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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!

Don’t let one letter on a piece of paper define your intelligence. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for.

Some issues with a player on balmung; Kaguya Nagatera

I don’t know if any of you guys know a person called Kaguya Nagatera, and I’m not shy about call out posts. But I think people should know this about this person, if they don’t already.

This person runs an fc called Doma No Akuma . She has some sort of hatred towards courtesans and anyone who erps (and apparently anyone who’s gay.) I recently joined her FC hoping to find a good Doman fc that I could be apart of. However, the moment I joined their linksell and discord, she immediately asked if was an ERPer because of my name, and gave me somewhat of a cold welcome. I guess, originally she thought I was a guy. Because soon After I spoke to her I was removed from the discord, fc, and linkshell for no reason. No contact. Didn’t even give me a heads up or talk to me. (By the way, I said no I wasn’t an erper, my name was SpicyLittleKitten because it’s a nickname my friends gave me.) When I tried speaking to her she ignored me.

I don’t know if other people had similar instances, but I do know that her FC is made up of mostly males from what I saw. So I warn others that want to find a FC, don’t join Doman No Akuma if you’re a GIRL character. You’ll just be removed. Now I don’t know if she has a tumblr, but if anyone knows feel free to tag her so I can hear about her excuses.

Hello, I really need your help

There’s been an inconvenience and I urgently need to raise 500€ (~560$). So, guys please help me make it by commissioning me. I’ll be doing drawings like these for 20$ 

or like this for 10$

I can add an actual shading but that’s more time so the price will rise a little bit. Other variations will be taken on account.

Please guys help me. Send me an ask if you are interested and boost me.

Ever wanted someone to draw your cool Sonic OC or fav character from some obscure manga no one else ever heard of? Had this really cute scene of your OTP stuck inside your head that you wish someone would just draw already? Want to make me draw my NOTPs out of spite? Just want to boss around and make someone draw exactly what you want them to while you laugh evil-ly for a little while? Well look no more! I am here, ready at your service!

MORE INFO on what I do - Send me an ask or email


Hi yes hello !! 👋🏽

My name is Zane and I’m a mentally ill nonbinary POC who has recently fallen on petty hard times with work and financial situations.

That being said, I’m in desperate need of money this month since bills and all are due soon so I’m opening up emergency commissions !! Here’s some information:




SMALL WOOD PANEL ACRYLIC PAINTINGS (4inx4in) - $15 + shipping/mail

To commission me, please either DM me or email me at !!

If you’re feeling generous and would like to donate to support, my PayPal is and my Venmo is fairy-pokemon !

If you can’t do any of the above, please reblog this post as I don’t have many followers. Any support you can offer will help me greatly !! Thank you for your time, I hope your day is bright !!


My auri ladies looking for more RP!

Send some asks and let me develop them more! [ Plus it’s easy enough to do on my phone.]

Koneko Hidenka - The Noble
Ririsu Utahime - The Bitch
Maiko Kagon - The Dancer

If you are interested in RPing, send me a little message and we can work on some hooks. I am also open for pre-established relationships! 

They are all on balmung if you wanna poke them and say hi! I am open for both in game rp and Discord.
Tiny#6386 - Tell me who you are or I might reject the request.

But please keep in mind that I have a couple of restrictions when it comes to mature RP, I refuse to ERP. No matter what. If I feel like you are trying to push it on me I will pull away and stop the contact. But for more darker themes, I am all for it, lessgo! 

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Post the following :D

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Fallout
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Zelda
  • Telltale games (The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead preferred)
  • Dragon Age
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Classical music stuff
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Final Fantasy Dissidia
  • Fire Emblem Awakening (or FE in general)
  • Disney
  • Mass Effect
  • Pokemon
  • Star Wars

I do strongly prefer blogs that avoid politics, though; I’m looking for blogs that are mainly content-based. If you reblog I’ll check you out :D

East Coasters, tune into ABC right now to catch the Cast and Crew special, The Final Battle Begins!

Join our talented cast and executive producers as they identify some of their favorite moments over the past six seasons, as well as take a look back at their characters’ journeys. They will discuss what the show has meant to them personally and to the millions of fans who made “Once Upon a Time” a hit show on ABC. Additionally in this special, “Oncers” get to ask the cast and producers their most burning questions about the series. Take a look back at the origins, the love and romance, and all the adventures along that way that fans have cherished these past six seasons.

Blog Roll

Kirollis Duskhaven:

A Sin’dorei intelligence expert currently running paramilitary operations for the state. Former criminal who reformed and spawned a tremendous military career. Always quick with a joke, or a silly statement, especially during tense times. Most have two things to say about him, either he’s annoying or he’s funny, there’s no in-between. Always a charmer, always inquisitive, always ready for a fight. Self proclaimed peoples champion. Rebellious by nature, but a strong leader when called upon. One things for certain, within his presence you’d be hard pressed not to snicker at least once.

Open for any and all RP including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, enemy ships, best suited as a comedic relief character or a heroic type. Can play both main roles and support roles in arcs.

*Character sheet*
*Blog* -
(What you’ll find here) Lots of Deadpool comic strips, general writing, community events/people, rogue concepts, story line posts, and a lot of no context OOC stuff. Basically doubles as an OOC blog.

