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Magickal Uses for Kisses

A kiss is a very powerful thing, even in fairytales and lore of the past the power of kisses are told of (true love’s kiss, siren/mermaid kiss, first kiss, etc). a kiss can be a powerful tool for any witch. Here are a few suggestions for using kisses and the power they hold.

  • Use a kiss to charge objects: crystals, tarot cards, charms, amulets, etc etc. Use it to send your emotions and energy into the object. Love is a good emotion, but any positive energies you wish to charge the object with can be transferred this way. Adding your love to something can really give it a boost as well! Especially if it is for another to use. (Note: do not kiss toxic stones please! Be safe and smart)
  • Spell Sealing: Use a kiss to magically seal spells such as jar and bottle spells or use it to strengthen a (cooled!) wax seal. Imagine placing the kiss its like placing an invisible seal upon it, stamping in energy to lock th spell inside. 
  • For Air and Wind spells: For all of my fellow witches who use air and wind spells, blowing a kiss after a chant or spell to summon a wind in the direction you wish it to blow is a good way to guide the wind but also show it positive reinforcement. Use it to show your gratitude for the wind’s cooperation. It is best for gentler wind spells.
  • Glamour and Beauty spells: Kiss the mirror after a beauty or glamour spell. Thank the mirror for its aid and seal any negativity into it. It also a wonderful way to reflect love back at yourself!
  • Love Spells: Kisses are great for powering up love spells! Kiss a candle before lighting it (careful if you are using essential oils be sure not to kiss where they are), kiss the written name of the one you desire, kiss a charm or amulet to help bring love into your life, and finally blow a kiss when finishing the the spell to close it.
  • Kitchen Magic: blow a kiss to finish a dish (don’t be too close though, don’t want to spread germs) to put a final charge of love into it before serving it to others. Good for with tea and coffee spells too!
  • Public Magic: Want to remain discrete while casting a spell in public? Blow a kiss! Its much subtler than pointing or hand motions, especially if it is a positive spell you are casting on another or a friend but it is also good for curses, either way its a wonderful way to send your intentions. Whisper the words or chant needed for the spell (if any) under your breath, imagine them them gathering in an orb of energy at your lips as you do so. Then do a subtle kiss motion on your lips (no hands and no ‘fish lips’, you are trying to be subtle). Then release the energy and words towards the target with a gentle blow of breath, sending the ball of energy in that direction.
  • Mourning/Remembrance Rituals: Ending such a ritual with a blown kiss to close it can help release your feelings in a positive manner and close the ritual with love and sincerity. 
  • Thanking tools: As someone who uses tarot cards and many other divination tools, I like to place gentle kisses to the sides of the decks after using them to help bond with them. To show them my gratitude for assisting me in not only readings but also in my spell work. I also before days where I know i will be doing a lot of divination work, I will kiss them to help charge them up (as said above). It is an excellent way to bond with your tools!


Hello Moonlings! I thought I would share with you something SUPER easy to make that I did the other day: a purification jar. Nothing original there you’ll tell me, right? Wait! This jar is actually made for you to place what needs to be cleansed INSIDE, while the elements of the jar will cleanse it. It’s a great and simple way to cleanse your crystals for example, and you can do it at any time!

What you’ll need:

  • jar, like a mason jar, it has to be big enough to place what you want to cleanse inside
  • sea salt
  • dried sage
  • rosemary
  • clear quartz(s)

How to proceed:

🌚 Once all the ingredients gathered, place them in the jar, starting with the salt. For each ingredient, focus on what you want it to accomplish, charge it with your intent to purify whatever will be placed in the jar. 

🌚 Then, close the jar and shake it all, so that the ingredients are mixed up.

🌚 Finally, let the jar charge overnight during New Moon. And there it is! Your purification jar is up and ready to use ;)

I Got You On My Mind [Part 4]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

Summary: After your memory loss, adjusting back to normal life has been difficult. Luckily, Jungkook is always there for you. Still, something seems off about him, and you just can’t understand why.

Word count: 2k words

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“Oh yeah, I’m being discharged tomorrow,” you told Jungkook, who was pushing your wheelchair through the hospital. He insisted that you needed a change of scenery. “My parents are going to pick me up and drive me back to my apartment.”

“I-I guess it’s too early for the ‘meet the parents’ thing, right?” Jungkook stammered, uncharacteristically nervous. “Unless you want me to. Like, I don’t mind if–”

“Chill, Jungkook,” you laughed, cutting his off his rambling. “I think they’re more worried about my brain damage than any soulmate business.”

“The doctors said you’ll recover your memories though, right?” Jungkook asked, worry lining his words. “Your memory loss won’t be permanent or recurring?”

“They said my memories will come back slowly,” you replied, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly. “But most of the time, the memories will have to be triggered by something. They also told me I might have short-term memory issues for the next little while.”

“That seriously sucks,” Jungkook said. “If you need any help with anything, just let me know. I don’t really know how I’d be useful, but don’t hesitate.”

“We’re not in the same department,” you snorted, turning to peer up at your soulmate who was both familiar and foreign in this instant. “This is gonna make school so difficult. I’ve forgotten nearly three months worth of content!”

“Maybe take the semester off?” Jungkook suggested. “Amnesia is a pretty valid reason. Have you talked at all to the university?”

“No,” you groaned, sinking into the wheelchair. “I don’t want to think about responsibilities right now. Just marvelling in the fact I’m still alive and kicking.”

