Leroy Murrand, Husband to Janine Suffrey, and Dragoon of the lonesome city of Ishgard. Thought to have lost his family after the dreaded Calamity, Leroy mourned over the loss, and attempted to continue his life in the aftermath. But six years after their supposed deaths, Leroy learned the truth of most of his family’s survival. With his wife suffering from Aetheric Madness, and his eldest daughter attempting to deal with her own past, Leroy remains caught in a terrible conundrum of how to continue where he left off. 

I think my hands consider this “Done enough” for the time being… but hey! I actually saved the layers for this one so I could make a process gif! Been a long time since I’ve done that. As you can see, I took the earlier version of this portrait and completely redid it, but with the same concept in mind so it could match the quality of Janine’s portrait from earlier. 

Though these are hard work, I am tempted to get Crista, Leroy’s daughter, done in this style as well. We’ll see what I have time for!


Prompto Week | Day 3 - Favorie Quote

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This isn’t so much my favorite line of Prompto’s, but it’s definitely my favorite banter with Prom and the bros… The only OT4 that matters tbh…


Lay your hands on me again and I’ll show you exactly what happened to the last old man who touched my Sora’s body.” 

@destiny-islanders​ and I were discussing many headcanons. One of those headcanons being that Vanitas is still with Sora while he’s on Eos.This is what i consider Ardyn’s first warning. He doesn’t heed it, because Sora’s been pretty light weight so far, so the next few times he tries to mess with the guy Vanitas is instantly in control and absolutely lays waste to Ardyn fucking Izunia. He knows he cant kill him, but damn if he isn’t going to try.