finagle's law

Adolph Coors III, who was allergic to beer, was the heir to the Coors beer empire—being allergic to beer is bad fortune for many, but it is Sod’s Law that someone allergic to beer would inherit a beer empire (and, due to a botched kidnapping attempt, die because of the empire’s wealth, thus being killed by beer, if only indirectly).

An example of Sod’s Law in action as a juxtaposition to Murphy’s Law, which Wikipedia–because it’s my friend and doesn’t find Louie CK too terribly depressing either–thinks is pretty upbeat.

Also, if that’s not hot dog awesome enough for you, check out this wikipedia sentence about Finagle’s Law:

“Eventually the term "Finagle’s law” was popularized by science fiction author Larry Niven in several stories depicting a frontier culture of asteroid miners; this ’Belter’ culture professed a religion and/or running joke involving the worship of the dread god Finagle and his mad prophet Murphy.“