A silence fell between you and Jungkook as he pushed you through a more crowded area of the hospital. You noticed a few younger visitors visibly gape at Jungkook, then glare at you jealously as you rolled by.

You agreed with them–how was Jungkook so damn good-looking? You hit the soulmate jackpot, for sure. Still, even if he looked different, you didn’t doubt that you would like him just the same.

“You know, it’s pretty crazy,” you blurted out unthinkingly. “I’ve been talking to you my entire life, and I always thought meeting you would feel like meeting an old friend. But honestly, you’re a total mystery to me right now. Maybe it’s because of the memory loss, or maybe other people feel this way, too.”

“No, I know what you mean,” Jungkook responded quietly, trying to figure out how to express his thoughts properly. “It’s just…we have an idea of who our soulmate is in our heads. When they’re not exactly that person, it’s kind of confusing.”

“And I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff we still don’t know about each other,” you agreed. “Honestly, I tried to make myself seem a lot better than I am.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jungkook laughed, though it sounded a bit off. You brushed it off as embarrassment. “Didn’t want to disappoint you.”

You turned your head and looked up into Jungkook’s eyes. “You couldn’t have disappointed me Jungkook, really. I’m just happy to finally meet you,” you replied, giving him a small smile. “And it’s kinda paradoxical, isn’t it? Disliking your own soulmate. Weren’t we, like, made to like each other?”

“I guess,” Jungkook said, staring ahead unwaveringly. He pushed you down another hallway, which led to the cafeteria. You only knew because of the wafting smell of hearty food was growing stronger by the second. “But nothing’s ever that simple.”

“Don’t I know it,” you sighed, laughing a little in spite of yourself. You turned the corner into the bustling cafeteria, the noise of the crowds deafening compared to the near-silent, depressing halls of the hospital.

“Want to grab something to eat?” Jungkook asked, the heaviness of your conversation vanishing before you could even blink. “I was going to grab something for myself, too.”

“Sure, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” you agreed. Out of habit, you reached down to pat your pockets for your wallet. “Oh shit, I don’t have any money on me. Don’t worry about it, then.”

“It’s cool, it’ll be my treat,” Jungkook said. When you turned to look at him, he was giving you a lopsided smile.

“Then, is this our first date?” you asked cheekily, delighting in the way Jungkook’s cheek burned. You never expected that a guy like Jungkook, with this terrible fuckboy persona, would be so easily flustered.

“If you want it to be, sure,” Jungkook answered, coughing into his hand awkwardly. You just laughed, and Jungkook pushed you forward wordlessly.

Life at home after getting discharged made staying in the hospital seem like an amusement park. After being sentenced to bedrest by your parents–and having Jieun enforce it with an iron fist–you spent your days bored out of your mind.

In only one week, you had binge-watched three shows, reread all of your course notes (and they didn’t help you remember anything), and read more manga that you had ever read before in your entire life.

You were positively itching to get outside and do something, but what bothered you the most was that you hadn’t talked to Jungkook since your “first date.” When you had gotten home, you jumped to charge your dead phone, which miraculously hadn’t been destroyed in the accident. But when the device finally charged, you soon realized that you had no way of contacting Jungkook.

For some reason, his phone number wasn’t saved in your contacts. Even though Jungkook had said you had met before, apparently you hadn’t exchanged numbers. That seemed very strange to you.

When you asked Jieun about it, she just shrugged the question off. She said your situation was a bit complicated, but that she’d have to leave it up to you and Jungkook. But Jieun did say that she would mention it to him when she saw him at school next.

Sighing, you reached for your phone beside you. It was still early in the morning. Time had lost all meaning to you, since you spent every moment of the day trapped in your apartment. A bit bitterly, you watched your friends’ Snapchat stories and longed to return to normal daily life.

Suddenly, your phone began buzzing. You dropped it in surprise, and it landed on your nose. The impact stung, and you cursed, reaching clumsily for the phone. You saw an unflattering picture of Jieun illuminate the screen. Eventually, you were able to answer.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked, rubbing your hand against your sore nose.

“Y/N, I’m so fucking stupid!” Jieun practically screamed. Wincing, you held your phone away from your ear. “I know you shouldn’t be moving around, but I need you to come to the university right now. I’m working on a group project that’s due in two hours and a bunch of our files got corrupted. I have some stuff backed up on my laptop, which I left at home like an idiot!”

“Don’t worry, I can bring it to you,” you reassured quickly. “I won’t fall into traffic on the way there. It’s like a ten minute walk, so don’t worry.”

“Just don’t strain yourself, okay?” Jieun ordered, the panic still evident in her voice. “Don’t go to quickly and look both ways!”

“Hey, only I can make fun of myself,” you quipped, pulling yourself out from underneath the covers. “I’ll be over soon, I just need to get dressed.”

“Okay, see you soon. Thank you so much, Y/N,” Jieun said, and the both of you said your goodbyes before you disconnected the call.

You glanced down at your pyjama bottoms and at the thick cast over your right leg. Changing pants would be a battle for another day. Unsteadily, you stood up and balanced your weight on your unbroken leg. You reached for the crutches leaning against the wall beside you and tucked them underneath your arms.

As quickly as you could (which was not very quick), you had thrown on a clean shirt and a jacket. Your hair was a mess, so you shoved on a beanie to disguise the tangled frizz. With Jieun’s securely laptop in your backpack, you began the trek to school. Suddenly, the journey seemed incredibly long.

