Kpop Idol Generations

1st Generation (1996 - 2000)
Baby V.o.x - Fin.kl - g.o.d - h.o.t - Koyote - KPLG - S.E.S - Sechskies - Seo Taiji & The Boys - Shinhwa - Turbo - 1TYM - Jinusean - NRG - S#arp - 4men - Fly to the Sky

2nd Generation (2001 - 2008)
Rain - BoA - Jewelry - jtL - Dynamic Duo - DBSK - Tablo - Epik High - Trax - SG Wannabe - The Grace - SS501 - Super Junior - Brown Eyed Girls - Seeya - Big Bang - Wonder Girls - KARA - F.T. Island - SNSD - Sunny Hill - Son Dam Bi - 8Eight - Davichi - SHINee - 2AM - 2PM - U-KISS - IU - JOO - K.Will - Chae Yeon 

3rd Generation (2009 - 2011)
After School - 2NE1 - 4minute - T-ara - f(x) - MBLAQ - BEAST - Secret - Rainbow - CNBLUE - GP Basic - Co-Ed School - Dalmatian - Nine Muses - Miss A - Girl’s Day - LED Apple - Teen Top - INFINITE - SISTAR - F.Cuz - ZE:A - Dal Shabet - Piggy Dolls - 5dolls - RaNia - Brave Girls - Block B - A Pink - B1A4 - Boyfriend - Chocolat - G.NA - C-REAL

4th Generation (2012 - present)
Nu'est -  EXO - B.A.P - Spica - Speed - Hello Venus - JJ Project - BTOB - She'z - Gangkiz - EvoL - AoA - FIESTAR - Skarf - Two X - Puretty - Cross Gene - EXID - Tiny-G - Tasty - SuPearls - Ailee - Juniel


Dance covers to Fin.kl’s Eternal Love, Kara’s Step, Rainbow’s A, Kara’s Mister

Credit :  TheGsdfhfdsdfh


 Lee Jin & Sung Yu Ri [Cute Moment]


130117 T-ara - I cant cry @ GDA [Special stage] [Qri, Eunjung. Hyomin & Areum] Lovely voices <3 *.*


[OPV] Lee Jin & Sung Yuri - To My Boyfriend

Lee Jin's transformation from a nation's fairy into a woman of determination

      Korean artist Lee Jin don’t have the anxiety of a rookie, nor the experience of an old hand in the entertainment business. She just gives off a comfortable and stable aura when you meet her. But behind her cheery smile, she knows what she wants and has the determination to go for it.

     “Fin.K.L happened during my student days, and I basically spent my youth with Fin.K.L, and it also helped me to make lifetime friends. Although I was often reprimanded and was under great stress, Lee Hyo Ri always told us that there are many things to be grateful for. If we only see the negatives, it will become a shackle, and it ain’t right. I feel that she was really spot on with her words. It was a time which we will never forget and also feel thankful for. But the memories of that time are quite blurry now.”

    Lee Jin made her debut as part of Fin.K.L back in 1998, and officially begun her acting career after taking on the sitcom ‘Non Stop 3’ in 2002. She suffered lots of setbacks then and also received lots of criticism from the public. “We belonged to the first batch of idol groups, and it was my first time acting. There were many discussions about idol singers going into acting then, and there were also lots of opportunities. But everyone was anticipating the whole of Fin.K.L, not just Lee Jin alone. Everyone wishes to see the fairy side of me, but I had to take on another image on television, so I was really tired back then.”

      So how did Lee Jin channel all the stress? “Sleep. Sometimes I would eat. But if the stress is really great, I won’t be able to eat anything, but sleeping is no problem for me. I sleep early, so I couldn’t stay up for the drama to air on television.” Eat, sleep seems to be ridiculous answers, but are there any better ways than these two? “I developed a high immunity level since I was young, and also have a cheerful personality. Everyone around me says that about me, and said that I was born to work. Innocent, lackluster, everyone is right, this is how I have lived on since I was born.”

      When asked about her intricate scenes in SBS TV drama 'The Great Seer’, Lee Jin gave the thumbs up to the other cast members. “The seniors all really act well. Among them, it was my second time working with Noh Young Suk after 'The King and I’. He acted as my son and is really good in acting. I kept on reminding myself to learn more from him. He has lots of experience starring in period dramas, his pronunciation, and basic manners are all perfect. He is really born for acting in period dramas. He also knows the temple names of all the past kings, and is probably very knowledgeable about Korean history in a nutshell.”

     When asked if actresses/actors like her loses acting opportunities to all those idol stars who are transitioning into the acting business, she said with intent, “It’s possible that those who graduate from acting classes think that way. But for people like me who went through many obstacles to become the actress I am today, I am happy to have adapt to the scene. But for rookie actor/actresses, it is true that their chances are lessening. So I feel that time will be a good gauge for everything, you might need to go step by step, and not become the male lead in an instant. Many idol stars who become snags the leading roles in an instant, usually relies on the relationship between their management agencies and television station, and it is not through their own intent or hard work.”

     “Don’t think too much, just take it step by step. If you rush it, the one who will suffer in the end is you. I learnt a lot from my seniors, and it was an important time for me. It is a time that can’t be exchanged for anything.”

When asked what roles she would like to attempt, Lee Jin said with certainty, “Regardless of drama or film, as long as it’s a good role, I will take it.” Although most would give a public relations answer, Lee Jin is adamant about what she really wants.

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      Since beginning acting in 2002 until 'The Great Seer’ in 2012, Lee Jin has waited for 10 years. During that period, she walks alone on her path, gradually understanding and taking control of herself. She know now what she really wants and also knows what she has to do to reach her goal. During the process, she has come to the conclusion that 'perseverance’ is the most important principle.

     Most people have an anticipation of Lee Jin singing the line 'promise me’, but now she has grown into a mature lady, and the public has no lasting impression of her previous fairy image. As long as she wants, she can change and let people see her motherly or evil woman image. Fairies from heaven who lost their wings and drop down to earth, would try all sorts of methods to return to heaven. But Lee Jin has relied on her perseverance instead, the fairy of the past has turned into a woman of determination.