better than before. He looked at her and simply nodded, accepting the food. 

“Thank you.” he mumbled while taking the chopsticks into his hand. She watched him eat, thankful he obviously liked it. She took a bite and was impressed with herself. Her eyes widened and she looked up at him.

“Wow. It’s pretty good, isn’t it?” she asked proudly. 

“Mm.” he managed to say with his mouth full. 

He was the first one to finish, followed shortly after her. They both awkwardly sat there in silence for a little while. She looked up at him, trying to read his thoughts. He was very quiet, only speaking when necessary. And the more quiet he was, the more curious she became. 

“Are you usually this quiet?” she asked. He looked up at her, surprised and gave the tiniest smirk. He only nodded his head up and down. She looked down at her fidgety hands, trying to think of questions that he would feel comfortable answering. 

“So why are you out tonight? Especially not even bothering to hide yourself.” He just stared at her.

“….should I guess?” he grinned in response, looking down at his lap. 

“Mmm…did you get separated from your members?” she asked, studying his facial expressions carefully. He simply kept grinning. She guessed she wasn’t on the right track. 

“Umm…oh! Were you on a date??” She exclaimed with her eyebrows raised. he looked up at her, still smiling, only with his eyebrows furrowed and head shaking. 

“Well then, I give up. And I doubt you’re gonna tell me, right?” she said defeated. For the first time, she saw him smile. He was looking down at his lap, but she saw it clearly. His full white teeth came into view and his eyes became smaller. It was only for a second but immediately became infatuated with him. She stared at him in a daze, finally realizing why fans were the way they were around idols. Suddenly, her phone started vibrating on the table, catching both of their attention. It was a number she didn’t have saved in her phone. She hesitated for a moment but then answered the phone. 

Ummmmm, is Leo there?
She looked up at him and handed him the phone. He put the phone up to his ear, saying hello.
Taekwoon-ah! Was that a girl? Who was that? Where are you??” N shouted loudly on the phone. She could clearly hear him. She looked at Leo with a blank expression, making him feel a little embarrassed about his friend. He stood up from the table and made his way towards the living room, speaking quieter than before. 
“Is manager-hyung here?” 
Oh. Leo-ah. That’s why I was calling. He can’t come out tonight. He’s out with the CEO tonight, remember?” That’s right. Leo had forgotten he was meeting with their CEO for VIXX to have a wold tour. He would be with him all night trying to persuade him. 
What happened? Why are you stuck there? Can’t you come back on your own?
“I’ll try to figure something out. Bye.”

He ended the call and turned around to see her in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. He gazed at her from behind, admiring her. The way her hair pulled up messily with a few strands sticking out, and how petite her shoulders were, and how amazing her figure was. She wasn’t terrible skinny but she did have some meat on her in all the right places. Once he caught himself looking at her in this kind of way, he shook his head slightly, snapping back to reality. He walked back to the kitchen with loud footsteps to make his presence known. She looked up from the sink and smiled. 

“Are they here for you?” she asked, excited for him. He avoided her eyes, looking down and rubbing his neck nervously. He didn’t know what to do or say. He didn’t want to invite himself over, but it was looking like it was the only option right now. 

“My manager can’t make it tonight.. I’ll have to try to find a back door or something..” he said, as if talking to himself. 

“Oh… do you think you’ll be okay?..” she asked. He shrugged his shoulders answering her question. He honestly didn’t know if he’d be okay. He knew better than anyone that his fans would be at every door the building had. He knew if he left that building, he’s be in trouble. He sighed heavily and gathered up all the courage he had. 

“Can I stay here for the night?”

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"Until they're all wrapped around her little finger." *squints* Am I just paranoid after everything that's happened or do I see planning afoot? XD

Peevils smiles at you and curls her hair behind her ear. You feel your vision blur slightly and focus on her dazzling gaze as she smiles and gives a tilt of her head. When the daze finally ends, you’re left wondering what your purpose was here in the first place.