When you finally arrived on campus, you were panting lightly and sweating. You made your way into the music building, relatively unfamiliar with its layout. You detached yourself from one of your crutches and reached into your pocket for your phone. Quickly you sent Jieun a text letting you know you were here.

There were a few benches in the foyer, so once you hobbled over to them, you set your bag down lightly and placed your crutches against the benches. Flopping down, you discreetly tried to massage your sore armpits.

But you were glad to finally be out of the apartment. The fresh air made you feel infinitely better.

“Y/N?” a familiar voice called. Your head whipped around in the direction of the voice. Jungkook a few meters away from you, looking as dark and intimidating as ever. His wide-eyed expression kind of ruined the image though. “What are you doing here?”

“Jieun forgot her laptop at home,” you replied, pointing to the backpack at your feet, as Jungkook made his way toward you.

“Shouldn’t you be at home?” he questioned, stopping when he was standing in front of you. You craned your neck to at him properly. “Is it okay for you to be walking around so soon?”

“Please, don’t get started on that,” you groaned, squeezing your eyes shut. “My parents and Jieun are unbearable. I’ve been lying in bed doing nothing all week.”

“You know, that honestly sounds like heaven,” Jungkook joked. “I’m so swamped right now. I haven’t slept in days.”

You inspected Jungkook more closely. His eyes were ringed by purplish dark circles, but they were hardly noticeable. How unfair–he always looked good.

“Hey, why haven’t you talked to me all week?” you asked suddenly, narrowing your eyes at Jungkook suspiciously.

“I was meaning to call or text or something, but I don’t have your number,” Jungkook answered sheepishly, scratching the nape of his neck awkwardly. “Didn’t know how to ask for it, since you haven’t been around campus lately.”

“Why’s that, though?” you continued, glancing down at your feet. “I mean–you said we met before. Why didn’t we keep in contact?”

“W-well, we did meet, but it wasn’t a proper conversation,” Jungkook explained stutteringly. “It wasn’t under the most normal circumstances, but–”

“Y/N!” Jieun’s loud voice suddenly interrupted. She burst into the foyer, looking absolutely frazzled. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and you were pretty sure there were coffee stains on her shirt. “Thank god!”

Your friend ran over to you and practically dove for your backpack. She grabbed her laptop and hugged it tightly against her chest.

“Thank you so much. I’m so sorry I made you come all the way here,” Jieun cried, sounding frantic still. “Are you okay? Sore anywhere? Go home right away, okay? You need to rest. And please don’t tell your parents!”

“Oh my god, I’m fine Jieun,” you whined. “I think I can handle walking for, like, two minutes.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen!” Jieun insisted, stomping her foot childishly. “We’re speeding up the recovery process by being extra careful!”

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. Go work on your project and try not to fail.”

“I will,” Jieun replied. “I’ll bring dinner on my way home.” She turned, only spotting Jungkook for the first time. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned slightly. “Jungkook.”

“Jieun,” he replied, just as shortly.

You looked between the two of them, wondering why there was so much tension. It looked like they were having a silent conversation, and you hated not knowing what was going on. You had the suspicion they were hiding something from you–but for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out what, exactly.

Eventually, Jieun just nodded and strode away, leaving Jungkook with a tight expression. Visibly, you could see Jungkook try to shake away the tension, his jaw unclenching. When he turned back to you, his features were schooled.

“Give me your phone,” Jungkook said, reaching out his hand and smiling softly. “I’ll add my number.”

- Girl in Luv

Okay, so this one was a bit filler-y. Originally I had planned to make this one angsty too, but I figured you guys could use the respite. Also, it would have been like 4k words and it’s like 2:30AM and this girl needs to sleep. Anyway, stay tuned!! Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed. Your replies and reblogs/tags are so cute I read them all 💛💛💛💛


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception

Malec After Sex Conversation - You’re Glowing

This isn’t my first time writing a fanfiction and what not but it is my first time writing one for Malec so please don’t hate it lol.


Magnus and Alec stared at the ceiling for what felt like ages. They hadn’t said one thing to each other since they separated bodies. It wasn’t because anything had gone wrong - far from it actually. They were just so amazed with each other that they were left speechless. Magnus had lived for centuries, and yet he had never been so amazed. He had never felt what he had just felt with Alec. Alec went from unlocking something in Magnus to completely opening up every part of him.

“Magnus, can I ask you something?” Alec questioned with his voice cracking. Magnus turned his body to face Alec, looking concerned. Alec’s face was taken over with a worried expression.

“Ask me anything. Anything at all.” Magnus breathed with a reassuring look. He wanted to make Alec feel as comfortable as possible.

“Was I-” Alec hesitated “Was I any good?” Alec looked as if he was on the verge of tears.

Magnus was astonished to see him in the emotional state he was in. Alec had always been one to not show his emotions. He would never really break his stone-cold look unless he was with Max, Izzy, and most recently - Magnus. Magnus had never seen Alec the way he looks currently though. He looks so defenseless. He looked like he was about to break if Magnus had said the wrong thing so Magnus knew exactly what he had to say - the truth.

“Alexander… listen to me. You have to stop doubting yourself. This experience with you that I just had was one of the most magical things I have ever done. Trust me on this one, I’m a warlock. I’ve had my fair share with magic.” Magnus confessed.

Alec had taken a better look at Magnus and could see his features soft and innocent. Alec had believed in him, but that didn’t stop Alec from shedding a tear. Magnus couldn’t believe how vulnerable Alec was being with him.

