“I was the best man, in a size too small…
you were my best friend, going at it all…”

size too small by sufjan stevens reminds me so much of these two…

Some issues with a player on balmung; Kaguya Nagatera

I don’t know if any of you guys know a person called Kaguya Nagatera, and I’m not shy about call out posts. But I think people should know this about this person, if they don’t already.

This person runs an fc called Doma No Akuma . She has some sort of hatred towards courtesans and anyone who erps (and apparently anyone who’s gay.) I recently joined her FC hoping to find a good Doman fc that I could be apart of. However, the moment I joined their linksell and discord, she immediately asked if was an ERPer because of my name, and gave me somewhat of a cold welcome. I guess, originally she thought I was a guy. Because soon After I spoke to her I was removed from the discord, fc, and linkshell for no reason. No contact. Didn’t even give me a heads up or talk to me. (By the way, I said no I wasn’t an erper, my name was SpicyLittleKitten because it’s a nickname my friends gave me.) When I tried speaking to her she ignored me.

I don’t know if other people had similar instances, but I do know that her FC is made up of mostly males from what I saw. So I warn others that want to find a FC, don’t join Doman No Akuma if you’re a GIRL character. You’ll just be removed. Now I don’t know if she has a tumblr, but if anyone knows feel free to tag her so I can hear about her excuses.