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If you’re an professional/student/beginning/aspiring animator

I’m writing a mini-thesis on animation, not only the basics of actually animating (Illusion of Life) but also how animation brings people together from everywhere of all ages. How our interpersonal relationships can develop and how our morality can develop from themes from these creations (Avatar: the Last Airbender). How it creates communities and lets people share in mutual thought.

Basically, if you could do me a huge favor and reblog with the reasons why you love animation/anime/any animated media. If you feel comfortable enough for a mini-interview please message me. I swear I’m not a spam bot.

Please and thank you!!!


AAAAAAAND~ Here is the cover art of the For Humanity Fanbook! See the full list of 46 artists and 2 writers here. 

I’m going to be posting lots of teasers and information on this blog especially throughout this month as well as when pre-orders go live later this week.Follow us to keep updated on the project!

HEY GUYS!! i just finished my previous big batch of commissions and im having a rapid fire sale for a bit! my credit card bill is due and im about 50$ short. if youre interested shoot me an email with the request and we can go from there. i only take payment through paypal! (note: these will be lined and full color)

things i will do:

-mild gore

-nsfw (if youre 18+)

-any characters (OCs too)

things i wont do:



-extreme nsfw

im only offering this sale for a limited time so if youve ever had a request i didnt do and youve got a spare ten bucks laying around… im your guy!!

Don’t let one letter on a piece of paper define your intelligence. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for.


Opening commissions!

If you’re interested, please follow the steps above! :)
If not, I’d also fully appreciate you sharing it with others who might be. Given my current situation I’m grateful for the help.
Hope to be hearing from you!
Art blog: questionartbox 
Helpful PayPal How-To for payment: [x]

Looking for RP

Balmung! Hoping that tumblr page for my character will help me find more RP contacts and in-game friends. Feel free to poke me in-game or share this post.
RP info below the image! (may be editing info later)

  • Server :  Balmung
  • Name :  Vi’sano Fylhara
  • Race :  Miqo’te mix
  • Gender :  Male
  • Age :  Late twenties
  • Sexual orientation :  Unknown
  • Relationship status :  Single

RP style and what I’m looking for:  

  •  I write both long and short replies depending on situation and RP partner(s) present. But rarely anything longer than one chat entry.
  •  I prefer roleplay group of 1-5 characters. Bigger RP events often get me confused and makes it harder for me to focus on my own RP because I like to read all RP I see around me even if they don’t interact with my character directly. So it makes me slow. I’m not against events, but may need a poke in /tell if it seems I might have miss something directed to me.
  •  Open to all themes, be it tavern, romance, dark, …
    But those expecting only sexual RP/ERP should not waste time on Sano, he doesn’t do casual one nighters.  I don’t mind random/casual RP but hoping to find some long term contacts and relationships of every type. Never know what happens later.

General appearance : Tall and dark. Usually with comfortable clothes, no heavy armor. His teal eyes may seem piercing and intimidating at first, after time appear softer and gentler when around friends.
Scars etc :  Fully clothed you would not be able to see any bigger scars/marks on him. Just few tiny ones.

Other : Keeps his body in shape for battle but rarely seen carrying any weapons. Avoids getting into physical fights, but does not run from them…

The 1st FF XV Copies are being sold - BEWARE THE SPOILERS

It s all over Twitter - some stores in Peru are already selling Copies and on twitter and instagram people are posting selfies with their games.


(Youtube video suggestions, suggested posts or tweets, et cetera!)


preview of my zine piece for @runcharityzine! you can purchase the pdf zine on March 19th. all proceeds will go to Team For Kids who will be running at the Boston Marathon to fund fitness programs and equipment for kids in the US! please do support them ^O^


Animation Example: X

My Art Tag

Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks depending on detail, if more time is required I’ll keep you up to date!

Contact for copy/paste


discord: Lupist#5442

You can also feel free to contact me on Tumblr via messenger! 

Extra Info:

-I’m not comfortable with sexual NSFW

-I’m comfortable drawing furries, animals, dragons, and humanoids! I don’t have experience drawing mechanical things but I’m willing to try. 

-I reserve the right to turn down any commission that makes me uncomfortable

-Payment is due once I approve the commission, but I’m willing to be flexible!

-please help me buy cool stuff and support my family

-signal boosts appreciated!


Opening comissions again, probably for a month or two. :)

  • I’ll draw:
    - portraits
    - fandom characters
    - OCs
    - pokemon
    - animals
    - creatures
    - gore
    - slash
    - tasteful NSFW
    I won’t draw:
    - furries (slight animal traits are fine)
    - shota
    - complicated machinery
  • Please provide any relevant reverences, and detailed descriptions in case of your OCs 
  • Prices shown above are guidelines and might slightly change depending on complexity of the picture
  • More complicated backgrounds will be priced accordingly
  • Prices are per character and in euro
  • Paypal only!
  • You will receive full size jpg file.

My contact mail is

Please, remember to put ‘Commission’ in the subject line. In your mail please include:

  • Your name/tumblr url
  • Which kind of picture are you interested in
  • Character/scene description, how many characters
  • Extra comments and references (if any)

After I agree to take on your commission, I’ll draw a rough sketch and send it to you (this is the time to make any changes). If you approve I’ll send you a payment request. I’ll get to work right after receiving payment.  Also you can add your tumblr url, so I can tag you correctly if you are alright with me posting low res. of your commission. :)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES COMES TO A CLOSE THIS FRIDAY ,     and  while  the  show  will  be  over ,    it  will  not  be  forgotten.    come  and  join   @hisbattles   and  i’s  group chat  so  that  we  the  fans  can  come  together  as  we  say  goodbye  to  the  show  that’s  given  us  so  much.    to  join ,    simply  send  your  skype  username  to  me  or   hisbattles   and  we’ll  add  you  to  the  group   !    we  hope  to  get  as  many  people  to  join  as  possible ,    no  matter  what  character  you  love ,    which  ship  is  your  otp ,    or  which  plot  picked  your  fancy.    come  one  come  all  as  we  cherish  the  last  live  episode  of  the  vampire  diaries  and  don’t  forget  to  bring  tissues   ;)

배보민. 95BABY. 양자리.
the girl with the blinding
smile and avocado’s
#1 promoter.
─── original character, semi-lit to lit, sfw, slightly
         selective, plotting highly encouraged.

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Commissions are finally open!! I need some help paying off my debt and stuff.

Prices are in USD. CAD is also accepted after conversion.

If interested, please send me an email at Any questions may be directed to email as well. For all the details/up-to-date info, please take a look at my commissions page before contacting me.

Signal boosts are really appreciated! Thank you very much!!

Okayyy!!! So i know this piece is floating around somewhere…the unfinished version…but here is the final (?) piece! I boosted the contrast and attempted doing the….water…so hard. Not sure what to call it but I drew it based off this Sailor Moon mermaid AU I have in my head (still waiting for the day a fanfic writer will write a badass one with Mamo/Usa) :). Overall, I am generally proud of this because I haven’t worked on fan art this hard in a long time. Please dont repost without giving credit. As long as credit is posted, I don’t mind. Also would love some thoughts!