I got to meet @runhardliveloud yesterday!!!! She took on the beastly 25k at one of my favorite races, Tick Ridge Trek, and I was a lazy bum and just volunteered for race set up and finish line timing duties because I’m still too tired/traumatized from the Grand Slam.

So awesome to see you Natalie!! Let’s finagle a race where we come to each other’s home town :)

|| Ford & Rick


In the midst of Weirdmagedon, Rick seemed to have arrived just after the nick of time. The Pines twins were dead. Stanley was dead. All that was left of Gravity Falls was Bill and Ford, and it had taken a lot of work and finagling to get Ford out of that weird pyramid prison alive.

When it was all said and done, they sat for a breather inside an abandoned house. Bill was still after the pair of them, stalking the streets with his nightmarish gang. Rick was panting, eyes squeezed shut as he listened for any sound of trouble. He couldn’t look at Ford at the moment.

They’d met in his travels a long time back. Rick had just decided out of the blue to drop in. A hunch had made him think this would be a good time. It was far from it. And now here they were, in a decaying home inside an apocalyptic universe where a triangle in a top hat was out to murder them.


“Y-you’ve certainly gotten yourself into a mess this time, Ford,” Rick grunted, finally opening his eyes.

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Given that royal imposters could successfully impersonate kings, (a la Perkin Warbeck) did any commoners ever try to impersonate a member of the nobility?

Yep, definitely happened. Pretending to be a down-on-their-luck nobleman was actually a pretty common confidence tricnk back in the day, whether one was looking to get handouts from other aristocrats touched by your hypothetical suffering, or trying to pass off fake “heirlooms” as genuine articles that have to be sold off in a moment of need, or trying to finagle your way to marrying the daughter of a wealthy and socially ambitious bourgeois. 

When you get right down to it, nobility ultimately is just a set of mannerisms and cultural capital attached to a certain costume and appearance. 


So I’m watching The West Wing and it’s the first lady’s birthday and Donna suddenly becomes a Canadian because a border clarification put her birthplace on the other side of the 49th parallel so she’s locked out of the party.

When she’s let in again with some finagling, she’s one of the three women who go off with Abbey (the first lady) to get drunk. While there, in a moment of mindlessness, she says something very rude that Abbey needed to hear.

Back in the party proper, Donna apologizes but Abbey thanks her and says she has a surprise coming. And then Donna finds out she gets to be an American again because of the INS grandfather clause about 10 seconds before the band strikes up O Canada.

And then the President sweeps in, shouting, “What the hell is going on?! I was only gone for 45 minutes, they were all Americans when I left!”

And then I laughed so much I had an accident.

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Hey! Congrats on 1200+ followers! That's amazing! For the drabble thing, could you do a Samandriel one for me with number 2, please? Thank you darling! You rock! Hugs from me <3

(Thank you, darling!)

It had seemed like such a good idea, climbing to the top of the bookshelf in the library to get what you needed. It had taken some finagling and some movement of books, but you were there. And despite having a great view and the book you needed, it had left you stranded. It was getting late, the library was empty, and here you were stuck on a bookshelf.

Closing your eyes briefly, you prayed, waiting only a moment before looking down and seeing the sweet Angel standing below. He was dressed as he always had been, wide eyes staring up at you, “Y/N? What are you doing up on a bookshelf?”

You shook your head, “It’s a long story. Can you help me get down?” You were trying to figure out a way to lower yourself without completely crashing into the floor, though it was a harrowing idea.

“I can’t understand what you used as leverage. How on Earth did you arrive to that location, Y/N?” He seemed concerned but also fascinated. Your antics always did that to the young Angel.

“Quit asking how I got stuck up here and just catch me!” You were beginning to lower yourself, having dropped the book to the ground, though you were slipping a bit. The best you could hope for was that the Angel took pity on you and let you fall into his arms. You doubted he could actually catch you.

“Of course. Let yourself go.” He smiled widely and you closed your eyes tightly, letting your grip go and falling. It was brief, and a short fall, but you were surprised to find yourself in his arms.