Magnus reached out and brushed away Alec’s tear with the tip of his thumb. “I… I have to show you something.” Magnus muttered. Alec’s brows had sunk in confusion. The look on Magnus’ face seemed scared. Alec didn’t understand what could be wrong.

“Are you okay? What is it?” Alec responded.

“I’m fine. It’s you I’m worrying about.” Magnus genuinely looked concerned, but he knew he couldn’t hide something like this from Alec any longer.

“Magnus, right now it’s me and you. Nobody else. I’m completely yours. Just show me what you have to show me and I promise, I’ll still be yours.” Alec stated and Magnus shook his head up and down. He knew Alec wasn’t lying, he felt it.

Magnus took a breath, looked down, then looked back up at Alec with his cat eyes exposed. Alec was taken back and his shift in expression concerned Magnus.

“You hate them.” Magnus murmured and Alec quickly interjected.

“No. Absolutely not. I could never hate any part of you. Your mark, it’s who you are. I love them. You are so astounding.” Alec replied.

Magnus’ body language and facial expression changed from scared to surprised. He couldn’t believe Alec was so loving, so caring. Magnus let his guard down and showed his joyful feelings. He let out the goofiest smile and Alec couldn’t help but do the same.

“You’re glowing.” Alec exclaimed to Magnus.

Magnus laughed and said, “Yeah, my eyes tend to-” he was cut off almost immediately by Alec.

“Not just your eyes. Your whole body. Your face. This is the brightest I’ve seen you. Just another part of you that I’m in love with. You always find a way to leave me amazed.” Alec expressed.

Magnus finally took charge and led in for a kiss with Alec. Alec accepted and their lips locked and kept a steady rhythm. It wasn’t forceful, it was slow and passionate. It was one of the most loving kisses they had ever shared. They both knew how crazy they were about each other, it was beautiful.

They pulled apart at the same time and Alec began to caress Magnus’ face. He had never felt so at home. He constantly felt pressured in his life, but with Magnus he was free.

“I’m falling in love with you.” Alec confessed.

“Something I’ve been feeling since the start Alexander. Don’t forget what you mean to me.” Magnus shifted back onto his back and looked back at the ceiling. His grin was so wide. He had never felt so comfortable with anyone and he couldn’t believe he was laying with someone who had felt everything he had. He couldn’t believe he had found someone who wasn’t using him. Everyone always takes advantage of Magnus, but Alec truly wanted all of him. They both couldn’t fathom how hard they were falling. It was the most beautiful, blossoming relationship and they couldn’t get enough.

They were at peace together in Magnus’ bedroom, so gleeful, trapped inside one another’s head. They couldn’t wait for what was to come. What they felt for each other consumed them and left them vulnerable - in the most beautiful, astonishing way.

One time in history class our teacher had us break into two teams and make barricades out of the desks, to simulate trench warfare. Then he gave us balled up paper and had us bombard each other. The idea was to show us how impossible it was to win and make it out alive in a trench battle, but my team cheated and won by hoarding all the ammo the other team threw at us and then overcoming them in a final charge when they were all out. Best class ever.

Okay, so a few months after Kara has been working for L Corp’s new magazine, she gets assigned to a climate change summit in Paris. She finds that her room has been booked and her plane ticket bought. When she gets to the hotel, she finds a huge suite with everything she could ever dream of.

The L Corp board decides that Lena needs to be the representative of L Corp at the summit because she is the face of the company. She hops on a jet and calls Kara on the way. She’s secretly excited to have an excuse to go to Paris.

They decide on dinner and meet at a bistro outside Kara’s hotel. While at dinner, Lena gets a call from her assistant that most of the hotels are full so she’ll have to drive an hour to and from the convention center. Lena tells her to book the villa, but laments to Kara that she’ll have to drive.

Kara immediately offers her suite. There’s a pullout couch and an office tucked off to the side. It’s big enough for the two of them. After a while, Kara wears Lena down and Lena agrees.

Kara wakes up one morning and Lena is sitting at the desk, already at work. She’s taking phone calls and moving things around the desk, looking as put together as always. Kara makes them both coffee and Lena doesn’t notice she’s up until Kara sets the coffee on her desk.

They spend the length of the summit dancing around each other, enjoying each other’s company and having some charged moments. Finally, when it’s over, Lena suggests they make use of the villa she had to rent just to make her accountant feel better that someone actually used it.

They drink a lot of wine the next night in the still French countryside and Kara finds Lena irresistible. She knows there’s something between them. She knows because she likes to listen to Lena’s heartbeats after they go to bed. She waits until the next morning when Lena is completely sober and reading the news over coffee and pastries on the back patio.

Kara stumbles over her words and fidgets the whole time while she’s trying to explain how to feels and Lena sits there and listens. Lena is patient and when Kara is done she smiles wider than Kara has ever seen. Lena feels the same way.

Lena asks Kara on a date and Kara jokes about how is Lena going to top a beautiful house in France, but she knows Lena and she knows that somehow Lena will.

J/C Fic - 

Set right at the close of this scene in S02E12

Personal Disclaimer: If you want to follow me after reading this, know that I am a shipper, and proud to be here. The only time I jump ship, is for a quick skinny dip into the warm waters. I mostly write S/C - very smutty - fic, which can be found:

To Grieve for that Which Has Yet to be Lost

“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Sassenach.”

I sighed heavily, the weight of our world consuming me, “You be careful.”

