I see a lot of people sitting back unconcerned about developing events in the US because “fuck the military”

But please consider

》This means there will now be significantly more trans people unemployed after having a brief opportunity to be themselves, when finding a new job as a trans person already creates additional hurdles to overcome

》The number of trans folks, many of whom enlist for finacial desperation while being unsure of their identity, who are now forced to stay closeted

》This sparks yet another national dialogue encouraging hatred targeting the trans community while people question our existence and will inevitably lead to harm

Please stand with the Trans community while we fight together against so much of the evil from this administration ~Krystal

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Hey, I gotta ask just to make sure, but are you okay? There's a lot going on and a lot of people bashing on you and stuff, and I just want to make sure you're okay. I mean, I know you might not be but maybe try taking a deep breath and thinking about something that makes you happy? I know the internet can be a frustrating place, but just remember you have a lot of patient and kind people supporting you!


People does not care about me.

-I’m going through finacial issues at home.
-I need to check myself with a doctor for personal health issues
-I’m solving an unfair copyright strike
-I’m trying to work on the animation
-Making comissions
-Handling my social media
-Dealing with random hate
-dealing with people that give me crap for not empathize with the kid that stole my animations cus “i sent hate towards him and the poor kid doesn’t deserve it” (apparently I deserve it)

Oh but, “Hey cami used a no-no word that is forbidden in northamerica!! We should shame her for doing that and call her an asshole! How dare she!! How arrogant can she get geez!”

I’m just a youtuber to those people.

I’m not a person anymore.

I’m just a… public figure? That… has to be perfect for her fans, she has to be the example of a perfect human being and if she is not how we want her to be we all shame her for it.


“What? What’s that you ?”

“Hahaha” you want that"?

“I know you’ll do anything to taste GoddessRavens god-like pussy”

“But you can’t have it hahaha”

“Everyday I sink you deeper and deeper into your porn addiction”

“And guess what?”

“It turns me on seeing you sink”



Financial aid finally stops dragging you through the mud and actually pay part of your tuition. Maybe not all of it, but still more money than you could have paid in an entire fucking months worth of paychecks. Without buying groceries or eating or paying for gas.

Can go multiple ways.

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Like this.

Or this.

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Battleborn's biggest mistake was not giving any of the characters a giant ass. They're all tiny as fuck. Giant asses are generally the key to finacial success for a multiplayer game.

I’d try to refute this but