Samandriel was holding you, on his own, a large smile on his face, “Are you feeling safe now? Have I helped?” He carefully lowered you down, hardly noticing the shocked look on your face.

“How…? I didn’t know you were that strong.” You dusted yourself a bit, leaning down and collecting the book, “Yeah… you helped. I feel safe.” Your face flushed as you brushed your hair back.

“Good. That’s all I need to know.”

The Best Mascara For Your Lash Type

Here’s a scenario you may be familiar with: A friend, favorite blogger, or makeup artist raves on and on about his or her holy-grail mascara, a product they’d wrestle a bear over if it were the last tube on Earth. You’re sold.

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You hustle with the ferocity of Venus and Serena combined to the nearest retailer, throw your money at the cashier, and, in great anticipation, finagle the product out of its packaging. A couple swipes later, your face sinks with disappointment. You’ve just wasted money, again, on a product you may try to force yourself to like, but will never quite be content with. It’s not the product’s fault, and your friend wasn’t lying. It’s just that not all lashes are the same and, as such, some mascaras work better or worse depending on lash type. Yes, there’s such a thing as lash type.

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“It’s really difficult to put a mascara recommendation out there and say, ‘This mascara will work for everyone,’ because that’s simply not the case,” explains makeup expert Huda Kattan. “The right mascara with the right lash is going to create beautiful results. However, somebody else can use [the same product] with a different type of lash and have really awful results.”

In short, you should become intimately acquainted with your own lashes before spending money on lash products. Factors to consider include the mascara’s formula, its intended effects, and even the color. Ahead, we break it down.

Mascara Effects

Generally speaking, there are three major promises mascaras make: the ability to volumize, the ability to lengthen, and the ability to curl. Many can deliver on these promises if they’re quality products and if they’re paired with the right lashes.


These Body Lotions Will Get You Through Winter


Lengthening mascaras, like this one from Estée Lauder, work on both short and full lashes, and help to elongate and separate, explains celebrity makeup artist Marni Burton. Mascaras that contain fibers are particularly good at extending lashes, and some even come as a two-part application process (more on that later). Also, many lengthening mascaras are applied with hard rubber applicators with very short, dense bristles.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara, $27.50, available at Sephora.

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People with sparse lashes should look for mascaras that add volume, like this CoverGirl pick. Volumizing mascaras often contain silicone and/or minerals — which plump and nourish the lashes — and tend to dry faster, allowing you to build multi-layer volume more quickly.

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Additionally, volumizing mascaras typically have soft, large-bristled brushes that allow you to deposit more product onto the lashes. If you already have thick lashes and use a volumizing product, you may find yourself dealing with clumpy, spider-like lashes. Twiggy made it a good look, so run with it if you want. However, if clump isn’t your end goal, opt for something less volumizing — or, at the very least, use your product with a light hand.

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara, $8.99, available at CVS.


“If you have straight lashes, then a curling mascara is best,” says Burton. “Curling-mascara formulas use supple waxes to soften the lashes, and shape them to have a curved dimension.” When putting on curling mascara — or any kind of mascara — apply pressure to the lash bed and press upward. You can also hold the wand on the tips of your lashes and gently press up and back while the mascara dries. This allows the curl to set. A good eyelash curler can also help you create a dramatic, curled effect.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash, $24, available at Sephora.

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Mascara Formulations

We touched a little bit on mascara formulas, but let’s dive in a little deeper.


Not only are oil-and-wax-based mascaras the easiest to find in stores, but this is also the most traditional type. The cosmetics world has branched out, but wax has become a standard for a reason. “Wax is best known for its volume, separating, and blackest black capabilities,” explains Burton — adding that she finds wax mascaras create the most natural, beautiful lashes. She recommends looking for soft waxes, which help create a soft and flexible feel. Hard waxes — found in low-quality and expired mascaras — can stiffen your lashes and cause breakage.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara, $27.50, available at Sephora.