He kissed me then, his lips, warm and cracked from the wind, lingered longer than he intended. I felt the pain and anger, the hurt and fear, all melt into Jamie’s palm as he held my face, his smile against my lips, warming my tired and achy body.  I felt my arms float up, to wrap around his neck, my feet, high on their toes, pulled him in close. Jamie made a soft sound, low in his throat. A mix of apprehensive, with so much going on, but a desire to seize the moment. This one glimmer of a second we had to ourselves. To feel like husband and wife. Man, and woman.

Thought gave way to desire, and desire succumbed to need, falling to its knees in submission. Jamie lifted me to the table in the centre of the room. My legs, too heavy and thick from my clothes to circle his thighs, simply dangled above the wooden floor, as he ushered us over. He rested me atop the table, our lips never parting. I struggled to remove his clothes, desperate for his skin on mine. With the weather, all the men around us, and this bloody war, the moments we had, were always stolen. Never given to us freely, but pulled out from under the noses of those in the night, like thieves. When the pressure got too intense to ignore, he would pull me aside, ducking into the forest, or roll over top me in our barely hidden tent. His time inside my body, my body yielding to his, were so rushed and exposed that our minds had little time to catch up to our actions, only acknowledging the passionate kiss, or hard thrust hitting my cervix and stifled cry of pleasure, when it had long since been over.

But now, I didn’t care if the whole damn British army knocked down our door. Whether they stood and watched, or ran us through. My only hope in that case, was that if their sword penetrated Jamie’s back, to pierce his heart, the sword was long enough to strike me through as well. I lived for him, and he for me, and I bloody well planned on taking that trip to heaven or hell, right alongside him.

Our lips divided as I struggled to unknot his neck kerchief. His fingers aided me, our joint efforts fruitful as we flung the small piece of fabric aside. I felt Jamie’s lips touch my neck, sucking and biting, the craving for flesh, instinctive, deep in the marrow of our bones. We shed him of his clothes, the sound of weapons hitting the ground as his kilt fell to the floor.

The moment naked skin exposed itself to the dampness of the room, lips were quick to burn away the chill. My butting body shook the table, the complaints against the wooden floor, drowned in our passionate cries and grunting possession.

I wanted to fall from the table. I wanted to kneel at his feet and worship his manhood, as it stood proud, raised high from his groin, but Jamie stopped me. He pushed me back against the table, my body lying flat, as he shimmied the last of my skirts out from under my bum. He quickly grabbed my arms, hauling me forward, and pulling my shift above my head.

We were free.

Jamie grabbed my behind, his knuckles scraping the wood. I could see his face wince in pain, before he took my lips in his, and pulled me up against him, his cock finding home. Gasps of pleasure parted our lips as we stilled. I cried, out of anger, out of fear and pleasure, and out of a love for the man that belonged nowhere but in my arms and in my body. I rocked forward, urging him deeper, but pulled my head back to watch the emotions play across his face. He felt everything I did. Felt it as deep in his soul as I did mine.

I placed each hand on his cheeks, his eyes opening slowly, fixing on me as he made love to my body.

Jamie wiped my tears, “Please, dinna cry. I canna bear it.”

“I’m not sad, Jamie. Just stay in my arms forever, and I will never be sad.”

He smiled, but his eyes betrayed him. They weakened, and I could see the guards rise up from their restful sleep, holding the tears at bay. “Ah, mo nighean donn, even if you’re no with me, I always feel yer arms around my body.”

He continued his slow movement, sheathing himself with my body.

“If, in my final moment, a man charges toward me, pistol aimed to my breast, he will no bear a red coat and pistol for long. For I will know that is the end, and my eyes will close, and it will be you comin for me, to take me in yer arms. And when they find my body on that soggy moor,” he kissed me softly, his pulse jolting through my lips, before pulling away, “they will find me with the greatest of smiles upon my face.”

I shook my head out of disbelief, then nodded. “I will be there.”

“Good,” he smiled, genuinely. “Now, can I move quicker inside ya, Sassenach, my balls ache somethin fierce.”

I laughed a laugh that carried throughout my whole body, clenching my insides, that saw the most exquisite of looks crease Jamie’s features, before he sped up his movements inside me.

Jamie grunted with each thrust, his eyes, tight in concentration, would flutter open for the briefest of moments, smile at me, then they’d shut again. I grasped at his back, surely adding more scars with my nails to his skin. Jamie bent forward, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, pulling the flesh of my breast in to join, as much as he could, before he set them free with a pop and moved on to the other. I cried out, holding his face to my body. All thought escaped my mind as he drank from my dried well, but my nipples ached in the most stimulating of ways. A way I thought I had all but forgotten, but the memory flooded my body and I could feel my breast fill with the very thought and hope.

Jamie’s hands rounded my buttocks, pulling me tight against him as he picked me up, carrying me to the wall, pushing my fiery flesh against the cool frame, the burning fireplace next to us, doing little to fill the room. I arched at the shock, wrapping my legs around his waist, but he paid no attention to my gasp.  He pushed fiercely into my centre, his testicles slapping my body, like a palm hitting still water. He pushed up inside me, each time, my body rising higher and higher against the wall, cutting into my skin. Jamie’s position reached the parts of me that only he had the skill of reaching each time, with our lovemaking.

I reached between our bodies, tickling and tugging the wiry bits of hair I could feel above his cock. I jutted a finger out, grazing his pink flesh each time he pulled free of my body. Jamie gasped, his head falling to my shoulder.

“Do tha again, Sassenach,” he sighed urgently.

