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Can a video with you, Leo, "markiplier" Mark, "dansnotonfire" Dan and "AmazingPhil" Phil happen? will it ever happen? That would make my life. Also Leo and you are cuties.

I mean, I know me and Leo would TOTALLY be down for that! I don’t know Mark, Dan, or Phil personally (Dan was very kind and complimented me one time!), but I know they are very busy gentlemen, so it would take some finagling! But if they’re ever down for it, me and Leo would drop everything in a heartbeat to make it happen! Haha

{Too Scared to Say it Aloud}

Hey everybody ^_^

So most of you probably know that I was a Christian at one point. It was how I was raised.

I was Catholic, and had a lot of that guilt that comes along with leaving the faith when I first decided that it wasn’t what I believed in. I felt like I was sinning, being a bad person, and all that other stuff that just finagles its way into your life when you make decisions to leave the faith you were raised to believe in.

I have nearly all traces of that guilt and doubt shaken off now, except those that come along with this one word.

And that one word is Devil.

Not Satan or Lucifer or Demon, just Devil.

It scared me, and sometimes still does. Sends shivers down my spine and leaves me expecting my eyes to melt or something.

And I didn’t really know why up until a week or two ago.

I have a theory that it’s because it’s been ingrained into me as not only the name of an evil creature of supreme cruelty and hatred, but also as a conviction. Which is wrong. It’s so wrong, and I really don’t think Christians should do it to their children, simply because it makes them scared of everything.

They can of course teach their kids to believe in God and all of that, and they can believe in the Devil too. But they shouldn’t be treated as if the Devil is the thing that convicts them.

Whenever I did something wrong as a child, I was told that the Devil was going to come take me away, or pollute my heart, or steer me away from Jesus. It was something I was terrified of. It kept me awake at night, and any time someone mentioned the word Devil, images of fire and blood spewed into my mind.

So to counter this fear I have institutionalized into me, I scream the word into my pillow every so often. I let it out, give the word no meaning, and destroy any connotations that come along with it.

But it still scares me.

I still struggle with it.

The Bad Advisor sustains!

Friends and family in Bad Advice Nation who have sent kind and concerned notes and asks, fret not! The Bad Advisor fully intends to resume badly advising in short order. Alas, the Bad Advisor is not, in reality, a demon-eyed avatar whose sole concern is the dressing down of inveterate shitbirds. But life, as they say, finds a way.

But the Bad Advisor needs your help.

The Bad Advisor is considering producing a printed-and-bound version of Bad Advice for distribution at your favorite local retailer, but lacks the literary know-how and copyright-finagling-ability to know much about where to start.

Would or could you help advise the Bad Advisor on where to begin this wondrous journey to the page? Are you yourself familiar with the world of publishing? Are you willing to lend the Bad Advisor your expertise? Would you even read or buy this bullshit anyway???????

If so, do drop the Bad Advisor a line in her inbox

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This is a picture for your Contest. You said you only had one entry- and I couldn’t stand the thought. I love your blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy this art! For all the work you do, you deserve this at the least~ <3

Had to do a bit of finagling to post this one, because of how you submitted it, but I’m glad to do so to properly show off this entry!

(I’m not announcing winners yet, I’m just uploading all the entries. I’ll announce the winners tomorrow.)

LISTEN!!! we need to talk about best friends zarry since they were kids. growing up together, practically inseparable. harry walked right up to zayn during kindergarten and sat down and started coloring with him. zayn just stared at him, but harry plowed right into a conversation about how he loved to color the monkey’s the most, but what is zayn’s favorite animal? and zayn shyly points at a tiger and harry smiles and from that point on never leaves his side. before they’re even together or admitted they have feelings or admitted that hey, maybe we’re not straight at all, everyone thinks of them as zaynandharry. you can’t invite one without inviting the other, it’s just not done. if one doesn’t like you, the other one doesn’t like you. they somehow finagled their way into having the majority of classes together, and no one would even thINK to take the seat next to harry on his left side. no. that’s zayn’s seat. one day a new kid came to school and tried to sit there, and there were hushed whispers about it and a slight glare from harry, and zayn just crossed his arms when he came to class - 3 minutes late - and saw the guy sitting in his seat, staring him down until he moved. (they made friends later because zarry aren’t mean, they just have to be next to each other). they’re just attuned to one another in a way that’s almost scary - growing up together and completely comfortable. their sense of boundaries are just gone. they have their spats and their moments, but it’s just so…it just is. there’s no way to describe them except for that they just are. harry sneaks through the window of zayn’s room and just lays on the bed with him in silence, taking in the break from the world and needing that time to decompress and stop being on all the time like he is around all their other friends. everyone knows who zaynandharry are, knows that they are two people who come as one. now, if only the two of them could realize that.