This is a less common type of mascara, but it’s proven to be a good alternative for those who are sensitive to wax, oil, and fiber mascaras that may flake or smudge into the eyes. Tubing mascara works by encapsulating the entire lash in a polymer-based formula. It gently hardens, protecting your lashes and hyperextending them. It’s also water-resistant, which gives it the green light for beach days. “Tubing mascara can be tricky to remove,” notes Burton. “You don’t want to pull at your lashes too much when cleansing. Use a natural oil to slide mascara right off.”

L'Oréal Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara, $9.99, available at Ulta.


We’ve seen an uptick in fiber mascaras in recent years, like this one from Too Faced. Some are single-tube applications that contain small fibers within the black or brown formula. Others are two- or three-part applications that require you to first apply a base layer, and then swipe on fibers, followed with a sealant layer.

“Fiber mascaras mimic your natural lash,” says Burton. “When you apply product, there are tiny little fibers that latch on to your natural lash which create more tiny little lashes. These tiny fibers grab on to the ends of your lashes, as well, for a lengthening effect.”

The result is full, dramatic lashes. So dramatic, in fact, that it may look like you’re wearing falsies. Fiber mascaras come with a caveat, though: They require a very deft hand. Poor application can result in dramatically clumpy lashes.

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme!, $35, available at Ulta.

A Note On Color

Mascara color comes into play more for those who have pale complexions, or very light lashes, and also when deciding whether your look is for day or night.

Brown mascaras can create a natural effect, especially during midday on light skin. Black mascara works throughout the day on almost any complexion, of course, but if you’re fair and want to create a “no makeup” vibe, consider the former. Note that brown mascaras come in all sorts of shades, as well. For example, they can lean a little red, semi-dark, or nearly black. Sample and search for swatches when shopping to find the perfect match for you.

Regarding colors such as blue, purple, green, or any pastel, let the spirit move you. Pastel mascaras do tend to wash out light eyes, so choose something rich and vibrant if you want to make your eyes pop. A deep purple, like this one from Make Up For Ever, can do very cool things for any eye color and is a great place to start if you’re experimenting.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara In Plum, $23, available at Make Up For Ever.

By: Wendy Rose Gould

The karaoke night hadn’t opened yet– hell, the bar had hardly opened– but Ren was a well-known face, and an excellent tipper, so he managed to finagle his way onto the stage to mess around during sound check.

“Alright, ladies and gents,” he called out.  “Welcome to pre-karaoke night.  While I am still sober enough to stay in tune, I’ve decided for my opening number, I will need a volunteer."  He glanced around the seats.  "You there– come on up.  The audience demands a duet."  The dark-haired male gave a light scoff and pulled off his jacket.  "Don’t make me bring the spotlight to you– because I will. There is no such thing as shame on stage.”

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"Would you rather spend one nigh in Vegas with Kendrick or one day in Disneyland with Snow?" - Change the rules!(™Bering&Wells) One is at night and one is during the day, which means the times don't overlap so if you can finagle some travel time (which, honestly, you probably could if you accidentally-on-purpose invited Kendrick to Disney and Snow to Vegas because those two would probs love to hang together even with you third-wheeling) you're golden.

I never thought I’d be in a position to want Agent Carter fix-it fic where 1940 Peggy doesn’t make the most important decision of her life based on what two men think she wants. (Two men we’ve never met before and don’t care about).

Someone give the world fic where baby Peggy saves the princess, where teenage Peggy is full of spit and righteous anger, where Peggy joins up as soon as she’s allowed and codebreaks days and sleeps restlessly at night hoping to do more, where Peggy finagles her way into the SOE as soon as she hears of its existence and doesn’t look back.

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my mom is going out w her sisters today for her birthday I’m trynna finagle myself into attending and having them pay for dinner and drinks at a separate table where I eat by myself

Took like an hour but finally put together an outfit for the Gala tomorrow! Military dress uniform was easier than trying to finagle a nonexistant gown. Hopefully nothing happens and I can actually freaking go. @___@ I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU, ANXIETY!

Blergh. xD

Will be doing an RP writeup post soon detailing some things I’ll be retconning/redoing from Rose’s storyline, since some aspects make me too anxious and will need to be redone (namely, no Poppy IC and no cybernetic arm).