I could feel his saliva against my shoulder as his pace quickened. I did it again. Scraped my nail along his penis. He groaned, and pushed back in. Then out. I scraped it once more. We sang the song a few times before finally, he pulled out, lingering in the open air, with only the tip keeping my lips open for him. My fingers wrapping around him completely. I held his head close to my shoulder with my free hand, and with a sudden squeeze, I let go of his penis, and he plunged back in me with finality, calling out words in Gaelic I had never heard him say before. He filled my body, his warm semen splashing my insides and coating me in all he had to give. I was right behind him, my orgasm coursing through me angrily as Jamie moved a hand to my breast, pinching a nipple.

Our labored breath was the only proof of life, as we curled into each other against the wall. The dank room emerged around us once more, letting its cool air spear our skin, leaving gooseflesh in its violent wake.  I felt him shiver, and pulled him in closer.

“We should get dressed.” I loathed saying the words. I wanted my vocal chords ripped from my body before they could escape my mouth, but some things cannot be put off.

Jamie pulled back, but stayed protected within my embrace. His forehead fell to mine.

“See, Sassenach. It doesna matter what tomorrow brings. I’ll always be here. In your arms. You’ll always be a part of me, and I, you.”

Jamie kissed my forehead, then pulled free, making for our scattered clothes tossed about the floor. I watched him pick up my garments first. It was always his way. It didn’t matter if chills racked his body, he’d make sure I was safe and warm first. I was always first in his mind.

“Always with me,” I whispered back, as my abandoned arms fell, my hand falling to my stomach,palm pressed hard to my belly, knowing, and weeping inside.

bena-and-cherry  asked:

Hi sweetie. Sorry, im chicken, and nervous. Ahh but like i wonder, do you have any personal hc for shiro's ex? Like how long ago it was they where together, or how she treated him?? Dose keith actually know her at all?

Oh no! Don’t be nervous! XD BUT YES LETTUCE DO THIS.

[Pre-Voltron Family] About Shiro’s Ex and how Keith came into the picture. (Shiro’s Evil Ex: 1, 2) So her name was Rea. Same age as Shiro. Political Science Major. They met because they had one class together and she got attracted to Shiro. They were seatmates and that was how it all started. 

Shiro was there on his first year as a Foreign Exchange Student, he was single and Rea was lovely enough that he thought he could give it a try. She was sweet to him and he enjoyed her company. They went on dates, shared their first kiss, etc. She hanged out at Shiro’s place a lot, even stayed the night. It was great. Shiro was grateful to be in such a relationship.But lately, with school stuff in the way, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together anymore. Somehow, Shiro feels so… empty.

Rea: *gathers her books* Shiro, I have to go now. 
Shiro: Alright. See you at lunch? *smiles*
Rea: You know I can’t. *frowns* I have class. My lunch break is like 2pm and you have class.
Shiro: *sighs* Worth a shot.
Rea: I’ll make it up to you. *leans down to kiss him on the lips* You’ll survive without me, big guy. *leaves the library*
Shiro: *sees her leave* *whispers to himself* Always have. *goes back to doing his homework*

This was the very day—night rather—that Shiro first met Keith. An Asian guy—a very attractive one at that—entered the printing room and just accused him of doing something he didn’t do. He was scandalized but kinda glad he could banter with someone even though he had a paper to print.

His name was Keith and Shiro found him to be such an adorable and lovely guy who turned out to have a lot of books in his room, that very night Keith offered his printer. (oh gods yes i am actually typing the scene i left out in the fic)

Shiro: Whoa. You a bibliophile? *eyes Keith’s bookshelves*
Keith: *looks up from his laptop where he’s trying to print his and Shiro’s papers* *grins* I’m impressed. People usually just say “bookworm” but you actually know the proper term.
Shiro: *shrugs* Takes one to know one?
Keith: Consider your final papers free of charge! *hands Shiro his papers*
Shiro: *takes them* Wow. That’s all it takes? *smirks at Keith*
Keith: Well, you were going to buy me the new Harry Potter book so… *shrugs innocently*
Shiro: *gasp* You weren’t kidding about that?
Keith: You thought I was kidding? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: But—*flushes because he remembered he said he could kiss keith when he offered him his printer but the guy just went along with it by saying to buy him the HP book first*
Keith: *elbows him* I’m just kidding! *laughs* You could’ve seen how red your face was just now!
Shiro: *entranced by how lovely Keith is when he laughs* I’d still buy you that book. *says quickly before he stops himself* *covers mouth with his hand*
Keith: *stops laughing* Dude, I was just joki—
Shiro: *shakes head* No. Let me.
Keith: What’s in it for me? *raises eyebrow in suspicion* 
Shiro: When are you free?
Keith: Uh, I only have my lunch break at 11:30—
Shiro: Let’s eat lunch together then. 
Keith: Wha— *eyes widens*
Shiro: *shoulders sags down* *sighs* I always eat alone because my girlfriend has class. *frowns*
Keith: Oh. *chuckles* Alright, I’ll accompany you to lunch then.

The first time Rea saw Keith with Shiro, she was actually thankful that his boyfriend had a friend who could eat lunch with him. Keith and Rea got along just fine, but they hardly see each other nor talk to each other because most of the time, Keith was reading a book.

