All my assignments have been submitted!! 🎉 wooo! Now only exams to go and then summer break. I’m super excited because it’s Halloween this week and I absolutely love dressing up and doing make up for events like that. It’ll be a nice end to the semester! Bring on exams!

how to study for big exams

study beforehand:
Begin to study two weeks before your tests (or even before) so it helps your anxiety and you don’t freak out last minute. Two weeks before your test is the perfect time for you to start studying one hour to an hour and a half each day. This gives you time to prepare and get comfortable with what you have learned.

don’t cram:
It’s fine to review the night before the test but if you try to learn new concepts the night before you will be way too stressed out and will just end up getting anxious + not really learning anything. Don’t procrastinate and start now.

avoid distractions:
When you get really stressed out while studying, or every 30-50 minutes, try to distract yourself for just a couple of minutes (5 minutes). Take a light walk, play with your dog, or just take a minute, listen to music and let your mind wander. Don’t let it get too long though, this is just for you to refresh yourself. Also, make sure to avoid your phone even during your small break. Chances are you are going to get hooked and end up looking through it way more than what you intended to.

manage your time wisely:
Make lists and plan ahead in what you want to study. Create your own study guides if not given one by the teacher and make a study schedule. Begin studying and study harder for the subjects you need to get a better score on, and/or are harder for you to understand. Analyze your exam schedule and begin planning.

  • manage your time using the pomodoro method: what is the pomodoro method? it’s a really effective technique where you set a timer for 25 minutes and you start studying/working, when the timer’s up you take a short 5 minute break (no electronics!) there’s even a few apps on the app store, here are two i recommend:

flat tomato: apple (not available for android so click here for a similar one)

pomodoro time: apple/ similar on android

speak to your teacher:
A few days or a week prior the test, talk to your teacher. Ask them what kind of format the test will mostly be like. (Multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.) ask them what’s the most important things you need to know and study from and focus more on.

make studying fun: use colors, sketches, foldables, flashcards, online games, etc. anything to spice up how you study!

✧ study methods:

  • read everything from cover to cover: not exactly reading it, but more like skimming through it. it might not work for everyone, but reading it 1 time quickly, not trying to memorize anything personally helps me kind of get the whole idea and what it is talking about.
  •  get a tutor: this is what helped me for math, since I really suck at it. do this if you are willing to pay for one or find someone at school whether it’s a teacher or an older student.
  • youtube: if you don’t like tutors or just don’t want to pay for one, go to youtube. You can get tutoring for free and have concepts explained to you in different ways. If you don’t understand something, you can easily rewind or switch to another video. there’s even programs that their goal is exactly that, helping people for free, like khan academy. (really good one!)
  • study groups: i do a lot better when i study with other people. I am bound to procrastinate if i decide to study by myself. Ask a few friends who you know will study and do understand the subject. If you are easily distracted and prefer to study alone, then go for it.
  • quiz yourself and others: even if you’re asking the questions, hearing the answers and checking them helps to memorize things better.
  •  teach the material to someone else: this can be really effective since when teaching it, you are also teaching yourself and testing if you actually understand what you are talking about. your mind will organize the information in a way that you feel will help the other person understand better.
  • flashcards: good old flashcards. I think having some on hand everywhere is good so you can just grab ‘em on your free time and go through them. they’re great for vocabulary words and concepts. If you don’t want to take the time to write them out then use any app. Like quizlet or studyblue. (you could also use @studyign alternative to flashcards method)

✧  more methods:

  • mind maps
  • outlines of the chapters
  • reviewing old tests
  • studying from your notes
  • taking notes from the book once again.
  • create a questionnaire for you to answer.

 ✧ motivate yourself: how? well, one way I usually get motivated is by reading school related tips and scrolling through studyblrs. but don’t stay on tumblr!! it doesn’t count as studying.

✧ before the test:

go to school rested: it’s important to let your brain rest. Be sure to at least have 6 hours of sleep before a test. Your health is important, you need energy. DO NOT PULL ALL NIGHTERS.

eat a good breakfast: choose something healthy (at least healthy-ish) that will fill you up and give you energy for the hours you are going to be in school. Don’t believe the “an empty stomach will make you focus better” not true. Some ideas are:

-eggs and sweet potato hash browns
-banana pancakes
-waffles with some peanut butter
-huge fruit smoothie

 wear something comfortable: wear an outfit that makes you feel good but it’s also comfortable.

 quickly review: just quickly go through any notes or flashcards you had written whenever you have time. During breakfast, while you’re in the car or waiting to get your test.

prepare: make sure to come prepared. A lot of teachers might not allow borrowing during the test. So make sure you have pens, pencil, eraser, liquid paper, calculator, sharpener or anything else at hand.

 ✧ during the test:

 READ: go through your test and read everything, then ask your teacher whatever you don’t get. Underline key words in every question so you can organize the problem, making it easier to tackle.

concentrate: don’t let anyone disturb you.

notes: write down things you feel you could easily forget. If it’s a math test, go to the back of your test and write down every formula you remember so when you are faced with a problem you can go back to check. By doing this you clear your mind and you don’t feel as overwhelmed.

take your time: Allow yourself to double-check problems and reread everything. It is not a race.

calm yourself down: breathe, you know this.

* i know a lot of you are already out of exam season but hopefully this can help you for the upcoming year! :)

In words of Hannibal, from the A team. “I love it when a plan comes together”

Here you can see a final shot of Moon Rises and check out our particular version of the “Roger” system for animation. 

Those shadows and lights are all automatic.  Our only regret? not having Helios ready for this production. Oh well, there’s always “Choices” for testing stuff.

Complete collection | My art, please do not remove the caption.

Fashion illustrations inspired by the songs from Twenty One Pilots’ album, Blurryface. The artwork seen in the official Blurryface audio videos were used as textiles to represent the cohesiveness yet individuality of a collection, whether in fashion or in music.


09/06/2016  ‣ From my instagram: studylou

Had my first exam today! Economics is our hardest subject, so I’m glad it was the first one! (just to get it over with) + check out these cuties that arrived today! History tomorrow, but it’s one of my favourite subjects so it’s not as much of a drag.

1/10 finals down.