When it comes to summons, Sora’s got his way, Noct’s got his…

Noct’s way is significantly scarier, though… getting a giant rock thrown in his general direction, scooped up by a giant thunder Santa, dragged through water by a giant water snake, nearly frozen to death by a pack of scantily-clad icicle women, etc…

Yeah. Give me the deer that drops healing items everywhere and a pixie capable of necromancy any day.

Sweet Galadhian Lullaby

Based on an IG story done by Johan Akan on IG and of course one of my enablers, @atlerion, decided to plant this little idea in my head while I got several wips to finish. Oh well lol. Aethera is the feminine version of the Greek Goddess Nyx’ son. Thought it was a fitting name.  

Fandom: Final Fantasy XV

Pairing: Nyx Ulric / POC Fem!Reader

Rating: SFW

Words: 1036

Summary: Nyx sings a lullaby to calm you and your daughter Aethera down. 

Tags: Post Fall of Insomnia, Disability, Papa Nyx, Anxiety, Breastfeeding

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You closed your eyes as you bounced your daughter in your arms, the little baby girl wailing while tugging on your long dark curls. “Ssssh, sssh, little one. Sssh, mama is here. Mama is here,” you kept murmuring over and over again as you had tried everything; changed her diaper, gave her kisses, tried to feed her, but she didn’t seem to want to latch on. You had given her toys to play with, turned on the television on some baby program. Nothing.

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