Rea: Hey, babe. Let’s watch a movie this Saturday. You free?
Shiro: Sure. *turns to Keith* You free on Saturday, Keith?
Keith: *places down his book and looks at both of them* Yeah, I guess.
Shiro: Great then! 
Rea: *tries to maintain a smiling face* I’ll just go to the bathroom. If you’ll excuse me. *kisses Shiro on the cheek before she leaves*
Keith: *throws a rolled up paper at Shiro* You idiot.
Shiro: *shocked* What?
Keith: She was asking you out on a date and you just had to bring me along?
Shiro: She seems fine with it though?
Keith: She wasn’t. She looked like she wanted to stab me with her pen.
Shiro: Pssh! Rea? No way. She’s a good girl.
Keith: *resumes his reading* Whatever you say, man.

The time Shiro realized he wasn’t in love with Rea was the time he realized he was in love with Keith. Keith who was always there in a corner, ready to listen to his rants and was always ready to give him the hug he needed. Keith who became his best friend and now Shiro wanted him to be something more.

Shiro: Rea, we need to talk.
Rea: Not now, babe. We can talk in bed. *smirks and drags Shiro to his room*
Shiro: *stops her* No. Listen to me.
Rea: What?
Shiro: I think we need to break up.
Shiro: *sighs* I want to end this relationship I have with you. It’s just not working out anymore. I’m sorry.
Rea: *eyes widens* WHY? Is this about… IS THIS ABOUT KEITH?
Shiro: *winces* Not entirely but he’s part of it. I’m just no longer in love with you. I might have thought I was once upon a time but not anymore.
Rea: *clenches her fist in anger* What? Suddenly you realize you’re gay *shouts* I can’t believe you’re choosing Keith over me! A BOY!! IS THIS WHY YOU WOULDN’T LET ME STAY THE NIGHT ANYMORE? I know you stay overnight at Keith’s dorm. DON’T EVEN DENY IT, SHIRO. *scoffs as she fights back her tears* Did Keith give you a b—
Shiro: Don’t finish that sentence, Rea, or I swear to god—
Shiro: It’s not! Keith… he doesn’t know, okay? So leave him out of this.
Rea: *turns around to leave* One day, you’re going to regret breaking up with me. I hope you and Keith don’t happen at all! I hope for your world to crush and burn when you find out that Keith doesn’t even see you THAT way. I wish Keith crushes your heart into millions of pieces. 
Shiro: I haven’t even tried yet, so you and I can’t know for sure.

Shiro texted Keith that night if he could visit him because he had news to tell. Rea’s words kept on haunting him. He didn’t even know if Keith swung that way but he’d never know until he tried. When he got an “ok” from Keith, he left his apartment and headed to Keith’s dorm. 

Little did he know, Keith was going to be his husband in a few years and they’d have 3 kids and a lovely home. ;D

I wanna sleep next to you…But that's all I wanna do right now...

Note. For the purpose of this work Liv never opened Aaron’s phone she just hid it from Robert.

So @aarondingel and I made you guys a present - We hope you like it! Enjoy part 1:

Aaron was exhausted. His family were a lot to deal with most days but today had been especially hard and all he’d really wanted to do was go to bed with his husband. He just wanted to sleep for a week wrapped up in Robert’s safe arms and after they’d both had all the sleep they could, he wanted to spend some quality time getting to know his husband’s body again. But unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen for a little while because Robert had been dragged off somewhere, by an upset Noah of all people.

While no one was paying attention, Aaron snuck into the backroom of the pub and collapsed down onto the couch, with his newly charged phone in his hand. He knew he’d only been away weeks, compared to the months it could have been but it felt longer. Aaron had felt so disconnected from everyone and everything when he was inside but even he had to laugh about how gutted he’d been that his phone’s battery was dead when he got home and tried to check it.

It’s not like anyone would have been contacted him. Everyone who mattered knew he’d been sent down and yet when he finally had enough battery charge to turn his phone on, the number of messages waiting for him surprised him. They couldn’t all be from Liv’s school, could they?

Aaron tapped on the message icon and started to read through them…

Oh god, Aaron felt his throat get tight and his eyes fill with tears. He didn’t know if he could do this, read these messages. He wanted to, god he wanted to know this Robert, but even though Robert had sent them to Aaron’s phone they still felt extremely private, like maybe Robert had never intended for him to read them.

Damn, he had missed his husband, so fucking much and even now he was home all he wanted was to be alone with Robert.

Aaron felt a burst of guilt. He’d just assumed that Robert had been too busy with work to worry or miss him too much, and besides Robert had support, people around to help him, that he could confide in, right? Aaron made up his mind he needed to know what Robert had wanted to say to him but couldn’t, because it mattered.

The tears were streaming down Aaron’s face now. All the nights he’d lain awake thinking about Robert home safe and warm in their bed but Robert had been just as alone as him, couldn’t take comfort in the familiar surroundings.  

Aaron was so proud of his husband, he’d kept his word, brought Aaron home safe and sound where he belonged, and it was a good thing too because he couldn’t be without Robert either.

Aaron laughed even as he sobbed.  Poor Robert everyone had been pilling things on him. Liv was enough of a handful to be sure, and Aaron couldn’t believe that his mum and Charity had thought that it was a good idea to dump Noah on Robert too. Not that Aaron didn’t think Robert would do his best, he knew how important family was to Robert even if no one else did. He had done a great job, you only had to see the two of them together today to realise that Noah had started to look up to and count on Robert.

Aaron used his sleeves to wipe at his eyes.

Aaron shut Robert’s messages he needed a second to breathe before reading more messages from his husband. One panic attack today was more than enough thank you very much.

Teen Titans Go! - “Movie Night”

They let @chadquandt and I write an episode of Teen Titans Go! that premiered last night on Cartoon Network! It was tremendous fun to have the opportunity to play in the DC Universe sandbox (even as we lovingly made jokes at its expense.)