Soriya Duskhaven:

This little ball of sunshine is a world explorer, monk instructor, and healer. She studies both the White Tiger and Jade Serpent disciplines, she now trains younger (Toddler aged) monks. Growing up most of her life an orphan, who found solace and acceptance in a mercenary group at a young age, she was given an expanded view of the world. While still young, sitting at 25, she is wise beyond her years. Echoing the teachings of the Pandarian monks including acceptance, peace, empathy, and harmony (Among other things). Drawn to any sort of beach, she’s picked up the hobby of surfing in her downtime.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Best suited as a support character rather then a major player. More of a slice of life character rather than action adventure, while she can fight- mostly she defers to healing. Can be used as a wandering healer -anywhere-.

*Character sheet*
*Blog* -
(What you’ll find here) Lots of aesthetics including martial arts and its practices, yoga, chakra and chi concepts, general scenery (With a focus on beaches), positive quotes, sometimes writing blurbs.

Ala’nish Everflame:

A now reinstated Kirin Tor investigator of Arcane anomalies. When the Horde was expelled from Dalaran, this mage deferred to becoming a relic hunter for the Reliquary. With the events that transpired in Legion, he is now back in the fray and exceptionally busy in the Isles. A suave operator with an inquisitive mind and a hunger for learning about anything to do with the arcane or magic in general. Can be brash, or racist, not the person you want in mixed company. This eccentric elf is used to a life of high society, and it shows in his demeanor.

Open for any and all RP, including long standing plots, blurbs, friendships, romance. Can be a main character or a support character. Best venues to have him in are arcane focused, as he can swing by just to investigate and do his job.

*Character sheet*
*Blog*  -
(What you’ll find here) Also a lot of aesthetics pertaining to magic and fire, astrology, mind teasing concept art, mage concept art, sometimes dragons, libraries and books, sometimes writing blurbs.

Korrinth Dawnshatter:

This former Rune-weaver is a tad different then most of her race. A descendant of one of the 100 original mages to be sent to Dalaran to train the humans, her family stayed there long after. With a passion for magical studies and a focus on runes, it was easy for her to transition into the Illidari- taking on the role of a Fel scribe, she has worked on countless tattoo’s both fresh and to strengthen her kin. Fiercely loyal to the Illidari she started down that path due to family issues that more or less left her with no other choice (That she saw). While she is passionate about fighting the Legion and eradicating demons, she often wonders what is after that if anything. Constantly struggling to maintain control, she regulates the amount of demonic energies consumed and deliberately targets lower level demons as prey, making her friendlier than most.

Open for any and all RP, yada yada, you get the picture. Can be used as a main or supporting character. Stationed in Silvermoon to curb the outpour of demonic forces set off course from the Isles, she is usually found there or Azsuna and Suramar. 

*Character sheet*
(What you’ll find here) Unsurprisingly another aesthetic blog, some light writing, skulls, demons, Illidari stuff, runes, old books, generally creepy vibes, sometimes a hot redhead or two, witch craft, internal struggle quotes.

omg guys, stop the “Malec breaking-up” rumors. “Big decision” and “re-evaluate relationship” could be anything, but good things too! The kiss we saw in the promo is most likely a reunion kiss. Why would they break up? It’s too soon. And don’t forget “Alec being sweet with Magnus” spoiler for 2x12 from Zoe + 2x11 is written by Michael fucking Reisz and for 100% there’s a Malec scene. Even if something bad happens in 2x10, he’s gonna fix it.

Anyways, I’m rooting for them to say aloud how much they care about each other or even for I love you’s

Stop freaking out. Let’s just wait. And now, VOTE FOR MALEC

Attention Fairy Tail Guild Mates

So guys i saw this post for a great idea that us fans can do as a special gift for Hiro-Sensei:

You know what would be really cool? If people took pictures of themselves doing the Fairy Tail hand sign and we would make a collage and send it to Mashima to show how much we love Fairy Tail.

I really want to make this a reality because i think Hiro-Sensei deserves to know our love for him and the series he’s put everything into, but i’ll need your help. 

Now if you’d like to be apart of this here’s what i need from you the fans. Just send me a picture via submission of you or you plus friends and/or family doing the fairy tail hand sign (bonus points to those who do it in full cosplay or paint it on them somewhere). You’ll have till the 30th of June to send it in, which will then give me time to begin compiling them together in either multiple or one big collage (depending on how many people send in pics will also effect the submission date). 

Once completed i’ll send our special gift to Hiro Mashima on the 7th of July, same as when the final chapter releases, and also place it on various social media sites to be sure he sees it. 

Please spread the word!! I’d love for any and all fellow Fairy Guild Mates to participate! I feel like this a great way to show our love to Hiro-Sensei after all the amazing content he has provided us with through the years, or if you’re new to the fandom just the wonderful stories he’s told. We’ve laughed, cried, shipped, and wept angsty tears as we followed his amazing story of a celestial key and whip wielding heroine, a pink-haired fire breathing boy and his flying blue cat who both have a serious appetite, and the powerful lessons of family, life, and love. 

since it’s been One Thousand Years since i’ve uploaded a fic (tsnm will be updated soon i promise), here’s a reminder of some of my oneshots, for all your multishipping needs!

Hey y'all so I made the decision that leaving my current university would be best financially and mentally, but I still owe some money. I need this amount to be paid off to get my transcripts so I can start at my community college in the fall so please please spread this! I owe $750 to my school and it would be great if you all could send it to my or