I don’t know if many of you all make plush (I certainly hope you try some day!) but do you ever get to the detailing/attaching stages and… Have them in your lap? I sit crosslegged 90% of the time, so I finagle them into my lap to hold it in place, and then work on sewing.

I’m working on my current doll and their tail was just flopping their body around, and I’m sitting there like “Stay still you goon!” and that’s like the cutest thing ever and I get super attached

that’s where we differ

Occam’s razor sharpened our wits
pardon my finagling
I reckoned we were at wit’s end
so I witnessed the fits pretending to exist

I never had a cart to put before the horse
nor the horse to remember to put before the cart
I reported being in court
at the behest of the masturbatory magistrate
to be tried for the crime of self-gratification

attendance has always been required
why do you think these dumbies came and went
like fashion trends and fake friends
we took up the cause before we ever knew right from wrong
is that so wrong?
I guess we still don’t know the difference
what’s the difference?
I guess we still laugh at our differences
so we can differentiate

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Abi rolled up to the cliffside. It had taken a little finagling, but with the promise she'd carry an extra clip of sabot round, she convinced Optimus and Lennox to let her back out on her own. She wasn't sure if she expected the Fallen to return, but she let her EM field burst as she set up a line of pop cans a little bit away from her. Back at her car, she took out her extra pistol, which just held ordinary rounds, took her stance and started shooting.

He could not name a reason why he found himself following the path of the EM field, why her aura in the forest attracted his footsteps. In the time he was content to sit without movement or distraction, a thousand of her lifetimes could pass. And yet, recent events had belayed his desire for solace somewhat. The occasional reporting Decepticon commander, or even Starscream’s haggard complaints, had constituted a company of sorts, and solitude was an existence - though he would not admit it - which he was loathe to return to. Even so, he watched her long before his presence was noticed, fading into reality instantly, silently behind her without so much as disturbing the air. The power of the Void and the staff that controlled it was one of two gifts he had ever been given, and he was a master in its use.

I have a headcanon that Los Angeles was named after Angel/Angelus.

peridexis replied to your post:so while i was on vacation i read a lot of books…

this au is… EVERYTHING I DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED, (also i’m filled with a rejuvenated hatred for the dursleys, heyo),

lmfao i hate the dursleys SO MUCH

you know that one post that makes the rounds that’s like “ginny was weird when she had riddle’s diary………… ron was a dick around the necklace……….. GUESS WHY THE DURSLEYS WERE ABUSIVE PIECES OF SHIT HEYO”

that post fills me with more rage than pretty much anything i ahve ever experienced in my life


i’m glad you like this!!! i have loads of ideas and hopefully will end up writing them. the thing i’m doing for camp nano is really heavy and like lol 2close so this is some fun action adventure shenanigans bullshit on the side

REMEMBER WHEN WE COULDNT REBLOG POSTS TO OUR OWN BLOGS? that was some wild shit. and like. i remember popular bloggers finagling shit so that they could reblog things to themselves

Well, that's done then.

It has been decided that I am not going to finish my PhD (the committee thinks I’m not worth the extension). So I’m not a student any more.

I could still pursue China or move home with my brother and his wife. Might be able to finagle a visa swap to a work visa and stay in the UK but it’s unlikely.

Rather in shock, as the Brits would say.


  • I have one tooth on each side that hurts and I need them to not. It’s making it difficult for me to eat crunchy foods. Plus I don’t have a dentist appointment until October. Plus if I do have one cavity on either side, they’ll have to do it in two separate appointments because they don’t like numbing both sides at once, and that sucks. Really I just need my teeth to CUT THE SHIT and be teeth and not Swiss-cheese cavity-filled motherfuckers.
  • Interestingly enough, this might be one more thing I can blame on the celiac. Apparently having celiac can negatively affect tooth enamel development. So maybe it’s not my fault?
  • It totally is my fault. I eat way too much sugar.
  • My ginger ale has cayenne in it, apparently? Not a lot, but it’s definitely noticeably spicy. Not a bad thing!
  • We might be able to finagle our fall vacation so that we spend a few days in a city and then a few days in the mountains, which, while being new and therefore terrifying, sounds like a really good time.
  • I need to get back on the horse re: figuring out my Tarot cards. That seems like a practice that would benefit me, but my attention span for reading/learning new things is not terrific these days.