 The episode was guest directed by the enormously talented @edskudder and @lynnvwang and power-produced by the WB TTGo team. 

 In case you missed it, here’s a clip from “Movie Night!” 

(Incidentally, for you Trollhunters fans out there, you might hear a familiar music cue in the Titans’ dramatic final battle charge during the scene below…)


he was the art

@beggingforfics​ or hannah or bby depending on the time of day gave me this prompt (well this picture) so here is the story of delia and harry. 

i’m posting this to make her feel guilty. just a psa.

Delia happened upon him in the middle of the art shop, her basket heavy from paints that her roommate insisted she pick up because it was perfect for the project he was assigned. She hoped she was reading his handwriting correctly, grabbing the right numbers and the correct brushes, but he had a doctor’s handwriting and all of it merged together into a bunch of random words that made no sense to her. 

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What a surprise, it seems this snap election has very little to do with giving people a say on how they want brexit to be negotiate, and more to do with Tory electoral fraud. CPS is finally looking to bring charges against up to 30 people who were involved in electoral fraud during the last general election, with predictions being 12-20 of these are serving MPs who would undoubtably be forced to step down, this would get rid of the Tory majority in government.

We cannot let anyone forget this, the tories currently have a majority because they broke the rules, they cheated, remember this in the coming election.

Also key to take note, the BBC is meant to be both impartial and able to hold the government to account, where is this being reported, as a footnote buried in another article on the BBC, while channel 4 have been championing this story and have helped keep it alive for months. While I have to agree that the snap election is front page news it won’t be happening for nearly two months, while the CPS prosecutions are breaking news that has an immediate effect and are unprecedented in U.K. history and aren’t being discussed.

We cannot let anyone forget this, the tories currently have a majority because they broke the rules, they cheated, remember this in the coming election.


okay okay i’m finally charging my phone and i think i’ve calmed down a bit


and I swear to god that man must be one of THE most beautiful humans to ever walk this earth, when he walked out of the restaurant my jaw dropped to the floor, my heart first stopped and then started beating SO FUCKING FAST, it was racing so bad and i was just shaking A LOT

he is so pretty tho, it’s legit like a golden glow was surrounding him; he’s also SO SO SO SWEET, like legit a sunshine and you know how they always say “don’t meet your faves, you’ll be disappointed”?

That doesn’t apply to him AT ALL, he is everything i thought he would be and more and, even tho i thought that wouldn’t even be possible, i love him now even more than i did before

as to “how” i met him, obviously i saw his instagram story and there is only one restaurant with THAT view so i immediately knew WHERE he was, but 17 minutes had already passed since he posted the pics so i was so scared i’ll just miss him bc it takes me 20-25 minutes to get there, my dad luckily said he’d drive me tho bc with the subway at rush hour i just would not have made it in time

So i was standing before the building for like not even 5 minutes and i thought he might’ve already left but then i saw two men walking out, one with a really fancy dslr camera lmao and the other one just LOOKED like he might have smth to do with schlieri so they caught my eye right away and not even two seconds after HE WALKS OUT AND I IMMEDIATELY JUST STARTED SHAKING SO BAD

I’m a REALLY shy and anxious person so it took EVERYTHING in me to go up and say hi but i did and i am so fucking happy, the conversation wasn’t that long and honestly it’s such a blurr, i was like on more adrenaline than i ever thought was possible, that’s probably how our babies feel when they fly in vikersund or planica LMAO

The guy with the dslr was taking some pics while we were talking but like idk what they’re for so i’ll probably never see them anyway hahaha

I’ll post the selfie in a bit, i just have to find a filter bc i honestly look like SUCH A MESS, i didn’t expect to meet him today, like i was so sure there was no way, BUT I DID

anyway, yes, i fucking met my idol, my boy, my everything, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER


After Thee After Party (3)

Part Three to After The After Party

Thanks to cheeky anon’s for pushing me to write this; I love you pesky peeps. Dedicated, as always, to one true loves @delos-mio , @goblackhatwithme & @princesse-de-ravenclaw for being angels and being my blackhattrashgroup besties. 

Word Count: 1802 (I know right)
Rating: T/M
Sirius x Reader
AN: I am so scared of ruining this so I am sorry!

Originally posted by welovebenbarnesasduck

Sirius had kept an eye on her all day when they went to Hogsmeade, watching and waiting for a time that she’d be alone. His chance came two days later in the evening as she left for the library. He followed silently, her eyes catching his as she scowled and attempted to speed up.

He became annoyed quicker than he would usually and began to take two steps at a time. Her frustration showing as she huffed and puffed before dipping down a corridor. He tended his jaw, moving after her before finding her stood waiting for him, her eyes looking up at him.

“You’re poor at hiding.”

“Maybe I wanted to be caught,” her arms crossing.

Sirius began to smirk, “love… if you wanted to be caught, you wouldn’t have nearly run out of puff on the way up here.”

“What do you want?”

The question to answer all the issues he thought, he moved as he leant against the wall, her frame following his.

“I want to know why you are running from me? I mean, the chase is rather odd foreplay even for me,” Sirius said as he ran his fingers through his hair as he smirked. “I can get on board but, I’d rather tire myself out a different way.”

Her eyes looked down, “I don’t want that, not with you.”

Ouch,” he smirked. Her eyes rolling as she paced in front of him, “you’re pacing.”

“Ever the observant as always, Black.”

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